grave; tomb; embankment; mound; ancient book

strokes 7
strokes after radical 4
坟场 墳場 fen2 chang3

坟地 墳地 fen2 di4
graveyard; cemetery

坟墓 墳墓 fen2 mu4
grave; tomb

坟丘 墳丘 fen2 qiu1
a tomb

坟山 墳山 fen2 shan1
hill cemetery; graveyard; grave; grave mound; low wall at the back of a traditional tomb

坟头 墳頭 fen2 tou2
burial mound

坟穴 墳穴 fen2 xue2

坟茔 墳塋 fen2 ying2
grave; tomb; graveyard; cemetery; fig. one's native place (where one's ancestors are buried)

集体坟墓 集體墳墓 ji2 ti3 fen2 mu4
mass grave

平坟 平墳 ping2 fen2
to remove graves; tomb removal

上坟 上墳 shang4 fen2
to sweep the tombs (of one's ancestors); the Qingming festival

寿王坟 壽王墳 shou4 wang2 fen2
Shouwangfen town, in Chengde 承德市, Hebei

寿王坟镇 壽王墳鎮 shou4 wang2 fen2 zhen4
Shouwangfen town, in Chengde 承德市, Hebei

自掘坟墓 自掘墳墓 zi4 jue2 fen2 mu4
to dig one's own grave

祖坟 祖墳 zu3 fen2
ancestral tomb