day; sky; heaven

strokes 4
strokes after radical 1
按天 按天 an4 tian1
daily (law); per diem

暗无天日 暗無天日 an4 wu2 tian1 ri4
all black, no daylight (idiom); a world without justice

八十天环游地球 八十天環遊地球 ba1 shi2 tian1 huan2 you2 di4 qiu2
Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne 儒勒·凡爾納|儒勒·凡尔纳

白天 白天 bai2 tian1
daytime; during the day; day

拜科努尔航天发射基地 拜科努爾航天發射基地 bai4 ke1 nu3 er3 hang2 tian1 fa1 she4 ji1 di4
Baikonur Cosmodrome

拜天地 拜天地 bai4 tian1 di4
to worship heaven and earth; ritual kneeling by bride and groom in a old-fashioned wedding ceremony; also called 拜堂

半边天 半邊天 ban4 bian1 tian1
half the sky; women of the new society; womenfolk

半天 半天 ban4 tian1
half of the day; a long time; quite a while; midair

包打天下 包打天下 bao1 da3 tian1 xia4
to run everything (idiom); to monopolize the whole business; not allow anyone else to have a look in

包青天 包青天 bao1 qing1 tian1
Bao Qingtian, fictional nickname of Bao Zheng 包拯 (999-1062), Northern Song official renowned for his honesty

暴殄天物 暴殄天物 bao4 tian3 tian1 wu4
to waste natural resources recklessly; not to know how to use things sparingly

悲天悯人 悲天憫人 bei1 tian1 min3 ren2
to bemoan the state of the universe and pity the fate of mankind

北京航空航天大学 北京航空航天大學 bei3 jing1 hang2 kong1 hang2 tian1 da4 xue2
Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

比登天还难 比登天還難 bi3 deng1 tian1 hai2 nan2
lit. even harder than reaching the sky (idiom); fig. extremely difficult; far from an easy task

碧海青天 碧海青天 bi4 hai3 qing1 tian1
green sea, blue sky (idiom); sea and sky merge in one shade; loneliness of faithful widow

辩才天 辯才天 bian4 cai2 tian1
Saraswati (the Hindu goddess of wisdom and arts and consort of Lord Brahma)

变天 變天 bian4 tian1
to undergo change in weather; restoration of reactionary rule or the previous regime

别有洞天 別有洞天 bie2 you3 dong4 tian1
place of charm and beauty; scenery of exceptional charm; completely different world

别有天地 別有天地 bie2 you3 tian1 di4
enchanting scenery; beautiful surroundings; world of its own

冰天雪地 冰天雪地 bing1 tian1 xue3 di4
a world of ice and snow

不啻天渊 不啻天淵 bu4 chi4 tian1 yuan1
no less than from heaven to the abyss (idiom); differing widely; worlds apart; the gap couldn't be bigger

不共戴天 不共戴天 bu4 gong4 dai4 tian1
(of enemies) cannot live under the same sky; absolutely irreconcilable

不见天日 不見天日 bu4 jian4 tian1 ri4
all black, no daylight (idiom); a world without justice

不知天高地厚 不知天高地厚 bu4 zhi1 tian1 gao1 di4 hou4
not to know the immensity of heaven and earth; an exaggerated opinion of one's own abilities

不终天年 不終天年 bu4 zhong1 tian1 nian2
to die before one's allotted lifespan has run its course (idiom)

参天 參天 can1 tian1
reach high to the sky; tall; of great height

苍天 蒼天 cang1 tian1

测天 測天 ce4 tian1
to make astronomical observation

长白山天池 長白山天池 chang2 bai2 shan1 tian1 chi2
Changbaishan Tianchi, volcanic crater lake on the border between China and North Korea

朝天 朝天 chao2 tian1
Chaotian district of Guangyuan city 廣元市|广元市, Sichuan

朝天 朝天 chao2 tian1
to have an audience with the Emperor; to be presented at court; to look skyward; to look up

朝天椒 朝天椒 chao2 tian1 jiao1
chili pepper (Capsicum frutescens var)

朝天区 朝天區 chao2 tian1 qu1
Chaotian district of Guangyuan city 廣元市|广元市, Sichuan

陈天华 陳天華 chen2 tian1 hua4
Chen Tianhua (1875-1905), anti-Qing revolutionary from Hunan, drowned himself in Japan in 1905

成天 成天 cheng2 tian1
(coll.) all day long; all the time

持国天 持國天 chi2 guo2 tian1
Dhritarashtra (one of the Four Heavenly Kings)

冲天 沖天 chong1 tian1
to soar; to rocket

重睹天日 重睹天日 chong2 du3 tian1 ri4
to see the light again (idiom); delivered from oppression

重见天日 重見天日 chong2 jian4 tian1 ri4
to see the light again (idiom); delivered from oppression

臭气熏天 臭氣熏天 chou4 qi4 xun1 tian1
overwhelming stench (idiom)

春天 春天 chun1 tian1
spring (season)

从天而降 從天而降 cong2 tian1 er2 jiang4
lit. to drop from the sky (idiom); fig. to appear unexpectedly; to arise abruptly; out of the blue; to drop into one's lap

打开天窗说亮话 打開天窗說亮話 da3 kai1 tian1 chuang1 shuo1 liang4 hua4
not to mince words; not to beat about the bush

打天下 打天下 da3 tian1 xia4
to seize power; to conquer the world; to establish and expand a business; to carve out a career for oneself

大白天 大白天 da4 bai2 tian1
broad daylight

大后天 大後天 da4 hou4 tian1
three days from now; day after day after tomorrow

大闹天宫 大鬧天宮 da4 nao4 tian1 gong1
Monkey Wreaks Havoc in Heaven, story about the Monkey King Sun Wukong 孫悟空|孙悟空 from the novel Journey to the West 西遊記|西游记

大前天 大前天 da4 qian2 tian1
three days ago

大天鹅 大天鵝 da4 tian1 e2
(bird species of China) whooper swan (Cygnus cygnus)

戴盆望天 戴盆望天 dai4 pen2 wang4 tian1
lit. viewing the sky with a basin on one's head; it is hard to get a clear view of the sky while carrying a platter on one's head; fig. it is hard to get on in one's career while encumbered by family obligations; one can't perform a major task while bothe

胆大包天 膽大包天 dan3 da4 bao1 tian1
reckless; extremely daring

当天 當天 dang1 tian1
on that day

当天 當天 dang4 tian1
the same day

当天事当天毕 當天事當天畢 dang4 tian1 shi4 dang4 tian1 bi4
never put off until tomorrow what you can do today (idiom)

得天独厚 得天獨厚 de2 tian1 du2 hou4
blessed by heaven (idiom); enjoying exceptional advantages; favored by nature

底朝天 底朝天 di3 chao2 tian1
upside down; upturned

第二天 第二天 di4 er4 tian1
next day; the morrow

地角天涯 地角天涯 di4 jiao3 tian1 ya2
The ends of the earth

地久天长 地久天長 di4 jiu3 tian1 chang2
enduring while the world lasts (idiom, from Laozi); eternal; for ever and ever (of friendship, hate etc); also written 天長地久|天长地久

地老天荒 地老天荒 di4 lao3 tian1 huang1
see 天荒地老

顶天立地 頂天立地 ding3 tian1 li4 di4
lit. able to support both heaven and earth; of indomitable spirit (idiom)

冬天 冬天 dong1 tian1

洞天 洞天 dong4 tian1
paradise; heavenly or beautiful place; fairyland

短尾信天翁 短尾信天翁 duan3 wei3 xin4 tian1 weng1
(bird species of China) short-tailed albatross (Phoebastria albatrus)

多闻天 多聞天 duo1 wen2 tian1
Vaisravana (one of the Heavenly Kings)

恩比天大 恩比天大 en1 bi3 tian1 da4
to be as kind and benevolent as heaven (idiom)

翻天覆地 翻天覆地 fan1 tian1 fu4 di4
sky and the earth turning upside down (idiom); fig. complete confusion; everything turned on its head

梵天 梵天 fan4 tian1
Nirvana (in Buddhist scripture); Lord Brahma (the Hindu Creator)

飞天 飛天 fei1 tian1
flying Apsara (Buddhist art)

奉天 奉天 feng4 tian1
old name for Shenyang 瀋陽|沈阳 in modern Liaoning province

伏天 伏天 fu2 tian1
the hottest period of the year; see 三伏天

妇女能顶半边天 婦女能頂半邊天 fu4 nv3 neng2 ding3 ban4 bian1 tian1
Woman can hold up half the sky; fig. nowadays, women have an equal part to play in society

改天 改天 gai3 tian1
another day; some other time; to find another day (for appointment etc); to take a rain check

感天动地 感天動地 gan3 tian1 dong4 di4
deeply affecting (idiom)

隔天 隔天 ge2 tian1
the next day; on alternate days

狗胆包天 狗膽包天 gou3 dan3 bao1 tian1
extremely daring (idiom); foolhardy

光天化日 光天化日 guang1 tian1 hua4 ri4
the full light of day (idiom); fig. peace and prosperity; in broad daylight

广目天 廣目天 guang3 mu4 tian1
Virupaksa (on of the Four Heavenly Kings)

归天 歸天 gui1 tian1
to die

鬼天气 鬼天氣 gui3 tian1 qi4
awful weather

国家航天局 國家航天局 guo2 jia1 hang2 tian1 ju2
China National Space Administration (CNSA)

国色天香 國色天香 guo2 se4 tian1 xiang1
national grace, divine fragrance (idiom); an outstanding beauty

过街天桥 過街天橋 guo4 jie1 tian1 qiao2
skywalk; pedestrian bridge

海角天涯 海角天涯 hai3 jiao3 tian1 ya2
see 天涯海角

海阔天空 海闊天空 hai3 kuo4 tian1 kong1
wide sea and sky (idiom); boundless open vistas; the whole wide world; chatting about everything under the sun

海内存知己,天涯若比邻 海內存知己,天涯若比鄰 hai3 nei4 cun2 zhi1 ji3 - tian1 ya2 ruo4 bi3 lin2
close friend in a distant land, far-flung realms as next door; close in spirit although far away

海青天 海青天 hai3 qing1 tian1
popular nickname of Hai Rui 海瑞 (1514-1587), Ming politician, famous for honesty and integrity

