morning; early; long-held; long-cherished

strokes 6
strokes after radical 3
夙敌 夙敵 su4 di2
old foe; long-standing enemy

夙诺 夙諾 su4 nuo4
old promise; long-standing commitment

夙日 夙日 su4 ri4
at ordinary times

夙世 夙世 su4 shi4
previous life

夙嫌 夙嫌 su4 xian2
old grudge; long-standing resentment

夙兴夜寐 夙興夜寐 su4 xing1 ye4 mei4
to rise early and sleep late (idiom); to work hard; to study diligently; to burn the candle at both ends

夙夜 夙夜 su4 ye4
morning and night; always; at all times

夙夜匪懈 夙夜匪懈 su4 ye4 fei3 xie4
to work from morning to night (idiom)

夙愿 夙願 su4 yuan4
long-cherished wish

夙愿得偿 夙願得償 su4 yuan4 de2 chang2
to have a long-cherished wish realized

夙愿以偿 夙願以償 su4 yuan4 yi3 chang2
a long-cherished ambition is realized