blank (e.g. for a coin); unburnt earthenware; semifinished product; Taiwan pr.

strokes 8
strokes after radical 5
扁坯 扁坯 bian3 pi1

钢坯 鋼坯 gang1 pi1
billet (steel industry)

拉坯 拉坯 la1 pi1
to make ceramics (on a potter's wheel)

毛坯 毛坯 mao2 pi1
semifinished products

美人坯子 美人坯子 mei3 ren2 pi1 zi5
a beauty in the bud

坯布 坯布 pi1 bu4
unbleached and undyed cloth; gray cloth

坯件 坯件 pi1 jian4
blank (for a coin etc); breed or strain

坯料 坯料 pi1 liao4
semifinished materials

坯模 坯模 pi1 mu2

坯子 坯子 pi1 zi5
base; semifinished product; (fig.) the makings of (a talented actor etc)

土坯 土坯 tu3 pi1
mud brick; adobe; unfired earthenware

硬币坯 硬幣坯 ying4 bi4 pi1
coin blank