寒天 寒天 han2 tian1
chilly weather; (loanword from Japanese) agar-agar

撼天动地 撼天動地 han4 tian1 dong4 di4

航空航天局 航空航天局 hang2 kong1 hang2 tian1 ju2
air and space agency

航天 航天 hang2 tian1
space flight

航天飞机 航天飛機 hang2 tian1 fei1 ji1
space shuttle

航天局 航天局 hang2 tian1 ju2
space agency

航天器 航天器 hang2 tian1 qi4

航天员 航天員 hang2 tian1 yuan2

航天中心 航天中心 hang2 tian1 zhong1 xin1
space center

好半天 好半天 hao3 ban4 tian1
most of the day

好好学习,天天向上 好好學習,天天向上 hao3 hao3 xue2 xi2 - tian1 tian1 xiang4 shang4
study hard and every day you will improve (idiom)

昊天 昊天 hao4 tian1
clear sky

核冬天 核冬天 he2 dong1 tian1
nuclear winter

和尚打伞,无法无天 和尚打傘,無法無天 he2 shang5 da3 san3 - wu2 fa3 wu2 tian1
lit. like a monk holding an umbrella — no hair, no sky (idiom) (punning on 髮|发 vs 法); fig. defying the law and the principles of heaven; lawless

黑背信天翁 黑背信天翁 hei1 bei4 xin4 tian1 weng1
(bird species of China) Laysan albatross (Phoebastria immutabilis)

黑脚信天翁 黑腳信天翁 hei1 jiao3 xin4 tian1 weng1
(bird species of China) black-footed albatross (Phoebastria nigripes)

黑奴吁天录 黑奴籲天錄 hei1 nu2 yu4 tian1 lu4
Uncle Tom's Cabin, translated and adapted by Lin Shu 林紓|林纾

黑天半夜 黑天半夜 hei1 tian1 ban4 ye4
lit. the black sky of midnight; very late at night (idiom)

洪福齐天 洪福齊天 hong2 fu2 qi2 tian1
flood of good fortune fills the heavens (idiom); a lucky sign

红景天 紅景天 hong2 jing3 tian1
roseroot; Rhodiola rosea

后天 後天 hou4 tian1
the day after tomorrow; acquired (not innate); a posteriori

后天性 後天性 hou4 tian1 xing4
acquired (characteristic etc)

胡天 胡天 hu2 tian1

胡天胡帝 胡天胡帝 hu2 tian1 hu2 di4
with all the majesty of an emperor (idiom); reckless; intemperate

花天酒地 花天酒地 hua1 tian1 jiu3 di4
to spend one's time in drinking and pleasure (idiom); to indulge in sensual pleasures; life of debauchery

欢天喜地 歡天喜地 huan1 tian1 xi3 di4
delighted; with great joy; in high spirits

皇天不负苦心人 皇天不負苦心人 huang2 tian1 bu4 fu4 ku3 xin1 ren2
Heaven will not disappoint the person who tries (idiom). If you try hard, you're bound to succeed eventually.

皇天后土 皇天后土 huang2 tian1 hou4 tu3
heaven and earth (idiom)

黄土不露天 黃土不露天 huang2 tu3 bu4 lu4 tian1
a slogan used in reference to a project to improve greenery in some parts of Northern China

回天 回天 hui2 tian1
lit. to reverse the rotation of the sky; fig. to reverse a desperate situation

回天乏术 回天乏術 hui2 tian1 fa2 shu4
unable to turn around a hopeless situation (idiom); to fail to save the situation

回天无力 回天無力 hui2 tian1 wu2 li4
unable to turn around a hopeless situation (idiom); to fail to save the situation

昏天黑地 昏天黑地 hun1 tian1 hei1 di4
lit. dark sky and black earth (idiom); fig. pitch dark; to black out; disorderly; troubled times

浑然天成 渾然天成 hun2 ran2 tian1 cheng2
to resemble nature itself; of the highest quality (idiom)

浑天说 渾天說 hun2 tian1 shuo1
geocentric theory in ancient Chinese astronomy

浑天仪 渾天儀 hun2 tian1 yi2
armillary sphere (astronomy)

鸡犬升天 雞犬升天 ji1 quan3 sheng1 tian1
lit. poultry and dogs rise to Heaven (idiom); fig. to ride on sb else's success; Once one man gets a government position, all his cronies get in too; Once sb has cracked the problem, every Tom, Dick and Harry can do it

吉人天相 吉人天相 ji2 ren2 tian1 xiang4
see 吉人自有天相

吉人自有天相 吉人自有天相 ji2 ren2 zi4 you3 tian1 xiang4
Heaven helps the worthy (idiom)

几天 幾天 ji3 tian1
several days

几天来 幾天來 ji3 tian1 lai2
for the past few days

见天 見天 jian4 tian1
(coll.) every day

叫苦连天 叫苦連天 jiao4 ku3 lian2 tian1
to whine on for days (idiom); to endlessly grumble complaints; incessant whining

今天 今天 jin1 tian1
today; at the present; now

金天翮 金天翮 jin1 tian1 he2
Jin Tianhe (1874-1947), late Qing poet and novelist, author of Flower in the sea of evil 孽海花

近地天体 近地天體 jin4 di4 tian1 ti3
near-Earth object (NEO)

进了天堂 進了天堂 jin4 le5 tian1 tang2
to die; to enter the hall of heaven

惊天动地 驚天動地 jing1 tian1 dong4 di4
world-shaking (idiom)

九天 九天 jiu3 tian1
the Ninth Heaven; the highest of the heavens

九天揽月 九天攬月 jiu3 tian1 lan3 yue4
to reach for the stars (idiom)

九天玄女 九天玄女 jiu3 tian1 xuan2 nv3
Xuan Nü, a fairy in Chinese mythology

据守天险 據守天險 ju4 shou3 tian1 xian3
to guard a natural stronghold

开天避地 開天避地 kai1 tian1 bi4 di4
to open the sky and divide the earth; ref. to Pangu 盤古|盘古 in the Chinese creation myth

开天窗 開天窗 kai1 tian1 chuang1
to leave a blank to mark censored area

开天辟地 開天闢地 kai1 tian1 pi4 di4
to split heaven and earth apart (idiom); refers to the Pangu 盤古|盘古 creation myth

肯尼迪航天中心 肯尼迪航天中心 ken3 ni2 di2 hang2 tian1 zhong1 xin1
Kennedy space center, Cape Canaveral 卡納維拉爾角|卡纳维拉尔角, Florida

哭声震天 哭聲震天 ku1 sheng1 zhen4 tian1
lit. cries of grief shake the heavens; great sorrow (idiom)

哭天抹泪 哭天抹淚 ku1 tian1 mo3 lei4
to wail and whine; piteous weeping

蓝天 藍天 lan2 tian1
blue sky

浪迹天涯 浪跡天涯 lang4 ji4 tian1 ya2
to roam far and wide (idiom); to travel the world

老半天 老半天 lao3 ban4 tian1
(coll.) a long time

老天 老天 lao3 tian1
God; Heavens

老天爷 老天爺 lao3 tian1 ye2
God; Heavens

老天爷饿不死瞎家雀 老天爺餓不死瞎家雀 lao3 tian1 ye2 e4 bu4 si3 xia1 jia1 que4
lit. heaven won't let the sparrows go hungry (idiom); fig. don't give up hope; if you tough it out, there will be light at the end of the tunnel

乐天 樂天 le4 tian1
Lotte (South Korean conglomerate)

乐天 樂天 le4 tian1
carefree; happy-go-lucky; optimistic

乐天派 樂天派 le4 tian1 pai4
happy-go-lucky people; optimists

乐天知命 樂天知命 le4 tian1 zhi1 ming4
to be content with what one is

雷达天线 雷達天線 lei2 da2 tian1 xian4
radar antenna

冷天 冷天 leng3 tian1
cold weather; cold season

礼拜天 禮拜天 li3 bai4 tian1

李天禄 李天祿 li3 tian1 lu4
Li Tianlu (1910-1998), Taiwanese master puppeteer

李天王 李天王 li3 tian1 wang2
the pagoda bearing god

连天 連天 lian2 tian1
reaching the sky; for days on end; incessantly

聊天 聊天 liao2 tian1
to chat; to gossip

聊天儿 聊天兒 liao2 tian1 er5
erhua variant of 聊天

聊天室 聊天室 liao2 tian1 shi4
chat room

刘天华 劉天華 liu2 tian1 hua2
Liu T'ien-hua

漏水转浑天仪 漏水轉渾天儀 lou4 shui3 zhuan4 hun2 tian1 yi2
water-driven armillary sphere (Zhang Heng's famous astronomical apparatus)

漏泄天机 漏洩天機 lou4 xie4 tian1 ji1
to divulge the will of heaven (idiom); to leak a secret; to let the cat out of the bag

露天 露天 lu4 tian1
outdoors; al fresco; in the open

露天大戏院 露天大戲院 lu4 tian1 da4 xi4 yuan4
open-air amphitheater

露天堆栈 露天堆棧 lu4 tian1 dui1 zhan4
open-air repository; open-air depot

马天尼 馬天尼 ma3 tian1 ni2

瞒天大谎 瞞天大謊 man2 tian1 da4 huang3
enormous lie; whopper

瞒天过海 瞞天過海 man2 tian1 guo4 hai3
to cross the sea by a trick (idiom); to achieve one's aim by underhanded means

埋天怨地 埋天怨地 man2 tian1 yuan4 di4
lit. to blame the heavens and reproach the earth; fig. to rave and rant

满天 滿天 man3 tian1
whole sky

满天繁星 滿天繁星 man3 tian1 fan2 xing1
lit. whole sky, a multitude of stars

满天飞 滿天飛 man3 tian1 fei1
to rush around everywhere; always active

满天星 滿天星 man3 tian1 xing1
Baby's Breath; Gypsophila paniculata

漫天 漫天 man4 tian1
lit. to fill the whole sky; everywhere; as far as the eye can see

漫天遍地 漫天遍地 man4 tian1 bian4 di4
lit. to fill the whole sky and cover the land; everywhere; as far as the eye can see

漫天遍野 漫天遍野 man4 tian1 bian4 ye3
lit. to fill the whole sky and cover the land; everywhere; as far as the eye can see

