surname Xi

(literary) what?; where?; why?

strokes 10
strokes after radical 7
祁奚 祁奚 qi2 xi1
Qi Xi (c. 620-550 BC), minister of Jin state 晉國|晋国 of the Spring and Autumn states

祁奚之荐 祁奚之薦 qi2 xi1 zhi1 jian4
Qi Xi's recommendation (idiom); recommending the best person for the job independent of factional loyalty

厗奚 厗奚 ti2 xi1
old place name (in Yan of Warring states, in modern Beijing city)

奚落 奚落 xi1 luo4
to taunt; to ridicule; to jeer at; to treat coldly; to abandon

奚啸伯 奚嘯伯 xi1 xiao4 bo2
Xi Xiaobo (1910-1977), Beijing opera star, one of the Four great beards 四大鬚生|四大须生