to cover; to encase; cover; sheath; to overlap; to interleave; to model after; to copy; formula; harness; loop of rope; (fig.) to fish for; to obtain slyly; classifier for sets, collections; bend (of a river or mountain range, in place names); tau (Greek

strokes 10
strokes after radical 7
安全套 安全套 an1 quan2 tao4

保险套 保險套 bao3 xian3 tao4

被套 被套 bei4 tao4
quilt cover; to have money stuck (in stocks, real estate etc)

笔套 筆套 bi3 tao4
the cap of a pen, pencil or writing brush; the sheath of a pen (made of cloth, silk or thread)

避孕套 避孕套 bi4 yun4 tao4

不落俗套 不落俗套 bu4 luo4 su2 tao4
to conform to no conventional pattern; unconventional; offbeat

肠套叠 腸套疊 chang2 tao4 die2
intussusception (medicine)

陈套 陳套 chen2 tao4
set pattern; old habit

成套 成套 cheng2 tao4
forming a complete set; complementing one another

戴套 戴套 dai4 tao4
to wear a condom

单套 單套 dan1 tao4
single set

耳套 耳套 er3 tao4

防毒手套 防毒手套 fang2 du2 shou3 tao4
protective gloves

防毒靴套 防毒靴套 fang2 du2 xue1 tao4
gas-protection boots; protective boots

封套 封套 feng1 tao4
envelope; wrapper; (book) jacket; (record) sleeve

管套 管套 guan3 tao4
pipe sleeve

河套 河套 he2 tao4
the Great Bend of the Yellow River in Inner Mongolia

河套 河套 he2 tao4
river bend

护颈套 護頸套 hu4 jing3 tao4
cervical collar

话里套话 話裡套話 hua4 li3 tao4 hua4
to use seemingly innocent conversation topics as a pretext to glean information; to touch upon other matters not central to the topic being discussed

活套 活套 huo2 tao4
noose; running knot

加密套接字协议层 加密套接字協議層 jia1 mi4 tao4 jie1 zi4 xie2 yi4 ceng2
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) (computing)

矫形牙套 矯形牙套 jiao3 xing2 ya2 tao4
orthodontic brace

客套 客套 ke4 tao4
polite greeting; courtesy (in words)

客套话 客套話 ke4 tao4 hua4
conventional greeting; polite formula

滥套子 濫套子 lan4 tao4 zi5
platitude; pointless talk

老套 老套 lao3 tao4
hackneyed; well-worn (phrase etc); same old story; stereotypical fashion

老套子 老套子 lao3 tao4 zi5
old methods; old habits

老一套 老一套 lao3 yi1 tao4
the same old stuff

连指手套 連指手套 lian2 zhi3 shou3 tao4

龙套 龍套 long2 tao4
costume of minor characters in opera, featuring dragon designs; walk-on

乱套 亂套 luan4 tao4
in a mess; upside down

抛补套利 拋補套利 pao1 bu3 tao4 li4
covered arbitrage

跑龙套 跑龍套 pao3 long2 tao4
to play a small role

配套 配套 pei4 tao4
to form a complete set; coherent

配套完善 配套完善 pei4 tao4 wan2 shan4

嵌套 嵌套 qian4 tao4
nested; nesting

圈套 圈套 quan1 tao4
trap; snare; trick

全套 全套 quan2 tao4
an entire set; full complement

如意套 如意套 ru2 yi4 tao4
(dialect) condom

三件套式西装 三件套式西裝 san1 jian4 tao4 shi4 xi1 zhuang1
three-piece suit

设圈套 設圈套 she4 quan1 tao4
to scam; to set a trap; to set up a scheme to defraud people

绳索套 繩索套 sheng2 suo3 tao4
a noose

绳套 繩套 sheng2 tao4
noose; harness

手套 手套 shou3 tao4
glove; mitten

手套箱 手套箱 shou3 tao4 xiang1
glove compartment (of a car); glovebox (sealed compartment with attached gloves for handling hazardous materials etc)

双套 雙套 shuang1 tao4
double set; diploid

俗套 俗套 su2 tao4
conventional patterns; cliché

套包 套包 tao4 bao1
collar part of horse harness

套餐 套餐 tao4 can1
set meal; product or service package (e.g. for a cell phone subscription)

套车 套車 tao4 che1
to harness (a horse to a cart)

套叠 套疊 tao4 die2
overlapping; nesting; to interleave

套儿 套兒 tao4 er5
(coll.) loop of rope; noose; scheme; ploy; condom

套房 套房 tao4 fang2
suite; apartment; flat

套服 套服 tao4 fu2
a suit (of clothes)

套购 套購 tao4 gou4
a fraudulent purchase; to buy up sth illegally

套管 套管 tao4 guan3
pipe casing

套红 套紅 tao4 hong2
printing portions of a page (e.g. a banner headline) in red (or other color)