漫天飞舞 漫天飛舞 man4 tian1 fei1 wu3
(of snow etc) to fill the sky

漫天要价 漫天要價 man4 tian1 yao4 jia4
to ask for sky-high prices

帽天山 帽天山 mao4 tian1 shan1
Mt Maotian in Chengjiang county 澄江縣|澄江县, Yuxi, east Yunnan

冒天下之大不韪 冒天下之大不韙 mao4 tian1 xia4 zhi1 da4 bu4 wei3
see 冒大不韙|冒大不韪

没天理 沒天理 mei2 tian1 li3
(old) unprincipled; incorrect; (modern) unnatural; against reason; incredible

美国国家航空航天局 美國國家航空航天局 mei3 guo2 guo2 jia1 hang2 kong1 hang2 tian1 ju2
NASA, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, agency of US government

美国国家航天航空局 美國國家航天航空局 mei3 guo2 guo2 jia1 hang2 tian1 hang2 kong1 ju2
National Aeronautics and Space Administration; NASA

每天 每天 mei3 tian1
every day; everyday

弥天 彌天 mi2 tian1
filling the entire sky; covering everything (of fog, crime, disaster etc)

弥天大谎 彌天大謊 mi2 tian1 da4 huang3
a pack of lies (idiom)

面朝黄土背朝天 面朝黃土背朝天 mian4 chao2 huang2 tu3 bei4 chao2 tian1
face to the ground, back to the sky

民以食为天 民以食為天 min2 yi3 shi2 wei2 tian1
Food is the God of the people. (idiom); People view food as the primary need.; Food first, ethical niceties second

名满天下 名滿天下 ming2 man3 tian1 xia4
world famous

明天 明天 ming2 tian1

明天见 明天見 ming2 tian1 jian4
see you tomorrow

明天启 明天啟 ming2 tian1 qi3
Tianqi Emperor, reign name of fifteenth Ming emperor Zhu Youxiao 朱由校 (1605-1627), reigned 1620-1627, Temple name 明熹宗

摩天 摩天 mo2 tian1
skyscraping; towering into the sky

摩天大楼 摩天大樓 mo2 tian1 da4 lou2

摩天大厦 摩天大廈 mo2 tian1 da4 sha4

摩天楼 摩天樓 mo2 tian1 lou2

摩天轮 摩天輪 mo2 tian1 lun2
Ferris wheel; observation wheel

谋事在人,成事在天 謀事在人,成事在天 mou2 shi4 zai4 ren2 - cheng2 shi4 zai4 tian1
planning is with man, accomplishing with heaven (idiom); Man proposes but God disposes.

目怆有天 目愴有天 mu4 chuang4 you3 tian1
to look at the sky in sorrow

那天 那天 na4 tian1
that day; the other day

南天门 南天門 nan2 tian1 men2
The Southern Heavenly Gates; a name for a mountain pass gate in several places

难于登天 難於登天 nan2 yu2 deng1 tian1
harder than climbing to heaven (idiom)

闹翻天 鬧翻天 nao4 fan1 tian1
to create a big disturbance

逆天 逆天 ni4 tian1
to be in defiance of the natural order

欧洲航天局 歐洲航天局 ou1 zhou1 hang2 tian1 ju2
European Space Agency (ESA)

炮火连天 砲火連天 pao4 huo3 lian2 tian1
cannon firing for days on end (idiom); enveloped in the flames of war

捧到天上 捧到天上 peng3 dao4 tian1 shang4
lit. to hold up to the skies; fig. to praise lavishly

捧上天 捧上天 peng3 shang4 tian1
to praise to the skies

平天下 平天下 ping2 tian1 xia4
to pacify the country

破天荒 破天荒 po4 tian1 huang1
unprecedented; for the first time; never before; first ever

铺天盖地 鋪天蓋地 pu1 tian1 gai4 di4
lit. hiding the sky and covering the earth (idiom); fig. earth-shattering; omnipresent; of universal importance

普天同庆 普天同慶 pu3 tian1 tong2 qing4
everybody celebrating together; universal celebration; universal rejoicing

普天下 普天下 pu3 tian1 xia4
throughout the world

齐天大圣 齊天大聖 qi2 tian1 da4 sheng4
Great Sage the Equal of Heaven, self-proclaimed title of the Monkey King Sun Wukong 孫悟空|孙悟空 in the novel Journey to the West 西遊記|西游记

杞国忧天 杞國憂天 qi3 guo2 you1 tian1
man of Qǐ fears the sky falling (idiom); groundless fears

杞人忧天 杞人憂天 qi3 ren2 you1 tian1
man of Qǐ fears the sky falling (idiom); groundless fears

杞天之虑 杞天之慮 qi3 tian1 zhi1 lv4
man of Qǐ fears the sky falling (idiom); groundless fears

前半天 前半天 qian2 ban4 tian1
morning; a.m.; first half of the day

前半天儿 前半天兒 qian2 ban4 tian1 er5
erhua variant of 前半天

前几天 前幾天 qian2 ji3 tian1
a few days before

前天 前天 qian2 tian1
the day before yesterday

前一天 前一天 qian2 yi1 tian1
the day before (an event)

青天 青天 qing1 tian1
clear sky; blue sky; upright and honorable (official)

青天白日 青天白日 qing1 tian1 bai2 ri4
in broad daylight; in the middle of the day; KMT emblem, a white sun on a blue background

青天大老爷 青天大老爺 qing1 tian1 da4 lao3 ye5
(coll.) just and incorruptible official

青天霹雳 青天霹靂 qing1 tian1 pi1 li4
thunder from a clear sky (idiom); a bolt from the blue

晴天 晴天 qing2 tian1
clear sky; sunny day

晴天霹雳 晴天霹靂 qing2 tian1 pi1 li4
thunder from a clear sky (idiom); a bolt from the blue

秋天 秋天 qiu1 tian1

全天 全天 quan2 tian1
whole day

全天候 全天候 quan2 tian1 hou4

热火朝天 熱火朝天 re4 huo3 chao2 tian1
in full swing (idiom); (in a) frenzy; buzzing with activity

人不为己,天诛地灭 人不為己,天誅地滅 ren2 bu4 wei4 ji3 - tian1 zhu1 di4 mie4
Look out for yourself, or heaven and earth will combine to destroy you.; Every man for himself, and the Devil take the hindmost.

人定胜天 人定勝天 ren2 ding4 sheng4 tian1
man can conquer nature (idiom); human wisdom can prevail over nature

人间天堂 人間天堂 ren2 jian1 tian1 tang2
heaven on Earth; nickname for the city Suzhou

人命关天 人命關天 ren2 ming4 guan1 tian1
human life is beyond value (idiom)

人算不如天算 人算不如天算 ren2 suan4 bu4 ru2 tian1 suan4
God's plans supersede our own; Man proposes but God disposes

人外有人,天外有天 人外有人,天外有天 ren2 wai4 you3 ren2 - tian1 wai4 you3 tian1
in the wider world there are people more talented than oneself (idiom)

人造天体 人造天體 ren2 zao4 tian1 ti3
artificial satellite

任天堂 任天堂 ren4 tian1 tang2

日本天皇 日本天皇 ri4 ben3 tian1 huang2
Emperor of Japan

融雪天气 融雪天氣 rong2 xue3 tian1 qi4
a thaw

乳白天空 乳白天空 ru3 bai2 tian1 kong1

三伏天 三伏天 san1 fu2 tian1
three periods forming the hottest periods of summer, from mid-July to mid-August, namely: 初伏 (mid-July), 中伏 (late July to early August), 末伏 (mid-August)

三九天 三九天 san1 jiu3 tian1
the twenty seven days after the Winter Solstice, reputed to be the coldest days of the year

三天不打,上房揭瓦 三天不打,上房揭瓦 san1 tian1 bu4 da3 - shang4 fang2 jie1 wa3
three days without a beating, and a child will scale the roof to rip the tiles (idiom); spare the rod, spoil the child

三天打鱼,两天晒网 三天打魚,兩天曬網 san1 tian1 da3 yu2 - liang3 tian1 shai4 wang3
lit. to fish for three days and sun-dry the nets for two days (proverb); fig. not to persevere in doing sth; to do sth by fits and starts

三天两头 三天兩頭 san1 tian1 liang3 tou2
lit. twice every three days (idiom); practically every day; frequently

丧尽天良 喪盡天良 sang4 jin4 tian1 liang2
devoid of conscience (idiom); utterly heartless

丧天害理 喪天害理 sang4 tian1 hai4 li3
devoid of conscience (idiom)

扫除天下 掃除天下 sao3 chu2 tian1 xia4
to sweep away evil; to purge (the world of crime)

色胆包天 色膽包天 se4 dan3 bao1 tian1
outrageously bold in one's lust; debauched (idiom)

沙尘天气 沙塵天氣 sha1 chen2 tian1 qi4
spring sandstorms (common in Northern China)

伤天害理 傷天害理 shang1 tian1 hai4 li3
to offend Heaven and reason (idiom); bloody atrocities that cry to heaven; outrageous acts

上半天 上半天 shang4 ban4 tian1

上天 上天 shang4 tian1
Heaven; Providence; God; the day before; the sky above; to fly to the sky; to take off and fly into space; to die; to pass away

上天入地 上天入地 shang4 tian1 ru4 di4
lit. to go up to heaven or down to Hades (idiom); fig. to go to great lengths; to search heaven and earth

上天无路,入地无门 上天無路,入地無門 shang4 tian1 wu2 lu4 - ru4 di4 wu2 men2
lit. there is no road to the sky, nor door into the earth (idiom); fig. to be at the end of one's rope; to be trapped in a hopeless situation

上西天 上西天 shang4 xi1 tian1
to enter heaven; to rise to the Western Paradise

上有天堂,下有苏杭 上有天堂,下有蘇杭 shang4 you3 tian1 tang2 - xia4 you3 su1 hang2
lit. there is heaven above, and there is 蘇杭|苏杭 below (idiom); fig. the beauty and affluence of Suzhou and Hangzhou is comparable with heaven

升天 升天 sheng1 tian1
lit. to ascend to heaven; to die

圣母升天节 聖母升天節 sheng4 mu3 sheng1 tian1 jie2
Assumption of the Virgin Mary (Christian festival on 15th August)

石破天惊 石破天驚 shi2 po4 tian1 jing1
earth-shattering; breakthrough; remarkable and original work

