surname Kong

hole; classifier for cave dwellings

strokes 4
strokes after radical 1
百孔千疮 百孔千瘡 bai3 kong3 qian1 chuang1
heavily damaged; (fig.) full of holes; riddled with problems

鼻孔 鼻孔 bi2 kong3

槽孔 槽孔 cao2 kong3
slot; groove; slotted hole

插孔 插孔 cha1 kong3
jack; socket

齿孔 齒孔 chi3 kong3
perforations (on a postage stamp)

穿孔 穿孔 chuan1 kong3
to punch or bore a hole; to perforate; perforation

吹孔 吹孔 chui1 kong3
(of a musical instrument) blow hole

打孔器 打孔器 da3 kong3 qi4
hole puncher

打孔钻 打孔鑽 da3 kong3 zuan4
auger; drill

弹孔 彈孔 dan4 kong3
bullet hole

底栖有孔虫 底棲有孔蟲 di3 qi1 you3 kong3 chong2
benthic foraminifera

洞孔 洞孔 dong4 kong3

多孔 多孔 duo1 kong3

多孔动物 多孔動物 duo1 kong3 dong4 wu4
Porifera (phylum of sponges)

多孔动物门 多孔動物門 duo1 kong3 dong4 wu4 men2
(zoology) phylum Porifera (sponges)

多孔性 多孔性 duo1 kong3 xing4
porous; having many holes (e.g. filter gauze or sieve)

海南孔雀雉 海南孔雀雉 hai3 nan2 kong3 que4 zhi4
(bird species of China) Hainan peacock-pheasant (Polyplectron katsumatae)

汗孔 汗孔 han4 kong3
sweat pore

汗毛孔 汗毛孔 han4 mao2 kong3
sweat pore

灰孔雀雉 灰孔雀雉 hui1 kong3 que4 zhi4
(bird species of China) grey peacock-pheasant (Polyplectron bicalcaratum)

基孔肯雅热 基孔肯雅熱 ji1 kong3 ken3 ya3 re4
chikungunya (virus)

祭孔 祭孔 ji4 kong3
to offer sacrifices to Confucius

监视孔 監視孔 jian1 shi4 kong3

九孔 九孔 jiu3 kong3
abalone (Haliotis diversicolor)

九孔螺 九孔螺 jiu3 kong3 luo2
see 九孔

孔版印刷 孔版印刷 kong3 ban3 yin4 shua1
screen printing

孔丛子 孔叢子 kong3 cong2 zi3
the K'ung family Masters' anthology, collection of dialogues between Confucius and his disciples, possibly forged in third century by Wang Su 王肅|王肃

孔道 孔道 kong3 dao4
opening providing access; the teaching of Confucius

孔德 孔德 kong3 de2
Auguste Comte (1798-1857), French philosopher

孔东 孔東 kong3 dong1
condom (loanword); see 安全套

孔夫子 孔夫子 kong3 fu1 zi3
Confucius (551-479 BC), Chinese thinker and social philosopher, also known as 孔子

孔教 孔教 kong3 jiao4
Teaching of Confucius; Confucianism

孔径 孔徑 kong3 jing4
diameter of hole

孔林 孔林 kong3 lin2
the Confucius family mausoleum at Qufu 曲阜, rebuilt and extended by every dynasty

孔门 孔門 kong3 men2
Confucius' school (i.e. his direct disciples)

孔孟 孔孟 kong3 meng4
Confucius and Mencius

孔孟之道 孔孟之道 kong3 meng4 zhi1 dao4
the teaching of Confucius and Mencius

孔庙 孔廟 kong3 miao4
Confucian temple

孔明 孔明 kong3 ming2
courtesy name of Zhuge Liang 諸葛亮|诸葛亮

孔明灯 孔明燈 kong3 ming2 deng1
sky lantern (miniature hot-air balloon used during festivals)

孔丘 孔丘 kong3 qiu1

孔雀 孔雀 kong3 que4

孔雀河 孔雀河 kong3 que4 he2
Peacock River in Xinjiang

孔雀女 孔雀女 kong3 que4 nv3
(Internet slang) spoiled city girl from a rich family

孔雀王朝 孔雀王朝 kong3 que4 wang2 chao2
Maurya Dynasty of India (322-185 BC)

孔雀座 孔雀座 kong3 que4 zuo4
Pavo (constellation)

孔融 孔融 kong3 rong2
Kong Rong (153-208), poet of the Three Kingdoms period

孔融让梨 孔融讓梨 kong3 rong2 rang4 li2
Kong Rong giving up pears, classic moral story about Kong Rong 孔融 picking up smaller pears while leaving the bigger ones to his older brothers, still used nowadays to educate the young on courtesy and modesty

