to fix; to settle; a libation to the dead

strokes 12
strokes after radical 9
奠定 奠定 dian4 ding4
to establish; to fix; to settle

奠都 奠都 dian4 du1
to determine the position of the capital; to found a capital

奠基 奠基 dian4 ji1
groundbreaking; to lay foundation

奠基人 奠基人 dian4 ji1 ren2
founder; pioneer

奠基石 奠基石 dian4 ji1 shi2
a foundation stone; a cornerstone

奠基者 奠基者 dian4 ji1 zhe3
founder; pioneer

奠祭 奠祭 dian4 ji4
pouring of wine on ground for sacrifice

奠济宫 奠濟宮 dian4 ji4 gong1
Dianji Temple in Keelung, Taiwan

奠酒 奠酒 dian4 jiu3
a libation

奠仪 奠儀 dian4 yi2
a gift of money to the family of the deceased

祭奠 祭奠 ji4 dian4
to offer sacrifices (to one's ancestors); to hold or attend a memorial service