十天干 十天干 shi2 tian1 gan1
the ten Heavenly Stems 甲, 乙, 丙, 丁, 戊, 己, 庚, 辛, 壬, 癸 (used cyclically in the calendar and as ordinal number like Roman I, II, III)

受命于天 受命于天 shou4 ming4 yu2 tian1
to become Emperor by the grace of Heaven; to "receive the Mandate of Heaven" (traditional English translation)

数九寒天 數九寒天 shu3 jiu3 han2 tian1
nine periods of nine days each after winter solstice, the coldest time of the year

数九天 數九天 shu3 jiu3 tian1
nine periods of nine days each after winter solstice, the coldest time of the year

暑天 暑天 shu3 tian1
hot (summer) day

霜天 霜天 shuang1 tian1
freezing weather; frosty sky

水天一色 水天一色 shui3 tian1 yi1 se4
water and sky merge in one color (idiom)

舜日尧天 舜日堯天 shun4 ri4 yao2 tian1
sage Emperors Shun and Yao rule every day (idiom); all for the best in the best of all possible worlds

顺应天时 順應天時 shun4 ying4 tian1 shi2
going with nature and the seasons (TCM)

司天台 司天臺 si1 tian1 tai2
Observatory or Bureau of Astronomy (official title) from the Tang dynasty onwards

四大天王 四大天王 si4 da4 tian1 wang2
the four heavenly kings (Sanskrit vajra); the four guardians or warrior attendants of Buddha

四脚朝天 四腳朝天 si4 jiao3 chao2 tian1
four legs facing the sky (idiom); flat on one's back

素面朝天 素面朝天 su4 mian4 chao2 tian1
lit. to present oneself confidently to the emperor, without makeup (as did the sister of Yang Guifei 楊貴妃|杨贵妃) (idiom); fig. (of a woman) to show one's natural features, without makeup; to present oneself just as one is, without artifice

太平天国 太平天國 tai4 ping2 tian1 guo2
Taiping Heavenly Kingdom (1851-1864)

贪天之功 貪天之功 tan1 tian1 zhi1 gong1
to claim credit for other people's achievements (idiom)

谈天 談天 tan2 tian1
to chat

谈天说地 談天說地 tan2 tian1 shuo1 di4
to talk endlessly; talking of anything under the sun

逃税天堂 逃稅天堂 tao2 shui4 tian1 tang2
tax haven

天安门 天安門 tian1 an1 men2
Tiananmen Gate, entrance of the Imperial City in Beijing

天安门广场 天安門廣場 tian1 an1 men2 guang3 chang3
Tiananmen Square

天安门开了 天安門開了 tian1 an1 men2 kai1 le5
pants fly is down; the barn door is open

天贝 天貝 tian1 bei4
tempeh, traditional Indonesian dish made from deep-fried fermented soybean

天崩地裂 天崩地裂 tian1 beng1 di4 lie4
heaven falls and earth rends (idiom); rocked by a major disaster; fig. violent revolution; major social upheaval

天边 天邊 tian1 bian1
horizon; ends of the earth; remotest places

天兵 天兵 tian1 bing1
celestial soldier; (old) imperial troops; (Tw, jocular) clumsy army recruit; (more generally) bungler; screw-up

天兵天将 天兵天將 tian1 bing1 tian1 jiang4
celestial troops and generals (idiom); fig. superior forces

天不怕地不怕 天不怕地不怕 tian1 bu4 pa4 di4 bu4 pa4
fearing nothing in Heaven or Earth (idiom); fearless

天才 天才 tian1 cai2
talent; gift; genius; talented; gifted

天才出自勤奋 天才出自勤奮 tian1 cai2 chu1 zi4 qin2 fen4
genius comes from hard effort; Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration (Thomas Edison)

天差地別 天差地別 tian1 cha1 di4 bie2
poles apart (idiom); as different as can be

天差地远 天差地遠 tian1 cha1 di4 yuan3
poles apart (idiom); entirely different

天长 天長 tian1 chang2
Tianchang county level city in Chuzhou 滁州, Anhui

天长地久 天長地久 tian1 chang2 di4 jiu3
enduring while the world lasts (idiom); eternal

天长日久 天長日久 tian1 chang2 ri4 jiu3
after a long time (idiom)

天长市 天長市 tian1 chang2 shi4
Tianchang county level city in Chuzhou 滁州, Anhui

天朝 天朝 tian1 chao2
Celestial Empire, tributary title conferred on imperial China; Taiping Heavenly Kingdom

天车 天車 tian1 che1
gantry traveling crane

天成 天成 tian1 cheng2
as if made by heaven

天城文 天城文 tian1 cheng2 wen2
Devanagari alphabet used in India and Nepal

天秤 天秤 tian1 cheng4
balance scale; Taiwan pr.

天秤座 天秤座 tian1 cheng4 zuo4
Libra (constellation and sign of the zodiac)

天池 天池 tian1 chi2
Lake Tianchi in Xinjiang

天池 天池 tian1 chi2
"heavenly lake", lake situated on a mountain; used as the name of numerous lakes, such as 長白山天池|长白山天池

天穿日 天穿日 tian1 chuan1 ri4
a Hakka festival held on the 20th day of the first lunar month

天窗 天窗 tian1 chuang1
hatchway; skylight; sun roof

天赐 天賜 tian1 ci4
bestowed by heaven

天次 天次 tian1 ci4
number of days of sth taking place (e.g. days of heavy pollution); days; occasions

天大 天大 tian1 da4
gargantuan; as big as the sky; enormous

天道 天道 tian1 dao4
natural law; heavenly law; weather (dialect)

天道酬勤 天道酬勤 tian1 dao4 chou2 qin2
Heaven rewards the diligent. (idiom)

天灯 天燈 tian1 deng1
sky lantern (miniature hot-air balloon used during festivals)

天等 天等 tian1 deng3
Tiandeng county in Chongzuo 崇左, Guangxi

天等县 天等縣 tian1 deng3 xian4
Tiandeng county in Chongzuo 崇左, Guangxi

天低吴楚,眼空无物 天低吳楚,眼空無物 tian1 di1 wu2 chu3 - yan3 kong1 wu2 wu4
the sky hangs low over the Yangtze, empty as far as the eye can see (idiom); nothing to see to the broad horizon

天敌 天敵 tian1 di2
predator; natural enemy

天底 天底 tian1 di3
(astronomy) nadir

天底下 天底下 tian1 di3 xia5
in this world; under the sun

天帝 天帝 tian1 di4
God of heaven; Celestial emperor

天地 天地 tian1 di4
heaven and earth; world; scope; field of activity

天地会 天地會 tian1 di4 hui4
Tiandihui (Chinese fraternal organization)

天地良心 天地良心 tian1 di4 liang2 xin1
in all honesty; truth to tell

天地悬隔 天地懸隔 tian1 di4 xuan2 ge2
lit. a gulf between heaven and earth; wide difference of opinion (idiom)

天地玄黄 天地玄黃 tian1 di4 xuan2 huang2
first line of the Thousand Character Classic 千字文

天电 天電 tian1 dian4
atmospherics; static

天顶 天頂 tian1 ding3

天冬氨酸 天冬氨酸 tian1 dong1 an1 suan1
aspartic acid (Asp), an amino acid

天冬苯丙二肽酯 天冬苯丙二肽酯 tian1 dong1 ben3 bing3 er4 tai4 zhi3
aspartame C14H18N2O (artificial sweetener)

天冬酰胺 天冬酰胺 tian1 dong1 xian1 an4
asparagine (Asn), an amino acid

天妒英才 天妒英才 tian1 du4 ying1 cai2
heaven is jealous of heroic genius (idiom); the great have great hardship to contend with; those whom the Gods love die young

天峨 天峨 tian1 e2
Tian'e county in Hezhou 賀州|贺州, Guangxi

天鹅 天鵝 tian1 e2

天鹅湖 天鵝湖 tian1 e2 hu2
Swan Lake

天鹅绒 天鵝絨 tian1 e2 rong2
velvet; swan's down

天峨县 天峨縣 tian1 e2 xian4
Tian'e county in Hezhou 賀州|贺州, Guangxi

天鹅座 天鵝座 tian1 e2 zuo4
Cygnus (constellation)

天儿 天兒 tian1 er5
the weather

天翻地覆 天翻地覆 tian1 fan1 di4 fu4
sky and the earth turning upside down (idiom); fig. complete confusion; everything turned on its head

天方 天方 tian1 fang1
(old) Arabia; Arabian

天方夜谭 天方夜譚 tian1 fang1 ye4 tan2
The Arabian Nights (classic story)

天方夜谭 天方夜譚 tian1 fang1 ye4 tan2
fantasy story

天份 天份 tian1 fen4
variant of 天分

天分 天分 tian1 fen4
natural gift; talent

天府 天府 tian1 fu3
Heavenly province (epithet of Sichuan, esp. area around Chengdu); land of plenty

天府之国 天府之國 tian1 fu3 zhi1 guo2
land of plenty; Heavenly province (epithet of Sichuan, esp. area around Chengdu)

天父 天父 tian1 fu4
Heavenly Father

天赋 天賦 tian1 fu4
gift; innate skill

天妇罗 天婦羅 tian1 fu4 luo2
tempura; deep-fried cooking; also called 甜不辣

天干 天干 tian1 gan1
the 10 heavenly stems 甲, 乙, 丙, 丁, 戊, 己, 庚, 辛, 壬, 癸, used cyclically in the calendar and as ordinal numbers I, II etc

天罡星 天罡星 tian1 gang1 xing1
the Big Dipper

天高气爽 天高氣爽 tian1 gao1 qi4 shuang3
see 秋高氣爽|秋高气爽

天鸽座 天鴿座 tian1 ge1 zuo4
Columba (constellation)

天各一方 天各一方 tian1 ge4 yi1 fang1
(of relatives or friends) to live far apart from each other

天宫 天宮 tian1 gong1
Temple in Heaven (e.g. of the Jade Emperor)

天公 天公 tian1 gong1
heaven; lord of heaven

天公不作美 天公不作美 tian1 gong1 bu4 zuo4 mei3
the weather is not cooperating (idiom); bad weather

