variant of 牆|墙, wall


strokes 14
strokes after radical 11
柏林墙 柏林牆 bo2 lin2 qiang2
Berlin Wall

柏林围墙 柏林圍牆 bo2 lin2 wei2 qiang2
Berlin Wall

不撞南墙不回头 不撞南牆不回頭 bu4 zhuang4 nan2 qiang2 bu4 hui2 tou2
to stubbornly insist on one's own ideas (idiom)

拆东墙补西墙 拆東牆補西牆 chai1 dong1 qiang2 bu3 xi1 qiang2
lit. pull down the east wall to repair the west wall (idiom); fig. temporary expedient; Rob Peter to pay Paul

城墙 城牆 cheng2 qiang2
city wall

挡风墙 擋風牆 dang3 feng1 qiang2
lit. windbreak; fig. protector

翻墙 翻牆 fan1 qiang2
lit. to climb over the wall; fig. to breach the Great Firewall of China

防火墙 防火牆 fang2 huo3 qiang2

粉墙 粉牆 fen3 qiang2
whitewashed wall; to whitewash a wall

佛跳墙 佛跳牆 fo2 tiao4 qiang2
lit. Buddha jumps over the wall, name for a Chinese dish that uses many non-vegetarian ingredients

浮雕墙纸 浮雕牆紙 fu2 diao1 qiang2 zhi3
anaglypta (sculptured wallpaper)

隔墙有耳 隔牆有耳 ge2 qiang2 you3 er3
the walls have ears (idiom)

狗急跳墙 狗急跳牆 gou3 ji2 tiao4 qiang2
a cornered dog will jump over the wall (idiom); to be driven to desperate action

红杏出墙 紅杏出牆 hong2 xing4 chu1 qiang2
lit. the red apricot tree leans over the garden wall (idiom); fig. a wife having an illicit lover

糊墙 糊牆 hu2 qiang2
to paper a wall

糊墙纸 糊牆紙 hu2 qiang2 zhi3

混水墙 混水牆 hun2 shui3 qiang2
plastered masonry wall

火墙 火牆 huo3 qiang2

空心墙 空心牆 kong1 xin1 qiang2
cavity wall; hollow wall

哭墙 哭牆 ku1 qiang2
Wailing Wall, or Western Wall (Jerusalem)

烂泥扶不上墙 爛泥扶不上牆 lan4 ni2 fu2 bu4 shang4 qiang2
useless (idiom); worthless; inept

烂泥糊不上墙 爛泥糊不上牆 lan4 ni2 hu2 bu4 shang4 qiang2
see 爛泥扶不上牆|烂泥扶不上墙

民主墙 民主牆 min2 zhu3 qiang2
Democracy Wall (1978-1989), esp. during the Beijing Spring democracy movement

幕墙 幕牆 mu4 qiang2
curtain wall (architecture)

女儿墙 女兒牆 nv3 er2 qiang2
crenelated parapet wall

女墙 女牆 nv3 qiang2
crenelated parapet wall

爬墙 爬牆 pa2 qiang2
to climb a wall; (fig.) to be unfaithful

骑墙 騎牆 qi2 qiang2
to sit on the fence; to take both sides in a dispute

墙报 牆報 qiang2 bao4
wall newspaper

墙壁 牆壁 qiang2 bi4

墙旮旯 牆旮旯 qiang2 ga1 la2
recess between walls

墙根 牆根 qiang2 gen1
foot of a wall

墙角 牆角 qiang2 jiao3
corner (junction of two walls)

墙头草 牆頭草 qiang2 tou2 cao3
sb who goes whichever way the wind blows; sb with no mind of one's own; easily swayed person; opportunist

墙垣 牆垣 qiang2 yuan2
wall; fence

墙纸 牆紙 qiang2 zhi3

清水墙 清水牆 qing1 shui3 qiang2
unplastered masonry wall

山墙 山牆 shan1 qiang2

石膏墙板 石膏牆板 shi2 gao1 qiang2 ban3
drywall; gypsum wallboard; plasterboard

听墙根 聽牆根 ting1 qiang2 gen1
to eavesdrop; to listen in secret to sb's conversations

听墙根儿 聽牆根兒 ting1 qiang2 gen1 er5
erhua variant of 聽牆根|听墙根

听墙面 聽牆面 ting1 qiang2 mian4
surface of wall

铜墙铁壁 銅牆鐵壁 tong2 qiang2 tie3 bi4
copper wall, iron bastion (idiom); impenetrable defense

挖墙脚 挖牆腳 wa1 qiang2 jiao3
to undermine; to let someone down; to seduce someone away from something

外墙 外牆 wai4 qiang2
facade; external wall

围墙 圍牆 wei2 qiang2
perimeter wall; fence

西墙 西牆 xi1 qiang2
Western Wall, or Wailing Wall (Jerusalem)

兄弟阋墙 兄弟鬩牆 xiong1 di4 xi4 qiang2
internecine strife (idiom); fighting among oneself

兄弟阋于墙,外御其侮 兄弟鬩於墻,外禦其侮 xiong1 di4 xi4 yu2 qiang2 - wai4 yu4 qi2 wu3
internal disunity dissolves at the threat of an invasion from outside (idiom)

胸墙 胸牆 xiong1 qiang2
parapet; defensive wall; breastwork

引水入墙 引水入牆 yin3 shui3 ru4 qiang2
lit. to lead the water through the wall; to ask for trouble (idiom)