to collapse; to droop; to settle down

strokes 13
strokes after radical 10
崩塌 崩塌 beng1 ta1
talus slide; to crumble (of scree slope); to collapse; landslide

冲塌 沖塌 chong1 ta1
to cause (a dam) to collapse

倒塌 倒塌 dao3 ta1
to collapse (of building); to topple over

垮塌 垮塌 kua3 ta1
to collapse (of building, dam or bridge)

疲塌 疲塌 pi2 ta5
variant of 疲沓

死心塌地 死心塌地 si3 xin1 ta1 di4
to be hell-bent on; dead set on sth; unswerving

塌方 塌方 ta1 fang1
to cave in; to collapse; landslide

塌架 塌架 ta1 jia4
to collapse; to come to grief

塌棵菜 塌棵菜 ta1 ke1 cai4
Brassica narinosa (broadbeaked mustard); Chinese flat cabbage

塌实 塌實 ta1 shi5
variant of 踏實|踏实

塌台 塌臺 ta1 tai2
to collapse

塌下 塌下 ta1 xia4
to collapse

塌陷 塌陷 ta1 xian4
to subside; to sink; to cave in

坍塌 坍塌 tan1 ta1
to collapse

颓塌 頹塌 tui2 ta1
to collapse

乌塌菜 烏塌菜 wu1 ta1 cai4
rosette bok choy (Brassica rapa var. rosularis)

一塌糊涂 一塌糊塗 yi1 ta1 hu2 tu5
muddled and completely collapsing (idiom); in an awful condition; complete shambles; a total mess

蹧塌 蹧塌 zao1 ta4
variant of 糟蹋