天公地道 天公地道 tian1 gong1 di4 dao4
absolutely fair and reasonable (idiom); equitable

天沟 天溝 tian1 gou1
(rainwater) gutter

天癸 天癸 tian1 gui3
(TCM) menstruation; period

天国 天國 tian1 guo2
Kingdom of Heaven

天寒地冻 天寒地凍 tian1 han2 di4 dong4
cold weather, frozen ground (idiom); bitterly cold

天旱 天旱 tian1 han4

天汉 天漢 tian1 han4
the Milky Way

天河 天河 tian1 he2
Milky Way; Tianhe district of Guangzhou city 廣州市|广州市, Guangdong

天河区 天河區 tian1 he2 qu1
Tianhe district of Guangzhou city 廣州市|广州市, Guangdong

天鹤座 天鶴座 tian1 he4 zuo4
Grus (constellation)

天黑 天黑 tian1 hei1
to get dark; dusk

天后 天后 tian1 hou4
Tin Hau, Empress of Heaven, another name for the goddess Matsu 媽祖|妈祖; Tin Hau (Hong Kong area around the MTR station with same name)

天候 天候 tian1 hou4

天后站 天后站 tian1 hou4 zhan4
Tin Hau MTR station (Eastern District, Hong Kong Island)

天花 天花 tian1 hua1
smallpox; ceiling; stamen of corn; (old) snow; (dialect) sesame oil

天花板 天花板 tian1 hua1 ban3

天花病毒 天花病毒 tian1 hua1 bing4 du2
variola virus

天花乱坠 天花亂墜 tian1 hua1 luan4 zhui4
lit. a deluge of heavenly flowers (idiom); fig. extravagant embellishments; hype

天荒地老 天荒地老 tian1 huang1 di4 lao3
until the end of time (idiom)

天皇 天皇 tian1 huang2
emperor; emperor of Japan

天机 天機 tian1 ji1
mystery known only to heaven (archaic); inscrutable twist of fate; fig. top secret

天玑 天璣 tian1 ji1
gamma Ursae Majoris in the Big Dipper

天机不可泄漏 天機不可泄漏 tian1 ji1 bu4 ke3 xie4 lou4
lit. mysteries of heaven must not be revealed (idiom); must not be revealed; I am not at liberty to inform you.

天机不可泄露 天機不可泄露 tian1 ji1 bu4 ke3 xie4 lu4
lit. mysteries of heaven must not be revealed (idiom); must not be revealed; I am not at liberty to inform you.

天际 天際 tian1 ji4

天价 天價 tian1 jia4
extremely expensive; sky-high price

天箭座 天箭座 tian1 jian4 zuo4
Sagitta (constellation)

天界 天界 tian1 jie4

天津 天津 tian1 jin1
Tianjin, a municipality in northeast China, abbr. 津

天津大学 天津大學 tian1 jin1 da4 xue2
Tianjin University

天津环球金融中心 天津環球金融中心 tian1 jin1 huan2 qiu2 jin1 rong2 zhong1 xin1
Tianjin World Financial Center, skyscraper a.k.a. the Tianjin Tower or Jin Tower; abbr. to 津塔

天津会议专条 天津會議專條 tian1 jin1 hui4 yi4 zhuan1 tiao2
Tianjin agreement of 1885 between Li Hongzhang 李鴻章|李鸿章 and ITŌ Hirobumi 伊藤博文 to pull Qing and Japanese troops out of Korea

天津市 天津市 tian1 jin1 shi4
Tianjin, a municipality in northeast China, abbr. 津

天津条约 天津條約 tian1 jin1 tiao2 yue1
Treaty of Tianjin of 1858, a sequence of unequal treaties 不平等條約|不平等条约 between Russia, USA, England, France and Qing China

天津外国语大学 天津外國語大學 tian1 jin1 wai4 guo2 yu3 da4 xue2
Tianjin Foreign Studies University

天经地义 天經地義 tian1 jing1 di4 yi4
lit. heaven's law and earth's principle (idiom); fig. right and proper; right and unalterable; a matter of course

天惊石破 天驚石破 tian1 jing1 shi2 po4
see 石破天驚|石破天惊

天井 天井 tian1 jing3
courtyard; patio; veranda; atrium; acupuncture point TB10

天峻 天峻 tian1 jun4
Tianjun county (Tibetan: then cun rdzong) in Haixi Mongol and Tibetan autonomous prefecture 海西蒙古族藏族自治州, Qinghai

天峻县 天峻縣 tian1 jun4 xian4
Tianjun county (Tibetan: then cun rdzong) in Haixi Mongol and Tibetan autonomous prefecture 海西蒙古族藏族自治州, Qinghai

天空 天空 tian1 kong1

天籁 天籟 tian1 lai4
sounds of nature

天蓝 天藍 tian1 lan2
sky blue

天蓝色 天藍色 tian1 lan2 se4

天狼星 天狼星 tian1 lang2 xing1
Sirius, a double star in constellation Canis Major 大犬座

天老儿 天老兒 tian1 lao3 er5
albino (human)

天老爷 天老爺 tian1 lao3 ye5
see 老天爺|老天爷

天冷 天冷 tian1 leng3
cold weather

天理 天理 tian1 li3
Heaven's law; the natural order of things

天理教 天理教 tian1 li3 jiao4
Tenrikyo (Japanese religion)

天理难容 天理難容 tian1 li3 nan2 rong2
Heaven cannot tolerate this (idiom); intolerable behavior

天良 天良 tian1 liang2

天亮 天亮 tian1 liang4
dawn; daybreak

天龙八部 天龍八部 tian1 long2 ba1 bu4
Demigods and Semi-Devils, wuxia novel by Jin Yong 金庸 and its TV and screen adaptations

天龙国 天龍國 tian1 long2 guo2
(slang) (Tw) Taipei 臺北|台北

天龙人 天龍人 tian1 long2 ren2
(slang) (Tw) person from Taipei 臺北|台北

天龙座 天龍座 tian1 long2 zuo4
Draco (constellation)

天蝼 天螻 tian1 lou2
mole cricket; slang word for agricultural pest Gryllotalpa

天炉座 天爐座 tian1 lu2 zuo4
Fornax (constellation)

天禄 天祿 tian1 lu4
auspicious sculpted animal, usu. a unicorn or deer with a long tail; possession of the empire

天路历程 天路歷程 tian1 lu4 li4 cheng2
Pilgrim's Progress, 1678 novel by John Bunyan (first Chinese translation 1851)

天伦 天倫 tian1 lun2
family bonds; ethical family relations

天伦之乐 天倫之樂 tian1 lun2 zhi1 le4
family love and joy; domestic bliss

天罗地网 天羅地網 tian1 luo2 di4 wang3
inescapable net (idiom); trap; dragnet

天麻 天麻 tian1 ma2
Gastrodia elata (botany)

天马行空 天馬行空 tian1 ma3 xing2 kong1
like a heavenly steed, soaring across the skies (idiom); (of writing, calligraphy etc) bold and imaginative; unconstrained in style

天猫座 天貓座 tian1 mao1 zuo4
Lynx (constellation)

天门 天門 tian1 men2
Tianmen sub-prefecture level city in Hubei

天门冬 天門冬 tian1 men2 dong1

天门冬科 天門冬科 tian1 men2 dong1 ke1
Asparagaceae, family of flowering plants which includes asparagus

天门市 天門市 tian1 men2 shi4
Tianmen sub-prefecture level city in Hubei

天明 天明 tian1 ming2
dawn; daybreak

天命 天命 tian1 ming4
Mandate of Heaven; destiny; fate; one's life span

天魔 天魔 tian1 mo2
demonic; devil

天那水 天那水 tian1 na4 shui3
paint thinner

天哪 天哪 tian1 na5
Good gracious!; For goodness sake!

天南地北 天南地北 tian1 nan2 di4 bei3
distant places; all over the country; (to talk) about this and that

天南海北 天南海北 tian1 nan2 hai3 bei3
see 天南地北

天年 天年 tian1 nian2
natural life span

天宁 天寧 tian1 ning2
Tianning district of Changzhou city 常州市, Jiangsu

天宁区 天寧區 tian1 ning2 qu1
Tianning district of Changzhou city 常州市, Jiangsu

天牛 天牛 tian1 niu2
Longhorn beetle

天疱疮 天皰瘡 tian1 pao4 chuang1
(medicine) pemphigus

天篷 天篷 tian1 peng2

天棚 天棚 tian1 peng2
ceiling; awning

天平 天平 tian1 ping2
scales (to weigh things)

天平动 天平動 tian1 ping2 dong4
(astronomy) libration

天气 天氣 tian1 qi4

天气预报 天氣預報 tian1 qi4 yu4 bao4
weather forecast

天前配 天前配 tian1 qian2 pei4
soul mates; before heaven match

天谴 天譴 tian1 qian3
the wrath of Heaven; imperial displeasure

天桥 天橋 tian1 qiao2
overhead walkway; pedestrian bridge

天桥 天橋 tian1 qiao2
Tianqiao district of Ji'nan city 濟南市|济南市, Shandong; Tianqiao district in Beijing, formerly a center of folk culture

天桥立 天橋立 tian1 qiao2 li4
Ama-no-hashidate in north of Kyōto prefecture 京都府 on the Sea of Japan

天桥区 天橋區 tian1 qiao2 qu1
Tianqiao district of Ji'nan city 濟南市|济南市, Shandong

天琴星座 天琴星座 tian1 qin2 xing1 zuo4
Lyra, constellation containing Vega 織女星|织女星

天琴座 天琴座 tian1 qin2 zuo4
Lyra (constellation)

天青石 天青石 tian1 qing1 shi2
lapis lazuli

天球 天球 tian1 qiu2
celestial sphere

天球赤道 天球赤道 tian1 qiu2 chi4 dao4
celestial equator

天趣 天趣 tian1 qu4
natural charm (of writings, works of art etc)

天权 天權 tian1 quan2
delta Ursae Majoris in the Big Dipper

天全 天全 tian1 quan2
Tianquan county in Ya'an 雅安, Sichuan

天全县 天全縣 tian1 quan2 xian4
Tianquan county in Ya'an 雅安, Sichuan

天然 天然 tian1 ran2

天然本地 天然本地 tian1 ran2 ben3 di4
natural background

天然毒素 天然毒素 tian1 ran2 du2 su4
natural toxin

天然气 天然氣 tian1 ran2 qi4
natural gas

天然纤维 天然纖維 tian1 ran2 xian1 wei2
natural fiber

天然橡胶 天然橡膠 tian1 ran2 xiang4 jiao1
natural rubber

天然铀 天然鈾 tian1 ran2 you2
natural uranium

天然照亮 天然照亮 tian1 ran2 zhao4 liang4
natural lighting

天壤之别 天壤之別 tian1 rang3 zhi1 bie2
lit. as different as sky and earth (idiom); fig. night and day difference; opposite extremes; a world of difference; a far cry from

