to fall; to drop; to weigh down

strokes 7
strokes after radical 4
吊坠 吊墜 diao4 zhui4
a pendant (jewelry)

吊坠缚 吊墜縛 diao4 zhui4 fu4
strappado bondage

耳坠子 耳墜子 er3 zhui4 zi5
eardrops (pendant jewelry); earrings

挂坠盒 掛墜盒 gua4 zhui4 he2

击坠 擊墜 ji1 zhui4
to shoot down

金乌西坠,玉兔东升 金烏西墜,玉兔東昇 jin1 wu1 xi1 zhui4 - yu4 tu4 dong1 sheng1
lit. the golden bird of the sun sets in the west, the jade hare of the moon rises in the east; fig. at sunset

累坠 累墜 lei2 zhui4
variant of 累贅|累赘

失坠 失墜 shi1 zhui4

天花乱坠 天花亂墜 tian1 hua1 luan4 zhui4
lit. a deluge of heavenly flowers (idiom); fig. extravagant embellishments; hype

摇摇欲坠 搖搖欲墜 yao2 yao2 yu4 zhui4
tottering; on the verge of collapse

坠海 墜海 zhui4 hai3
to fall into the ocean; to crash into the ocean

坠胡 墜胡 zhui4 hu2
two-stringed bowed instrument; also called 墜琴|坠琴

坠毁 墜毀 zhui4 hui3
(of an airplane etc) to fall to the ground and crash

坠机 墜機 zhui4 ji1
airplane crash

坠楼 墜樓 zhui4 lou2
to fall off or jump off a building

坠落 墜落 zhui4 luo4
to fall; to drop

坠马 墜馬 zhui4 ma3
to fall off a horse

坠琴 墜琴 zhui4 qin2
same as 墜胡|坠胡

坠入 墜入 zhui4 ru4
to drop into; to fall into

坠入情网 墜入情網 zhui4 ru4 qing2 wang3
to fall in love

坠饰 墜飾 zhui4 shi4
pendant (jewelry)

坠子 墜子 zhui4 zi5
weight; pendant; same as 墜胡|坠胡; ballad singing accompanied by a 墜胡|坠胡