to fall; to degenerate

strokes 14
strokes after radical 12
堕楼 墮樓 duo4 lou2
to jump to one's death

堕落 墮落 duo4 luo4
to degrade; to degenerate; to become depraved; corrupt; a fall from grace

堕胎 墮胎 duo4 tai1
to induce an abortion; induced abortion

堕云雾中 墮雲霧中 duo4 yun2 wu4 zhong1
lit. to become lost in a fog (idiom); fig. at a complete loss

如堕五里雾中 如墮五里霧中 ru2 duo4 wu3 li3 wu4 zhong1
as if lost in a thick fog (idiom); in a fog; muddled; completely unfamiliar with sth

如堕烟雾 如墮煙霧 ru2 duo4 yan1 wu4
as if degenerating into smoke (idiom); ignorant and unable to see where things are heading

自甘堕落 自甘墮落 zi4 gan1 duo4 luo4
to abandon oneself (idiom); to let oneself go