天人 天人 tian1 ren2
Man and Heaven; celestial being

天人感应 天人感應 tian1 ren2 gan3 ying4
interactions between heaven and mankind (Han Dynasty doctrine)

天人合一 天人合一 tian1 ren2 he2 yi1
oneness of heaven and humanity; the theory that man is an integral part of nature

天色 天色 tian1 se4
color of the sky; time of day, as indicated by the color of the sky; weather

天杀的 天殺的 tian1 sha1 de5
Goddam!; goddamn; wretched

天煞孤星 天煞孤星 tian1 sha4 gu1 xing1
bane of others' existence

天山 天山 tian1 shan1
Tianshan mountain range between XinJiang and Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan

天山区 天山區 tian1 shan1 qu1
Tianshan district (Uighur: Tiyanshan rayoni) of Urumqi city 烏魯木齊市|乌鲁木齐市, Xinjiang

天上 天上 tian1 shang4
celestial; heavenly

天上不会掉馅饼 天上不會掉餡餅 tian1 shang4 bu4 hui4 diao4 xian4 bing3
there is no such thing as a free lunch (idiom)

天上下刀子 天上下刀子 tian1 shang4 xia4 dao1 zi5
lit. knives rain down from the sky (idiom); fig. (even if) the sky crumbles

天神 天神 tian1 shen2
god; deity

天生 天生 tian1 sheng1
nature; disposition; innate; natural

天生的一对 天生的一對 tian1 sheng1 de5 yi1 dui4
couple who were made for each other

天时 天時 tian1 shi2
the time; the right time; weather conditions; destiny; course of time; heaven's natural order

天时地利人和 天時地利人和 tian1 shi2 di4 li4 ren2 he2
the time is right, geographical and social conditions are favorable (idiom); a good time to go to war

天使 天使 tian1 shi3

天使报喜节 天使報喜節 tian1 shi3 bao4 xi3 jie2
Annunciation (Christian festival on 25th March); Lady day

天书 天書 tian1 shu1
imperial edict; heavenly book (superstition); obscure or illegible writing; double dutch

天枢 天樞 tian1 shu1
alpha Ursae Majoris

天枢星 天樞星 tian1 shu1 xing1
alpha Ursae Majoris in the Big Dipper

天水 天水 tian1 shui3
Tianshui prefecture level city in Gansu

天水地区 天水地區 tian1 shui3 di4 qu1
Tianshui prefecture in Gansu

天水市 天水市 tian1 shui3 shi4
Tianshui prefecture level city in Gansu

天顺 天順 tian1 shun4
Tianshun Emperor, reign name of eighth Ming Emperor 朱祁鎮|朱祁镇 (1427-1464), reigned 1457-1464, Temple name Yingzong 英宗

天孙娘娘 天孫娘娘 tian1 sun1 niang2 niang2
Goddess of Fertility

天台 天台 tian1 tai1
Mt Tiantai near Shaoxing 紹興|绍兴 in Zhejiang, the center of Tiantai Buddhism 天台宗; Tiantai county in Taizhou 台州, Zhejiang

天台山 天台山 tian1 tai1 shan1
Mt Tiantai near Shaoxing 紹興|绍兴 in Zhejiang, the center of Tiantai Buddhism 天台宗

天台县 天台縣 tian1 tai1 xian4
Tiantai county in Taizhou 台州, Zhejiang

天台宗 天台宗 tian1 tai2 zong1
Tiantai school of Buddhism

天坛 天壇 tian1 tan2
Temple of Heaven (in Beijing)

天坛座 天壇座 tian1 tan2 zuo4
Ara (constellation)

天堂 天堂 tian1 tang2
paradise; heaven

天梯 天梯 tian1 ti1
stairway to heaven; high mountain road; tall ladder on a building or other large structure; space elevator

天体 天體 tian1 ti3
celestial body; nude body

天体光谱学 天體光譜學 tian1 ti3 guang1 pu3 xue2
astronomical spectroscopy

天体力学 天體力學 tian1 ti3 li4 xue2
celestial mechanics

天体物理 天體物理 tian1 ti3 wu4 li3

天体物理学 天體物理學 tian1 ti3 wu4 li3 xue2

天体物理学家 天體物理學家 tian1 ti3 wu4 li3 xue2 jia1

天体演化学 天體演化學 tian1 ti3 yan3 hua4 xue2

天体主义 天體主義 tian1 ti3 zhu3 yi4

天天 天天 tian1 tian1
every day

天庭 天庭 tian1 ting2
middle of the forehead; imperial court; heaven

天头 天頭 tian1 tou2
the upper margin of a page

天兔座 天兔座 tian1 tu4 zuo4
Lepus (constellation)

天外 天外 tian1 wai4
abbr. for 天津外國語大學|天津外国语大学

天外来客 天外來客 tian1 wai4 lai2 ke4
visitors from outer space

天外有天,人外有人 天外有天,人外有人 tian1 wai4 you3 tian1 - ren2 wai4 you3 ren2
see 人外有人,天外有天

天王 天王 tian1 wang2
emperor; god; Hong Xiuquan's self-proclaimed title; see also 洪秀全

天王星 天王星 tian1 wang2 xing1
Uranus (planet)

天网恢恢 天網恢恢 tian1 wang3 hui1 hui1
lit. heaven's net has wide meshes, but nothing escapes it (idiom, from Laozi 73); fig. the way of Heaven is fair, but the guilty will not escape; you can't run from the long arm of the law

天网恢恢,疏而不漏 天網恢恢,疏而不漏 tian1 wang3 hui1 hui1 - shu1 er2 bu4 lou4
lit. heaven's net has wide meshes, but nothing escapes it (idiom, from Laozi 73); fig. the way of Heaven is fair, but the guilty will not escape; you can't run from the long arm of the law

天网恢恢,疏而不失 天網恢恢,疏而不失 tian1 wang3 hui1 hui1 - shu1 er2 bu4 shi1
lit. heaven's net has wide meshes, but nothing escapes it (idiom, from Laozi 73); fig. the way of Heaven is fair, but the guilty will not escape; you can't run from the long arm of the law

天文 天文 tian1 wen2

天文单位 天文單位 tian1 wen2 dan1 wei4
Astronomical Unit; AU; 149,567,892 km

天文馆 天文館 tian1 wen2 guan3

天文台 天文台 tian1 wen2 tai2

天文学 天文學 tian1 wen2 xue2

天文学大成 天文學大成 tian1 wen2 xue2 da4 cheng2
the Almagest by Ptolemy

天文学家 天文學家 tian1 wen2 xue2 jia1

天无绝人之路 天無絕人之路 tian1 wu2 jue2 ren2 zhi1 lu4
Heaven never bars one's way (idiom); don't despair and you will find a way through.; Never give up hope.; Never say die.

天下 天下 tian1 xia4
land under heaven; the whole world; the whole of China; realm; rule

天下大乱 天下大亂 tian1 xia4 da4 luan4
the whole country in rebellion

天下第一 天下第一 tian1 xia4 di4 yi1
first under heaven; number one in the country

天下没有不散的筵席 天下沒有不散的筵席 tian1 xia4 mei2 you3 bu4 san4 de5 yan2 xi2
all good things must come to an end (idiom)

天下没有不散的宴席 天下沒有不散的宴席 tian1 xia4 mei2 you3 bu4 san4 de5 yan4 xi2
see 天下沒有不散的筵席|天下没有不散的筵席

天下太平 天下太平 tian1 xia4 tai4 ping2
the whole world at peace (idiom); peace and prosperity

天下无难事,只怕有心人 天下無難事,只怕有心人 tian1 xia4 wu2 nan2 shi4 - zhi3 pa4 you3 xin1 ren2
lit. nothing is difficult on this earth, if your mind is set (idiom)

天下兴亡,匹夫有责 天下興亡,匹夫有責 tian1 xia4 xing1 wang2 - pi3 fu1 you3 ze2
The rise and fall of the nation concerns everyone (idiom). Everyone bears responsibility for the prosperity of society.

天仙 天仙 tian1 xian1
immortal (esp. female); deity; fairy; Goddess; fig. beautiful woman

天险 天險 tian1 xian3
a natural stronghold

天线 天線 tian1 xian4
antenna; mast; connection with high-ranking officials

天线宝宝 天線寶寶 tian1 xian4 bao3 bao3

天香国色 天香國色 tian1 xiang1 guo2 se4
divine fragrance, national grace (idiom); an outstanding beauty

天象 天象 tian1 xiang4
meteorological or astronomical phenomenon (e.g. rainbow or eclipse)

天象仪 天象儀 tian1 xiang4 yi2
planetarium projector

天晓得 天曉得 tian1 xiao3 de5
Heaven knows!

天蝎 天蠍 tian1 xie1
Scorpio (constellation)

天蝎座 天蠍座 tian1 xie1 zuo4
Scorpio or Scorpius (constellation and sign of the zodiac)

天蟹座 天蟹座 tian1 xie4 zuo4
Cancer (constellation and sign of the zodiac); variant of 巨蟹座

天心 天心 tian1 xin1
Tianxin district of Changsha city 長沙市|长沙市, Hunan

天心 天心 tian1 xin1
center of the sky; will of heaven; will of the Gods; the monarch's will

天心区 天心區 tian1 xin1 qu1
Tianxin district of Changsha city 長沙市|长沙市, Hunan

天星码头 天星碼頭 tian1 xing1 ma3 tou2
Star Ferry terminal, Hong Kong

天行赤眼 天行赤眼 tian1 xing2 chi4 yan3
acute contagious conjunctivitis (TCM)

天幸 天幸 tian1 xing4
providential good luck; a narrow escape

天性 天性 tian1 xing4
nature; innate tendency

天璇 天璇 tian1 xuan2
beta Ursae Majoris in the Big Dipper

天悬地隔 天懸地隔 tian1 xuan2 di4 ge2
see 天差地遠|天差地远

天旋地转 天旋地轉 tian1 xuan2 di4 zhuan4
the sky spins, the earth goes round (idiom); giddy with one's head spinning; fig. huge changes in the world

天涯 天涯 tian1 ya2
the other end of the world; a faraway place

天涯比邻 天涯比鄰 tian1 ya2 bi3 lin2
see 天涯若比鄰|天涯若比邻

天涯海角 天涯海角 tian1 ya2 hai3 jiao3
Cape Haijiao in Sanya 三亞|三亚, Hainan

天涯海角 天涯海角 tian1 ya2 hai3 jiao3
the ends of the earth; separated worlds apart

天涯何处无芳草 天涯何處無芳草 tian1 ya2 he2 chu4 wu2 fang1 cao3
there are plenty more fish in the sea (idiom)

天涯若比邻 天涯若比鄰 tian1 ya2 ruo4 bi3 lin2
far-flung realms as next door (idiom); close in spirit although far away

天呀 天呀 tian1 ya5
Heavens!; My goodness!

