to hang (down); droop; dangle; bend down; hand down; bequeath; nearly; almost; to approach

strokes 8
strokes after radical 5
馋涎欲垂 饞涎欲垂 chan2 xian2 yu4 chui2
see 饞涎欲滴|馋涎欲滴

垂垂 垂垂 chui2 chui2
gradually; to drop

垂钓 垂釣 chui2 diao4

垂感 垂感 chui2 gan3
drape effect (fashion)

垂挂 垂掛 chui2 gua4
to hang down; suspended

垂老 垂老 chui2 lao3
approaching old age

垂泪 垂淚 chui2 lei4
to shed tears

垂帘听政 垂簾聽政 chui2 lian2 ting1 zheng4
lit. to govern from behind the curtain; to rule in place of the emperor (idiom)

垂柳 垂柳 chui2 liu3
weeping willow (Salix babylonica)

垂幕 垂幕 chui2 mu4

垂暮之年 垂暮之年 chui2 mu4 zhi1 nian2
old age

垂泣 垂泣 chui2 qi4
to shed tears

垂青 垂青 chui2 qing1
to show appreciation for sb; to look upon sb with favor

垂死 垂死 chui2 si3

垂死挣扎 垂死掙扎 chui2 si3 zheng1 zha2
deathbed struggle; final struggle (idiom)

垂体 垂體 chui2 ti3
pituitary gland

垂髫 垂髫 chui2 tiao2
falling hair of a child; (fig.) child

垂头丧气 垂頭喪氣 chui2 tou2 sang4 qi4
hanging one's head dispiritedly (idiom); dejected; crestfallen

垂危 垂危 chui2 wei1
close to death; life-threatening (illness)

垂下 垂下 chui2 xia4
to hang down

垂涎 垂涎 chui2 xian2
to water at the mouth; to drool

垂涎三尺 垂涎三尺 chui2 xian2 san1 chi3
to drool (over) (idiom); to yearn for; to covet; to crave

垂涎欲滴 垂涎欲滴 chui2 xian2 yu4 di1
to drool with desire (idiom); to envy; to hunger for

垂悬分词 垂懸分詞 chui2 xuan2 fen1 ci2
hanging participle (error of grammar in English)

垂杨柳 垂楊柳 chui2 yang2 liu3
weeping willow

垂直 垂直 chui2 zhi2
perpendicular; vertical

垂直和短距起落飞机 垂直和短距起落飛機 chui2 zhi2 he2 duan3 ju4 qi3 luo4 fei1 ji1
vertical or short takeoff and landing aircraft

垂直起落飞机 垂直起落飛機 chui2 zhi2 qi3 luo4 fei1 ji1
vertical takeoff and landing aircraft

垂直尾翼 垂直尾翼 chui2 zhi2 wei3 yi4
(aviation) tailfin; vertical stabilizer

垂直线 垂直線 chui2 zhi2 xian4
vertical line

垂直轴 垂直軸 chui2 zhi2 zhou2
vertical shaft; (math.) vertical axis

低垂 低垂 di1 chui2
to droop; to hang low

厄利垂亚 厄利垂亞 e4 li4 chui2 ya4
Eritrea (Tw)

耳垂 耳垂 er3 chui2

功败垂成 功敗垂成 gong1 bai4 chui2 cheng2
to fail within sight of success (idiom); last-minute failure; to fall at the last hurdle; snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

家累千金,坐不垂堂 家累千金,坐不垂堂 jia1 lei3 qian1 jin1 - zuo4 bu4 chui2 tang2
rich person does not sit under the eaves (idiom); prudent not to place oneself in danger

考文垂 考文垂 kao3 wen2 chui2
Coventry city in West Midlands 西米德蘭茲|西米德兰兹, UK

考文垂市 考文垂市 kao3 wen2 chui2 shi4
Coventry (UK)

马斯垂克 馬斯垂剋 ma3 si1 chui2 ke4
Maastricht (Netherlands)

名垂青史 名垂青史 ming2 chui2 qing1 shi3
lit. reputation will go down in history (idiom); fig. achievements will earn eternal glory

母子垂直感染 母子垂直感染 mu3 zi3 chui2 zhi2 gan3 ran3
mother-to-infant transmission

脑垂体 腦垂體 nao3 chui2 ti3
pituitary gland

脑下垂体 腦下垂體 nao3 xia4 chui2 ti3
pituitary glands (at the base of the skull)

披垂 披垂 pi1 chui2
(of clothes, hair etc) to hang down and cover; to flow down

铅垂线 鉛垂線 qian1 chui2 xian4

染指垂涎 染指垂涎 ran3 zhi3 chui2 xian2
lit. dirty finger, mouth watering (idiom); fig. greedy to seize sth

肉垂麦鸡 肉垂麥雞 rou4 chui2 mai4 ji1
(bird species of China) red-wattled lapwing (Vanellus indicus)

脱垂 脫垂 tuo1 chui2

胃下垂 胃下垂 wei4 xia4 chui2

下垂 下垂 xia4 chui2
to droop; to sag; to hang down; sagging; drooping; prolapse (medicine)

腺垂体 腺垂體 xian4 chui2 ti3
pituitary gland

秀发垂肩 秀髮垂肩 xiu4 fa4 chui2 jian1
beautiful shoulder length hair (idiom)

悬垂 懸垂 xuan2 chui2

悬雍垂 懸雍垂 xuan2 yong1 chui2
uvula (biology)

夜幕低垂 夜幕低垂 ye4 mu4 di1 chui2
darkness fell (falls, had fallen etc)

永垂不朽 永垂不朽 yong3 chui2 bu4 xiu3
eternal glory; will never be forgotten

坐不垂堂 坐不垂堂 zuo4 bu4 chui2 tang2
lit. don't sit under overhanging eaves (idiom); fig. don't stay in danger area