companion; partner; group; classifier for groups of people; to combine; together

many; numerous

strokes 14
strokes after radical 11
大夥 大夥 da4 huo3
variant of 大伙

合夥 合夥 he2 huo3
variant of 合伙

合夥人 合夥人 he2 huo3 ren2
variant of 合伙人

夥伴 夥伴 huo3 ban4
variant of 伙伴

夥计 夥計 huo3 ji5
variant of 伙計|伙计

夥颐 夥頤 huo3 yi2
(literary) very many; wow! (an exclamation of surprise and admiration)

贸易夥伴 貿易夥伴 mao4 yi4 huo3 ban4
variant of 貿易伙伴|贸易伙伴

战略夥伴 戰略夥伴 zhan4 lve4 huo3 ban4
variant of 戰略伙伴|战略伙伴