all alone

strokes 3
strokes after radical 0
孤孑 孤孑 gu1 jie2
lonesome; solitary

孤孑特立 孤孑特立 gu1 jie2 te4 li4
to be all alone in the world

孑孑 孑孑 jie2 jie2
outstanding; conspicuous; prominent; tiny

孑孑为义 孑孑為義 jie2 jie2 wei2 yi4
petty favors

孑孓 孑孓 jie2 jue2
mosquito larva

孑立 孑立 jie2 li4
to be alone; to stand in isolation

孑立无依 孑立無依 jie2 li4 wu2 yi1
to stand alone; to have no one to rely on

孑然 孑然 jie2 ran2
solitary; lonely; alone

孑然一身 孑然一身 jie2 ran2 yi1 shen1
to be all alone in the world

孑身 孑身 jie2 shen1
all by oneself; all alone

孑遗 孑遺 jie2 yi2
survivors; remnants; relict (species etc)

孑遗生物 孑遺生物 jie2 yi2 sheng1 wu4
living fossil

孑影孤单 孑影孤單 jie2 ying3 gu1 dan1
to be all alone by oneself

靡有孑遗 靡有孑遺 mi3 you3 jie2 yi2
all dead and no survivors

茕茕孑立 煢煢孑立 qiong2 qiong2 jie2 li4
to stand all alone

煦仁孑义 煦仁孑義 xu4 ren2 jie2 yi4
petty kindness