天演 天演 tian1 yan3
natural change; evolution (early translation, since replaced by 進化|进化)

天演论 天演論 tian1 yan3 lun4
the theory of evolution (early translation, since replaced by 進化論|进化论)

天燕座 天燕座 tian1 yan4 zuo4
Apus (constellation)

天摇地转 天搖地轉 tian1 yao2 di4 zhuan3
lit. the sky shakes and the ground revolves; momentous changes are underway (idiom)

天要落雨,娘要嫁人 天要落雨,娘要嫁人 tian1 yao4 luo4 yu3 - niang2 yao4 jia4 ren2
the rain will fall, the womenfolk will marry (idiom); fig. the natural order of things; something you can't go against

天衣无缝 天衣無縫 tian1 yi1 wu2 feng4
lit. seamless heavenly clothes (idiom); fig. flawless

天意 天意 tian1 yi4
providence; the Will of Heaven

天鹰座 天鷹座 tian1 ying1 zuo4
Aquila (constellation)

天有不测风云,人有旦夕祸福 天有不測風雲,人有旦夕禍福 tian1 you3 bu4 ce4 feng1 yun2 - ren2 you3 dan4 xi1 huo4 fu2
fortune as unpredictable as the weather, every day may bring fortune or calamity (idiom); sth unexpected may happen at any moment

天佑吾人基业 天佑吾人基業 tian1 you4 wu2 ren2 ji1 ye4
annuit coeptis

天雨顺延 天雨順延 tian1 yu3 shun4 yan2
weather permitting (idiom)

天雨路滑 天雨路滑 tian1 yu4 lu4 hua2
roads are slippery due to rain (idiom)

天渊 天淵 tian1 yuan1
distance between two poles; poles apart

天渊之别 天淵之別 tian1 yuan1 zhi1 bie2
a complete contrast; totally different

天元区 天元區 tian1 yuan2 qu1
Tianyuan district of Zhuzhou city 株洲市, Hunan

天灾 天災 tian1 zai1
natural disaster

天灾地孽 天災地孽 tian1 zai1 di4 nie4
catastrophes and unnatural phenomena; Heaven-sent warnings

天灾人祸 天災人禍 tian1 zai1 ren2 huo4
natural calamities and man-made disasters (idiom)

天葬 天葬 tian1 zang4
sky burial (Tibetan funeral practice)

天造地设 天造地設 tian1 zao4 di4 she4
lit. made by Heaven and arranged by Earth(idiom); ideal; perfect; (of a match) made in heaven; to be made for one another

天择 天擇 tian1 ze2
natural selection

天真 天真 tian1 zhen1
naive; innocent; artless

天真烂漫 天真爛漫 tian1 zhen1 lan4 man4
innocent and unaffected

天镇 天鎮 tian1 zhen4
Tianzhen county in Datong 大同, Shanxi

天镇县 天鎮縣 tian1 zhen4 xian4
Tianzhen county in Datong 大同, Shanxi

天职 天職 tian1 zhi2
vocation; duty; mission in life

天舟座 天舟座 tian1 zhou1 zuo4
Argo (constellation, now divided into Carina 船底座 and Puppis 船尾座)

天珠 天珠 tian1 zhu1
dzi bead, a type of stone bead highly prized in Tibet for many centuries, reputed to hold supernatural power

天诛 天誅 tian1 zhu1
heavenly punishment; king's punishment

天竺 天竺 tian1 zhu2
the Indian subcontinent (esp. in Tang or Buddhist context)

天竺葵 天竺葵 tian1 zhu2 kui2
geranium (Pelargonium hortorum)

天竺牡丹 天竺牡丹 tian1 zhu2 mu3 dan5

天竺鼠 天竺鼠 tian1 zhu2 shu3
guinea pig; cavy

天主 天主 tian1 zhu3
God (in Catholicism); abbr. for 天主教, Catholicism

天主的羔羊 天主的羔羊 tian1 zhu3 de5 gao1 yang2
the Lamb of God

天主教 天主教 tian1 zhu3 jiao4

天主教会 天主教會 tian1 zhu3 jiao4 hui4
the Catholic Church

天主教徒 天主教徒 tian1 zhu3 jiao4 tu2
Catholic; follower of Catholicism

天柱 天柱 tian1 zhu4
Tianzhu county in Qiandongnan Miao and Dong autonomous prefecture 黔東南州|黔东南州, Guizhou

天柱 天柱 tian1 zhu4
pillars supporting heaven

天祝县 天祝縣 tian1 zhu4 xian4
Tianzhu Tibetan autonomous county in Wuwei 武威, Gansu

天柱县 天柱縣 tian1 zhu4 xian4
Tianzhu county in Qiandongnan Miao and Dong autonomous prefecture 黔東南州|黔东南州, Guizhou

天祝藏族自治县 天祝藏族自治縣 tian1 zhu4 zang4 zu2 zi4 zhi4 xian4
Tianzhu Tibetan Autonomous County in Wuwei 武威, Gansu

天资 天資 tian1 zi1
innate talent; gift; flair; native resource; dowry

天子 天子 tian1 zi3
the (rightful) emperor; "Son of Heaven" (traditional English translation)

天尊 天尊 tian1 zun1
(honorific appellation of a deity)

天作之合 天作之合 tian1 zuo4 zhi1 he2
a match made in heaven (idiom)

听天安命 聽天安命 ting1 tian1 an1 ming4
to accept one's situation as dictated by heaven (idiom)

听天由命 聽天由命 ting1 tian1 you2 ming4
to submit to the will of heaven; to resign oneself to fate; to trust to luck

通天彻地 通天徹地 tong1 tian1 che4 di4
to know all under heaven; exceptionally talented (idiom)

偷天换日 偷天換日 tou1 tian1 huan4 ri4
to engage in fraudulent activities (idiom); skulduggery; to hoodwink people; to cheat sb audaciously

头半天 頭半天 tou2 ban4 tian1
morning; first half of the day

头半天儿 頭半天兒 tou2 ban4 tian1 er5
erhua variant of 頭半天|头半天

托塔天王 托塔天王 tuo1 ta3 tian1 wang2
the pagoda bearing god

晚半天儿 晚半天兒 wan3 ban5 tian1 er5
late afternoon

万恶滔天 萬惡滔天 wan4 e4 tao1 tian1
so much evil that it reaches all the way to heaven (idiom)

万维天罗地网 萬維天羅地網 wan4 wei2 tian1 luo2 di4 wang3
World Wide Web (WWW); lit. ten-thousand dimensional net covering heaven and earth; term coined by China News Digest and abbreviated to 萬維網|万维网

微波天线 微波天線 wei1 bo1 tian1 xian4
microwave antenna

威震天下 威震天下 wei1 zhen4 tian1 xia4
to inspire awe throughout the empire (idiom)

唯恐天下不乱 唯恐天下不亂 wei2 kong3 tian1 xia4 bu4 luan4
to wish for the whole world to be in chaos (idiom)

违天害理 違天害理 wei2 tian1 hai4 li3
lit. violating heaven and reason (idiom); immoral character

违天逆理 違天逆理 wei2 tian1 ni4 li3
lit. violating heaven and reason (idiom); immoral character

文天祥 文天祥 wen2 tian1 xiang2
Wen Tianxiang (1236-1283), Song dynasty politician and poet, folk hero in resisting Mongol invasion in Jiangxi in 1275

无法无天 無法無天 wu2 fa3 wu2 tian1
regardless of the law and of natural morality (idiom); maverick; undisciplined and out of control

吴天明 吳天明 wu2 tian1 ming2
Wu Tianming (1939-), PRC film director

武则天 武則天 wu3 ze2 tian1
Wu Zetian (624-705), Tang empress, reigned 690-705

物竞天择 物競天擇 wu4 jing4 tian1 ze2
natural selection

西天 西天 xi1 tian1
the Western Paradise (Buddhism)

喜从天降 喜從天降 xi3 cong2 tian1 jiang4
joy from heaven (idiom); overjoyed at unexpected good news; unlooked-for happy event

下半天 下半天 xia4 ban4 tian1

夏天 夏天 xia4 tian1

先天 先天 xian1 tian1
inborn; innate; natural

先天不足 先天不足 xian1 tian1 bu4 zu2
congenital deficiency; inherent weakness

掀天揭地 掀天揭地 xian1 tian1 jie1 di4

先天下之忧而忧,后天下之乐而乐 先天下之憂而憂,後天下之樂而樂 xian1 tian1 xia4 zhi1 you1 er2 you1 - hou4 tian1 xia4 zhi1 le4 er2 le4
The first concern is affairs of state, enjoying the pleasure comes later. Quotation from essay On Yueyang Tower 岳陽樓記|岳阳楼记 by Song writer Fan Zhongyan 範仲淹|范仲淹

先天性 先天性 xian1 tian1 xing4
congenital; intrinsic; innateness

先天性缺陷 先天性缺陷 xian1 tian1 xing4 que1 xian4
birth defect

先天愚型 先天愚型 xian1 tian1 yu2 xing2
Down syndrome; trisomy 21

闲聊天 閑聊天 xian2 liao2 tian1
to chat; idle gossip

小天鹅 小天鵝 xiao3 tian1 e2
Little Swan (PRC appliance brand)

小天鹅 小天鵝 xiao3 tian1 e2
(bird species of China) tundra swan (Cygnus columbianus)

挟天子以令天下 挾天子以令天下 xie2 tian1 zi3 yi3 ling4 tian1 xia4
(expr.) hold the feudal overlord and you control the whole country

挟天子以令诸侯 挾天子以令諸侯 xie2 tian1 zi3 yi3 ling4 zhu1 hou2
(expr.) hold the feudal overlord and you control his vassals

泄漏天机 泄漏天機 xie4 lou4 tian1 ji1
to divulge the will of heaven (idiom); to leak a secret; to let the cat out of the bag

泄露天机 泄露天機 xie4 lu4 tian1 ji1
to divulge the will of heaven (idiom); to leak a secret; to let the cat out of the bag

谢天谢地 謝天謝地 xie4 tian1 xie4 di4
Thank heavens!; Thank goodness that's worked out so well!

