variant of 笨

to tamp; (slang) popular; hot

strokes 5
strokes after radical 2
打夯 打夯 da3 hang1
to ram; to tamp

蛤蟆夯 蛤蟆夯 ha2 ma5 hang1
power-driven rammer or tamper

夯歌 夯歌 hang1 ge1
rammers' work chant

夯汉 夯漢 hang1 han4
carrier who carries heavy loads on his shoulder (dialect)

夯具 夯具 hang1 ju4
rammer; tamper

夯实 夯實 hang1 shi2
to tamp; to ram (earth etc)

夯土 夯土 hang1 tu3
rammed earth

夯土机 夯土機 hang1 tu3 ji1
rammer; tamper

夯砣 夯砣 hang1 tuo2
rammer; tamper

木夯 木夯 mu4 hang1
wooden tamp

墓坑夯土层 墓坑夯土層 mu4 keng1 hang1 tu3 ceng2
layer filled with rammed earth in a tomb pit (archeology)

齐打夯儿地 齊打夯兒地 qi2 da3 hang1 er5 de5
in unison and with one voice (dialect)

心拙口夯 心拙口夯 xin1 zhuo1 kou3 ben4
variant of 心拙口笨

砸夯 砸夯 za2 hang1
to pound the earth to make a building foundation