孔尚任 孔尚任 kong3 shang4 ren4
Kong Shangren (1648-1718), Qing dramatist and poet, author of The Peach Blossom Fan 桃花扇

孔圣人 孔聖人 kong3 sheng4 ren2
the Sage Confucius

孔斯贝格 孔斯貝格 kong3 si1 bei4 ge2
Kongsberg (city in Norway)

孔武 孔武 kong3 wu3
(literary) valorous

孔武有力 孔武有力 kong3 wu3 you3 li4
courageous and strong (idiom); Herculean (physique etc)

孔隙 孔隙 kong3 xi4
pore (geology)

孔穴 孔穴 kong3 xue2
aperture; hole; cavity

孔眼 孔眼 kong3 yan3
hole (e.g. of sieve or colander)

孔乙己 孔乙己 kong3 yi3 ji3
Kong Yiji, protagonist of short story by Lu Xun 魯迅|鲁迅

孔颖达 孔穎達 kong3 ying3 da2
Kong Yingda (574-648), Confucian scholar

孔子 孔子 kong3 zi3
Confucius (551-479 BC), Chinese thinker and social philosopher, also known as 孔夫子

孔子家语 孔子家語 kong3 zi3 jia1 yu3
Book of Sayings of Confucius and his disciples, probably by 3rd century forger Wang Su 王肅|王肃, abbr. to 家語|家语

孔子学院 孔子學院 kong3 zi3 xue2 yuan4
Confucius Institute, organization established internationally by the PRC, promoting Chinese language and culture

扩孔 擴孔 kuo4 kong3
to widen a tube; to ream (i.e. widen a hole)

脸孔 臉孔 lian3 kong3

绿孔雀 綠孔雀 lv4 kong3 que4
(bird species of China) green peafowl (Pavo muticus)

毛孔 毛孔 mao2 kong3

锚链孔 錨鏈孔 mao2 lian4 kong3
hawsehole (small hole for anchor cable or hawser in the side of ship)

毛细孔 毛細孔 mao2 xi4 kong3

面孔 面孔 mian4 kong3

膜孔 膜孔 mo2 kong3
hole in the body of a musical instrument, covered with a membrane which produces a buzzing tone

排气孔 排氣孔 pai2 qi4 kong3
an air vent; a ventilation shaft

排水孔 排水孔 pai2 shui3 kong3
plughole; drainage hole

七孔 七孔 qi1 kong3
the seven apertures of the human head: 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 nostrils, 1 mouth

气孔 氣孔 qi4 kong3
air-bubble; pore; stoma

千疮百孔 千瘡百孔 qian1 chuang1 bai3 kong3
see 百孔千瘡|百孔千疮

曲阜孔庙 曲阜孔廟 qu1 fu4 kong3 miao4
temple to Confucius in his home town Qufu

圣贤孔子鸟 聖賢孔子鳥 sheng4 xian2 kong3 zi3 niao3
Confuciusornis sanctus (Jurassic fossil bird)

十七孔桥 十七孔橋 shi2 qi1 kong3 qiao2
Seventeen arch bridge in the Summer Palace 頤和園|颐和园, Beijing

锁孔 鎖孔 suo3 kong3

通风孔 通風孔 tong1 feng1 kong3
air vent; louvre

通气孔 通氣孔 tong1 qi4 kong3
an airvent; a louvre; airflow orifice

瞳孔 瞳孔 tong2 kong3
pupil (of eye)

桶孔 桶孔 tong3 kong3

网孔 網孔 wang3 kong3

微孔膜 微孔膜 wei1 kong3 mo2
microporous membrane

无孔不钻 無孔不鑽 wu2 kong3 bu4 zuan1
lit. leave no hole undrilled (idiom); to latch on to every opportunity

泄殖肛孔 泄殖肛孔 xie4 zhi2 gang1 kong3
cloaca (of bird or reptile)

心孔 心孔 xin1 kong3
see 心竅|心窍

钥匙洞孔 鑰匙洞孔 yao4 shi5 dong4 kong3

一鼻孔出气 一鼻孔出氣 yi1 bi2 kong3 chu1 qi4
lit. to breathe through the same nostril (idiom); fig. two people say exactly the same thing (usually derog.); to sing from the same hymn sheet

一孔之见 一孔之見 yi1 kong3 zhi1 jian4
partial view; limited outlook

溢流孔 溢流孔 yi4 liu2 kong3
bleed hole; overflow pipe; spill vent

有孔虫 有孔蟲 you3 kong3 chong2

圆孔 圓孔 yuan2 kong3
round hole

针孔 針孔 zhen1 kong3

针孔摄影机 針孔攝影機 zhen1 kong3 she4 ying3 ji1
pinhole camera (for espionage, voyeurism etc)

钻孔 鑽孔 zuan1 kong3
to bore a hole; to drill; drilled hole