strong; solid; firm; unyielding; resolute

strokes 11
strokes after radical 8
比坚尼 比堅尼 bi3 jian1 ni2
see 比基尼

乘坚策肥 乘堅策肥 cheng2 jian1 ce4 fei2
to live in luxury; lit. to ride a solid carriage pulled by fat horses

苻坚 苻堅 fu2 jian1
Fu Jian (338-385), emperor of Former Qin 前秦, reigning from 357-385

黄庭坚 黃庭堅 huang2 ting2 jian1
Huang Tingjian (1045-1105), Song poet and calligrapher

坚壁 堅壁 jian1 bi4
to cache; to hide supplies (from the enemy)

坚壁清野 堅壁清野 jian1 bi4 qing1 ye3
to fortify defenses and raze the fields (idiom); to leave nothing for the invader; scorched earth policy

坚冰 堅冰 jian1 bing1
ice; (fig.) frosty relationship

坚不可摧 堅不可摧 jian1 bu4 ke3 cui1
invulnerable, indestructible, impregnable

坚称 堅稱 jian1 cheng1
to claim; to insist

坚持 堅持 jian1 chi2
to persevere with; to persist in; to insist on

坚持不懈 堅持不懈 jian1 chi2 bu4 xie4
to persevere unremittingly (idiom); to keep going until the end

坚持不渝 堅持不渝 jian1 chi2 bu4 yu2
to stick to sth without change (idiom); to persevere

坚持下去 堅持下去 jian1 chi2 xia4 qu4
to press on

坚定 堅定 jian1 ding4
firm; steady; staunch; resolute

坚定不移 堅定不移 jian1 ding4 bu4 yi2
unswerving; unflinching

坚定性 堅定性 jian1 ding4 xing4
firmness; steadfastness

坚戈 堅戈 jian1 ge1
tenge (Kazakhstan currency) (loanword)

坚固 堅固 jian1 gu4
firm; firmly; hard; stable

坚固性 堅固性 jian1 gu4 xing4

坚果 堅果 jian1 guo3

坚决 堅決 jian1 jue2
firm; resolute; determined

坚苦卓绝 堅苦卓絕 jian1 ku3 zhuo2 jue2
persisting despite trials and tribulations (idiom); conspicuous determination

坚牢 堅牢 jian1 lao2
strong; firm

坚明 堅明 jian1 ming2
to consolidate and clarify

坚尼系数 堅尼係數 jian1 ni2 xi4 shu4
see 基尼係數|基尼系数

坚强 堅強 jian1 qiang2
staunch; strong

坚强不屈 堅強不屈 jian1 qiang2 bu4 qu1
staunch and unyielding (idiom); steadfast

坚忍 堅忍 jian1 ren3

坚忍不拔 堅忍不拔 jian1 ren3 bu4 ba2

坚韧 堅韌 jian1 ren4
tough and durable; tenacious

坚韧不拔 堅韌不拔 jian1 ren4 bu4 ba2
firm and indomitable (idiom); tenacious and unyielding

坚如磐石 堅如磐石 jian1 ru2 pan2 shi2
solid as a boulder (idiom); absolutely secure; rock-firm and unyielding

坚实 堅實 jian1 shi2
firm and substantial; solid

坚守 堅守 jian1 shou3
to hold fast to; to stick to

坚挺 堅挺 jian1 ting3
firm and upright; strong (of currency)

坚信 堅信 jian1 xin4
to believe firmly; without any doubt

坚信礼 堅信禮 jian1 xin4 li3
confirmation (Christian ceremony)

坚毅 堅毅 jian1 yi4
firm and persistent; unswerving determination

坚硬 堅硬 jian1 ying4
hard; solid

坚贞 堅貞 jian1 zhen1
firm; unswerving; loyal to the end

坚贞不屈 堅貞不屈 jian1 zhen1 bu4 qu1
faithful and unchanging (idiom); steadfast

坚贞不渝 堅貞不渝 jian1 zhen1 bu4 yu2
unyielding integrity (idiom); unwavering

坚振 堅振 jian1 zhen4
confirmation (Christian ceremony)

坚振礼 堅振禮 jian1 zhen4 li3
confirmation (Christian ceremony)

坚执 堅執 jian1 zhi2
to persist; to continue upholding; to persevere; to stick to sth; stubborn

坚致 堅緻 jian1 zhi4
robust and fine textured

历久弥坚 歷久彌堅 li4 jiu3 mi2 jian1
to become more resolute with the passing of time (idiom)

美利坚 美利堅 mei3 li4 jian1

美利坚合众国 美利堅合眾國 mei3 li4 jian1 he2 zhong4 guo2
United States of America

情比金坚 情比金堅 qing2 bi3 jin1 jian1
love is more solid than gold (idiom)

穷当益坚 窮當益堅 qiong2 dang1 yi4 jian1
poor but ambitious (idiom); hard-pressed but determined; the worse one's position, the harder one must fight back

隋文帝杨坚 隋文帝楊堅 sui2 wen2 di4 yang2 jian1
first Sui emperor (541-604) Yang Jian (541-604), reigned 581-604

孙坚 孫堅 sun1 jian1
Sun Jian (155-191), famous general at end of Han dynasty, forerunner of the southern kingdom of Wu of the Three Kingdoms

无坚不摧 無堅不摧 wu2 jian1 bu4 cui1
no stronghold one cannot overcome (idiom); to conquer every obstacle; nothing one can't do; to carry everything before one

杨坚 楊堅 yang2 jian1
first Sui emperor Yang Jian (541-604), reigned 581-604

中坚 中堅 zhong1 jian1
core; nucleus; backbone

钻坚仰高 鑽堅仰高 zuan1 jian1 yang3 gao1
lit. looking up to it, it gets higher; boring into it, it gets harder (idiom) (from Analects); fig. to delve deeply into one's studies; meticulous and diligent study