to endure; may; can

strokes 12
strokes after radical 9
不堪 不堪 bu4 kan1
cannot bear; cannot stand; utterly; extremely

不堪忍受 不堪忍受 bu4 kan1 ren3 shou4

不堪入目 不堪入目 bu4 kan1 ru4 mu4
unbearable to look at; an eyesore

不堪设想 不堪設想 bu4 kan1 she4 xiang3
too horrible to contemplate; unthinkable; inconceivable

不堪一击 不堪一擊 bu4 kan1 yi1 ji1
to be unable to withstand a single blow; to collapse at the first blow

堪察加 堪察加 kan1 cha2 jia1
Kamchatka (peninsula of Russian Pacific)

堪察加半岛 堪察加半島 kan1 cha2 jia1 ban4 dao3
Kamchatka Peninsula, far-eastern Russia

堪察加柳莺 堪察加柳鶯 kan1 cha2 jia1 liu3 ying1
(bird species of China) Kamchatka leaf warbler (Phylloscopus examinandus)

堪称 堪稱 kan1 cheng1
can be rated as; can be said to be

堪培拉 堪培拉 kan1 pei2 la1
Canberra, capital of Australia

堪萨斯 堪薩斯 kan1 sa4 si1
Kansas, US state

堪萨斯州 堪薩斯州 kan1 sa4 si1 zhou1
Kansas, US state

堪忧 堪憂 kan1 you1
worrying; bleak

堪虞 堪虞 kan1 yu2
worrisome; precarious; to be at risk

堪舆 堪輿 kan1 yu2

可堪 可堪 ke3 kan1
how can one endure?; to be able to endure

狼狈不堪 狼狽不堪 lang2 bei4 bu4 kan1
battered and exhausted; stuck in a dilemma

凌乱不堪 凌亂不堪 ling2 luan4 bu4 kan1
in a terrible mess (idiom)

门庭冷落,门堪罗雀 門庭冷落,門堪羅雀 men2 ting2 leng3 luo4 - men2 kan1 luo2 que4
The courtyard is deserted, you can net sparrows at the door (idiom); completely deserted

难堪 難堪 nan2 kan1
hard to take; embarrassed

破败不堪 破敗不堪 po4 bai4 bu4 kan1
crushed; utterly defeated

情何以堪 情何以堪 qing2 he2 yi3 kan1
how can this be endured! (idiom)

斯堪地纳维亚 斯堪地納維亞 si1 kan1 di4 na4 wei2 ya4
Scandinavia (Tw)

斯堪的纳维亚 斯堪的納維亞 si1 kan1 di4 na4 wei2 ya4

拥挤不堪 擁擠不堪 yong1 ji3 bu4 kan1
overcrowded; jam-packed