to increase; to expand; to add

strokes 15
strokes after radical 12
倍增 倍增 bei4 zeng1
to double; to redouble; to increase many times over; to multiply by a factor; multiplication

倍增器 倍增器 bei4 zeng1 qi4

蒭藁增二 蒭藁增二 chu2 gao3 zeng1 er4
same as 米拉, Mira (red giant star, Omicron Ceti), variable star with period of 330 days

单核细胞增多症 單核細胞增多症 dan1 he2 xi4 bao1 zeng1 duo1 zheng4

递增 遞增 di4 zeng1
to increase by degrees; in increasing order; incremental; progressive

负增长 負增長 fu4 zeng1 zhang3
negative growth; economic recession

激增 激增 ji1 zeng1
to increase rapidly; to shoot up

几何级数增长 幾何級數增長 ji3 he2 ji2 shu4 zeng1 zhang3
exponential increase

价值增殖 價值增殖 jia4 zhi2 zeng1 zhi2
adding value

经济增加值 經濟增加值 jing1 ji4 zeng1 jia1 zhi2
Economic value added, EVA

经济增长 經濟增長 jing1 ji4 zeng1 zhang3
economic growth

经济增长率 經濟增長率 jing1 ji4 zeng1 zhang3 lv4
economic growth rate

剧增 劇增 ju4 zeng1
dramatic increase

扩增 擴增 kuo4 zeng1
to augment; to amplify; to extend; to expand

扩增实境 擴增實境 kuo4 zeng1 shi2 jing4
augmented reality (computing)

马齿徒增 馬齒徒增 ma3 chi3 tu2 zeng1
(self-deprecating) to have grown old without accomplishing anything (idiom)

猛增 猛增 meng3 zeng1
sharp increase; rapid growth

年均增长率 年均增長率 nian2 jun1 zeng1 zhang3 lv4
annual rate of growth

日益增加 日益增加 ri4 yi4 zeng1 jia1
to increase daily

日增 日增 ri4 zeng1
increasing by the day

新增 新增 xin1 zeng1
newly added; additional; to add (to what already exists)

续增 續增 xu4 zeng1
addition; appendix; addendum

血液增强剂 血液增強劑 xue4 ye4 zeng1 qiang2 ji4

有增无减 有增無減 you3 zeng1 wu2 jian3
to increase without letup; to get worse and worse (idiom)

有增无已 有增無已 you3 zeng1 wu2 yi3
constantly increasing without limit (idiom); rapid progress in all directions

与日俱增 與日俱增 yu3 ri4 ju4 zeng1
to increase steadily; to grow with each passing day

增白剂 增白劑 zeng1 bai2 ji4
whitener; whitening agent

增兵 增兵 zeng1 bing1
to reinforce; to increase troop numbers; reinforcements; extra troops

增补 增補 zeng1 bu3
to augment; to supplement; to add

增产 增產 zeng1 chan3
to increase production

增城 增城 zeng1 cheng2
Zengcheng county level city in Guangzhou 廣州|广州, Guangdong

增城市 增城市 zeng1 cheng2 shi4
Zengcheng county level city in Guangzhou 廣州|广州, Guangdong

增稠 增稠 zeng1 chou2
to thicken

增稠剂 增稠劑 zeng1 chou2 ji4

增大 增大 zeng1 da4
to enlarge; to amplify; to magnify

增订 增訂 zeng1 ding4
to revise and enlarge (a book); to augment a purchase order

增订本 增訂本 zeng1 ding4 ben3
revised and enlarged edition

增多 增多 zeng1 duo1
to increase; to grow in number

增防 增防 zeng1 fang2
to reinforce defenses

增幅 增幅 zeng1 fu2
growth rate; amplification

增高 增高 zeng1 gao1
to heighten; to raise; to increase; to rise

增光 增光 zeng1 guang1
to add luster; to add glory

增广 增廣 zeng1 guang3
to widen

增加 增加 zeng1 jia1
to raise; to increase

增加值 增加值 zeng1 jia1 zhi2
value added (accountancy)

增减 增減 zeng1 jian3
to add or subtract; to increase or decrease; to go up or go down

增进 增進 zeng1 jin4
to promote; to enhance; to further; to advance (a cause etc)

增刊 增刊 zeng1 kan1
additional publication; supplement (to a newspaper)

增量 增量 zeng1 liang4

增量参数 增量參數 zeng1 liang4 can1 shu4
incremental parameter

增年 增年 zeng1 nian2
to lengthen life

增强 增強 zeng1 qiang2
to increase; to strengthen

增三和弦 增三和弦 zeng1 san1 he2 xian2
augmented triad (musical chord)

增色 增色 zeng1 se4
to enrich; to enhance; to beautify

增删 增刪 zeng1 shan1
add and delete

增设 增設 zeng1 she4
to add to existing facilities or services

增生 增生 zeng1 sheng1
growth (of organism); proliferation; supernumerary candidate (in imperial examation system)

增速 增速 zeng1 su4
to speed up; to accelerate; growth rate (economics)

增塑剂 增塑劑 zeng1 su4 ji4

增添 增添 zeng1 tian1
to add; to increase

增田 增田 zeng1 tian2
Masuda (Japanese surname)

增温层 增溫層 zeng1 wen1 ceng2

增压 增壓 zeng1 ya1
to pressurize; to boost; to supercharge

增益 增益 zeng1 yi4
to increase; gain (electronics); (gaming) buff

增援 增援 zeng1 yuan2
to reinforce

增长 增長 zeng1 zhang3
to grow; to increase

增长率 增長率 zeng1 zhang3 lv4
growth rate (esp. in economics)

增长天 增長天 zeng1 zhang3 tian1
Virudhaka (one of the Heavenly Kings)

增值 增值 zeng1 zhi2
to appreciate (financially); to increase in value; value-added (accountancy)

增殖 增殖 zeng1 zhi2
growth; increase

增殖反应堆 增殖反應堆 zeng1 zhi2 fan3 ying4 dui1
breeder reactor

增值税 增值稅 zeng1 zhi2 shui4
value-added tax (VAT)

增重粉 增重粉 zeng1 zhong4 fen3
gainer (supplement)

增资 增資 zeng1 zi1
capital increase

逐渐增加 逐漸增加 zhu2 jian4 zeng1 jia1
to increase gradually; to build up