新天地 新天地 xin1 tian1 di4
Xintiandi (shopping, eating and entertainment district of Shanghai)

信天翁 信天翁 xin4 tian1 weng1
albatross (family Diomedeidae)

信天游 信天游 xin4 tian1 you2
a style of folk music of Shaanxi

星期天 星期天 xing1 qi1 tian1

刑天 刑天 xing2 tian1
Xingtian, headless giant hero of Chinese mythology decapitated by the Yellow Emperor 黃帝|黄帝

秀才不出门,能知天下事 秀才不出門,能知天下事 xiu4 cai5 bu4 chu1 men2 - neng2 zhi1 tian1 xia4 shi4
a learned person need not leave his home to know what's going on in the world (idiom)

秀才不出门,全知天下事 秀才不出門,全知天下事 xiu4 cai5 bu4 chu1 men2 - quan2 zhi1 tian1 xia4 shi4
a learned person need not leave his home to know what's going on in the world (idiom)

熏天 熏天 xun1 tian1
overpowering (of a stench)

艳阳天 豔陽天 yan4 yang2 tian1
bright sunny day; blazing hot day

仰天 仰天 yang3 tian1
to face upwards; to look up to the sky

耶稣升天节 耶穌升天節 ye1 su1 sheng1 tian1 jie2
Ascension Day (Christian festival forty days after Easter)

冶天 冶天 ye3 tian1
ATI, brand name of AMD graphics cards

野天鹅 野天鵝 ye3 tian1 e2
Wild Swans, family autobiography by British-Chinese writer Jung Chang 張戎|张戎; alternative title 鴻|鸿, after the author's original name 張二鴻|张二鸿

也有今天 也有今天 ye3 you3 jin1 tian1
(coll.) to get one's just deserts; to serve sb right; to get one's share of (good or bad things); every dog has its day

一半天 一半天 yi1 ban4 tian1
in a day or two; soon

一步登天 一步登天 yi1 bu4 deng1 tian1
reaching heaven in a single bound (idiom); (esp. with negative: don't expect) instant success

一个天南,一个地北 一個天南,一個地北 yi1 ge5 tian1 nan2 - yi1 ge5 di4 bei3
to live miles apart (idiom)

一命归天 一命歸天 yi1 ming4 gui1 tian1
see 一命嗚呼|一命呜呼

一人得道,鸡犬升天 一人得道,雞犬升天 yi1 ren2 de2 dao4 - ji1 quan3 sheng1 tian1
lit. when a man achieves the Dao, his poultry and dogs rise to Heaven (idiom); fig. to ride on sb else's success; Once one man gets a government position, all his cronies get in too; Once sb has cracked the problem, every Tom, Dick and Harry can do it

一手遮天 一手遮天 yi1 shou3 zhe1 tian1
lit. to hide the sky with one hand; to hide the truth from the masses

一天到晚 一天到晚 yi1 tian1 dao4 wan3
all day long; the whole day

一天一个样 一天一個樣 yi1 tian1 yi1 ge5 yang4
to change from day to day

一柱擎天 一柱擎天 yi1 zhu4 qing2 tian1
lit. to support the sky as a single pillar (idiom); fig. to take a crucial responsibility upon one's shoulders

颐养天年 頤養天年 yi2 yang3 tian1 nian2
to care for oneself for one's allotted life span (idiom); to retire

倚天屠龙记 倚天屠龍記 yi3 tian1 tu2 long2 ji4
Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber, wuxia (武俠|武侠, martial arts chivalry) novel by Jin Yong 金庸 and its screen adaptations

异想天开 異想天開 yi4 xiang3 tian1 kai1
to imagine the wildest thing; to indulge in fantasy

阴天 陰天 yin1 tian1
cloudy day; overcast sky

应天承运 應天承運 ying4 tian1 cheng2 yun4
lit. to respond to heaven and suit the times (idiom); to rule according to the will of heaven; the Divine Right of kings

应天顺时 應天順時 ying4 tian1 shun4 shi2
lit. to respond to heaven and suit the times (idiom); to rule according to the will of heaven; the Divine Right of kings

疣鼻天鹅 疣鼻天鵝 you2 bi2 tian1 e2
(bird species of China) mute swan (Cygnus olor)

友谊地久天长 友誼地久天長 you3 yi4 di4 jiu3 tian1 chang2
Auld Lang Syne, Scottish song with lyrics by Robert Burns 羅伯特·伯恩斯|罗伯特·伯恩斯, sung to mark the start of a new year or as a farewell; also rendered 友誼萬歲|友谊万岁 or 友誼天長地久|友谊天长地久

友谊天长地久 友誼天長地久 you3 yi4 tian1 chang2 di4 jiu3
see 友誼地久天長|友谊地久天长

俞天白 俞天白 yu2 tian1 bai2
Yu Tianbai (1937-), novelist

雨过天青 雨過天青 yu3 guo4 tian1 qing1
sky clears after rain; new hopes after a disastrous period (idiom); every cloud has a silver lining (idiom); see also 雨過天晴|雨过天晴

雨过天晴 雨過天晴 yu3 guo4 tian1 qing2
sky clears after rain; new hopes after a disastrous period (idiom); every cloud has a silver lining (idiom); see also 雨過天青|雨过天青

雨天 雨天 yu3 tian1
rainy day; rainy weather

远天 遠天 yuan3 tian1
heaven; the distant sky

怨天尤人 怨天尤人 yuan4 tian1 you2 ren2
(idiom) to blame the gods and accuse others

怨天载道 怨天載道 yuan4 tian1 zai4 dao4
lit. cries of complaint fill the roads (idiom); complaints rise all around; discontent is openly voiced

月黑天 月黑天 yue4 hei1 tian1
the dark; night

在天愿做比翼鸟,在地愿做连理枝 在天願做比翼鳥,在地願做連理枝 zai4 tian1 yuan4 zuo4 bi3 yi4 niao3 - zai4 di4 yuan4 zuo4 lian2 li3 zhi1
In the sky to be two birds flying wing to wing, on earth to be two trees with branches intertwined; wishing for conjugal bliss

在天之灵 在天之靈 zai4 tian1 zhi1 ling2
soul and spirit of the deceased

增长天 增長天 zeng1 zhang3 tian1
Virudhaka (one of the Heavenly Kings)

詹天佑 詹天佑 zhan1 tian1 you4
Zhan Tianyou (1861-1919), Chinese railroad engineer

张天翼 張天翼 zhang1 tian1 yi4
Zhang Tian'yi (1906-1985), children's writer, author of prize-winning fairy tale Secret of the Magic Gourd 寶葫蘆的秘密|宝葫芦的秘密

张闻天 張聞天 zhang1 wen2 tian1
Zhang Wentian (1900-1976), CCP party leader and theorist

遮天蔽日 遮天蔽日 zhe1 tian1 bi4 ri4
lit. hiding the sky and covering the earth (idiom); fig. earth-shattering; omnipresent; of universal importance

这几天 這幾天 zhe4 ji3 tian1
the past few days

浙江天台县 浙江天台縣 zhe4 jiang1 tian1 tai2 xian4
Tiantai County in Zhejiang

这天 這天 zhe4 tian1
today; this day

震天动地 震天動地 zhen4 tian1 dong4 di4
to shake heaven and earth (idiom)

震天价响 震天價響 zhen4 tian1 ga5 xiang3
an earth-shaking noise (idiom)

整天 整天 zheng3 tian1
all day long; whole day

咫尺天涯 咫尺天涯 zhi3 chi3 tian1 ya2
so close, yet worlds apart (idiom)

中国国家航天局 中國國家航天局 zhong1 guo2 guo2 jia1 hang2 tian1 ju2
China National Space Administration (CNSA)

中国航天工业公司 中國航天工業公司 zhong1 guo2 hang2 tian1 gong1 ye4 gong1 si1
China Aerospace Corporation, forerunner of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) 中國航天科技集團公司|中国航天科技集团公司

中国石油天然气集团公司 中國石油天然氣集團公司 zhong1 guo2 shi2 you2 tian1 ran2 qi4 ji2 tuan2 gong1 si1
China National Petroleum Corporation

中国天主教爱国会 中國天主教愛國會 zhong1 guo2 tian1 zhu3 jiao4 ai4 guo2 hui4
Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association

中天 中天 zhong1 tian1
culmination (astronomy)

终天 終天 zhong1 tian1
all day long; all one's life

终天之恨 終天之恨 zhong1 tian1 zhi1 hen4
eternal regret

朱孝天 朱孝天 zhu1 xiao4 tian1
Ken Zhu (1979-), Taiwanese singer; actor

转浑天仪 轉渾天儀 zhuan4 hun2 tian1 yi2
armillary sphere (astronomy)

浊臭熏天 濁臭熏天 zhuo2 chou4 xun1 tian1
stinks to high heaven

紫金山天文台 紫金山天文台 zi3 jin1 shan1 tian1 wen2 tai2
Purple Mountain Observatory

罪恶滔天 罪惡滔天 zui4 e4 tao1 tian1
evil crimes fill heaven (idiom)

最后一天 最後一天 zui4 hou4 yi1 tian1
final day

昨天 昨天 zuo2 tian1

坐井观天 坐井觀天 zuo4 jing3 guan1 tian1
lit. to view the sky from the bottom of a well (idiom); ignorant and narrow-minded

做一天和尚,撞一天钟 做一天和尚,撞一天鐘 zuo4 yi1 tian1 he2 shang5 - zhuang4 yi1 tian1 zhong1
as a monk for today, toll today's bell (idiom); to do one's job mechanically; to hold a position passively