套话 套話 tao4 hua4
polite phrase; conventional greetings; cliché; to try to worm facts out of sb

套换 套換 tao4 huan4
to change (currency) illegally; fraudulent exchange

套汇 套匯 tao4 hui4
illegal currency exchange; arbitrage

套间 套間 tao4 jian1
vestibule; small inner room (opening to others)

套件 套件 tao4 jian4
kit (equipment)

套交情 套交情 tao4 jiao1 qing5
to try to gain sb's friendship

套结 套結 tao4 jie2
a noose

套近乎 套近乎 tao4 jin4 hu1
to worm one's way into being friends with sb (usually derogatory)

套口供 套口供 tao4 kou3 gong4
to trap a suspect into a confession

套裤 套褲 tao4 ku4

套牢 套牢 tao4 lao2
to immobilize with a lasso; to be trapped in the stock market

套利 套利 tao4 li4

套利者 套利者 tao4 li4 zhe3

套路 套路 tao4 lu4
sequence of movements in martial arts; routine; pattern; standard method

套马 套馬 tao4 ma3
to harness a horse; to lasso a horse

套马杆 套馬桿 tao4 ma3 gan3
lasso on long wooden pole

套牌车 套牌車 tao4 pai2 che1
car with fake plates

套期保值 套期保值 tao4 qi1 bao3 zhi2
to hedge (one's bets); to defend against risk

套曲 套曲 tao4 qu3
divertimento (music)

套取 套取 tao4 qu3
to acquire fraudulently; an illegal exchange

套圈 套圈 tao4 quan1
ferrule; ring toss

套裙 套裙 tao4 qun2
woman's suit; dress worn over a petticoat

套色 套色 tao4 shai3
color printing using several overlaid images

套衫 套衫 tao4 shan1
a pullover

套衫儿 套衫兒 tao4 shan1 er5
a pullover

套绳 套繩 tao4 sheng2
a lasso

套数 套數 tao4 shu4
song cycle in Chinese opera; (fig.) a series of tricks; polite remarks; number of (things that are counted in 套, like houses)

套索 套索 tao4 suo3
a lasso; noose

套套 套套 tao4 tao5
methods; the old tricks; (slang) condom

套筒 套筒 tao4 tong3
sleeve; a tube for wrapping

套筒扳手 套筒扳手 tao4 tong3 ban1 shou3
socket spanner

套娃 套娃 tao4 wa2
matryoshka (Russian nested doll)

套问 套問 tao4 wen4
to sound sb out; to find out by tactful indirect questioning

套现 套現 tao4 xian4
to convert (an asset) into cash; to cash out

套鞋 套鞋 tao4 xie2
overshoes; galoshes

套袖 套袖 tao4 xiu4
sleeve cover

套印 套印 tao4 yin4
color printing using several overlaid images

套用 套用 tao4 yong4
to copy a set pattern mechanically; to crib

套语 套語 tao4 yu3
polite set phrases

套钟 套鐘 tao4 zhong1

套中人 套中人 tao4 zhong1 ren2
a conservative

套种 套種 tao4 zhong4
to interplant

套装 套裝 tao4 zhuang1
outfit or suit (of clothes); set of coordinated items; kit

套子 套子 tao4 zi5
sheath; case; cover; conventional method; cliché; trick; (coll.) condom

套作 套作 tao4 zuo4
intercropping; growing several crops together

头套 頭套 tou2 tao4
actor's headgear; wig; head covering

褪套儿 褪套兒 tun4 tao4 er5
(coll.) to break loose; to shake off responsibility

袜套 襪套 wa4 tao4
leg warmers

外套 外套 wai4 tao4
coat; jacket

卫生套 衛生套 wei4 sheng1 tao4

卸套 卸套 xie4 tao4
to loosen a yoke; to remove harness (from beast of burden)

袖套 袖套 xiu4 tao4
sleeve cover; outer sleeve

牙套 牙套 ya2 tao4
orthodontic brace; (dental) crown

一套 一套 yi1 tao4
suit; a set; a collection; of the same kind; the same old stuff; set pattern of behavior

阴茎套 陰莖套 yin1 jing1 tao4

有一套 有一套 you3 yi1 tao4
to have a skill; to be savvy; to know how to do sth

枕套 枕套 zhen3 tao4

枕头套 枕頭套 zhen3 tou5 tao4
pillow case

整套 整套 zheng3 tao4
entire set

指数套利 指數套利 zhi3 shu4 tao4 li4
index arbitrage

中圈套 中圈套 zhong4 quan1 tao4
to fall in a trap

锥套 錐套 zhui1 tao4
taper bushing

座椅套子 座椅套子 zuo4 yi3 tao4 zi5
seat cover