to collapse; to break or wear down; to defeat

strokes 9
strokes after radical 6
冲垮 衝垮 chong1 kua3
to burst; to break through; to topple

打垮 打垮 da3 kua3
to defeat; to strike down; to destroy

挤垮 擠垮 ji3 kua3
to squash; to crush; to squeeze out of business; to drive out

垮脸 垮臉 kua3 lian3
(of the face) to harden; to sag

垮塌 垮塌 kua3 ta1
to collapse (of building, dam or bridge)

垮台 垮臺 kua3 tai2
to fall from power; to collapse; demise

累垮 累垮 lei4 kua3
to collapse; to be worn out; to break down

松垮 鬆垮 song1 kua3
undisciplined; loose; slack

压垮 壓垮 ya1 kua3
to cause sth to collapse under the weight; (fig.) to overwhelm

炸垮 炸垮 zha4 kua3
to blow up (demolish with an explosion)