gully; ravine; Taiwan pr.

strokes 17
strokes after radical 14
冰壑 冰壑 bing1 he4
ice gully

放情丘壑 放情丘壑 fang4 qing2 qiu1 he4
to enjoy oneself in nature's embrace (idiom)

沟壑 溝壑 gou1 he4
gorge; gulch; ravine; deep ditch

壑沟 壑溝 he4 gou1
ditch; narrow strip of water; moat

壑谷 壑谷 he4 gu3
low-lying humid terrain

涧壑 澗壑 jian4 he4
valley; ravine

林壑 林壑 lin2 he4
woods and ravines; tranquillity of trees and valleys

丘壑 丘壑 qiu1 he4
hills and valleys; remote, secluded area

山壑 山壑 shan1 he4
gullies; valleys

溪壑 溪壑 xi1 he4
valley; mountain gorge

胸有丘壑 胸有丘壑 xiong1 you3 qiu1 he4
far-sighted; astute

崖壑 崖壑 ya2 he4
valley; gulley

岩壑 岩壑 yan2 he4
rocky mountain valley

以邻为壑 以鄰為壑 yi3 lin2 wei2 he4
to use one's neighbor as a drain; to shift one's problems onto others (idiom)

欲壑难填 慾壑難填 yu4 he4 nan2 tian2
bottomless pit of desire (idiom); insatiable greed; carnal cravings are never satisfied and are a main obstruction on the path to enlightenment

渊壑 淵壑 yuan1 he4
deep valley