letter; symbol; character; word; courtesy or style name traditionally given to males aged 20 in dynastic China

strokes 6
strokes after radical 3
T字裤 T字褲 - zi4 ku4
thong (underwear)

T字帐 T字帳 - zi4 zhang4
T-account (accounting)

阿拉伯数字 阿拉伯數字 a1 la1 bo2 shu4 zi4
Arabic numerals 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

按照字面 按照字面 an4 zhao4 zi4 mian4

八字 八字 ba1 zi4
the character 8 or 八; birthdate characters used in fortune-telling

八字步 八字步 ba1 zi4 bu4
step with feet splayed outwards

八字方针 八字方針 ba1 zi4 fang1 zhen1
the eight-character slogan for the economic policy proposed by 李富春 in 1961: 調整、鞏固、充實、提高|调整、巩固、充实、提高 "adjust, consolidate, enrich and improve"; a policy expressed as an eight-character slogan

八字还没一撇 八字還沒一撇 ba1 zi4 hai2 mei2 yi1 pie3
lit. there is not even the first stroke of the character 八; things have not even begun to take shape; no sign of success yet

八字还没一撇儿 八字還沒一撇兒 ba1 zi4 hai2 mei2 yi1 pie3 er5
lit. there is not even the first stroke of the character 八; things have not even begun to take shape; no sign of success yet

八字胡 八字鬍 ba1 zi4 hu2
mustache shaped like character 八

八字胡须 八字鬍鬚 ba1 zi4 hu2 xu1
mustache shaped like character 八

八字脚 八字腳 ba1 zi4 jiao3

八字眉 八字眉 ba1 zi4 mei2
sloping eyebrows, formed like character for "eight"

八字没一撇 八字沒一撇 ba1 zi4 mei2 yi1 pie3
lit. there is not even the first stroke of the character 八 (idiom); fig. things have not even begun to take shape; no sign of success yet

八字形 八字形 ba1 zi4 xing2
shape resembling the character 八 or 8; V-shape; splayed; figure of eight

白纸黑字 白紙黑字 bai2 zhi3 hei1 zi4
(written) in black and white

白字 白字 bai2 zi4
wrongly written or mispronounced character

背字 背字 bei4 zi4
bad luck

本字 本字 ben3 zi4
original form of a Chinese character

笔划检字表 筆劃檢字表 bi3 hua4 jian3 zi4 biao3
lookup table for Chinese character based on radical and stroke count

编码字符集 編碼字符集 bian1 ma3 zi4 fu2 ji2
coded character set

表意文字 表意文字 biao3 yi4 wen2 zi4
ideograph; ideographical writing system

表字 表字 biao3 zi4
literary name (an alternative name of a person stressing a moral principle); courtesy name

别字 別字 bie2 zi4
mispronounced or wrongly written character

不识字 不識字 bu4 shi2 zi4

不一致字 不一致字 bu4 yi1 zhi4 zi4
inconsistent phonogram(s)

草字头儿 草字頭兒 cao3 zi4 tou2 er5
grass radical 艹

查字法 查字法 cha2 zi4 fa3
look-up method for Chinese characters

拆字 拆字 chai1 zi4
fortune telling by unpicking Chinese characters

常用字 常用字 chang2 yong4 zi4
everyday words

厂字旁 厂字旁 chang3 zi4 pang2
name of "cliff" 厂 radical in simplified Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 27)

朝鲜字母 朝鮮字母 chao2 xian3 zi4 mu3
hangul, Korean phonetic alphabet; Korean letters

赤字 赤字 chi4 zi4
(financial) deficit; red letter

赤字累累 赤字累累 chi4 zi4 lei3 lei3
debt-ridden; heavily laden with debt

纯文字 純文字 chun2 wen2 zi4
text only (webpage)

纯文字页 純文字頁 chun2 wen2 zi4 ye4
text-only webpage

刺字 刺字 ci4 zi4
to tattoo

粗体字 粗體字 cu1 ti3 zi4
bold letter

错别字 錯別字 cuo4 bie2 zi4
incorrectly written or mispronounced characters

错字 錯字 cuo4 zi4
incorrect character; typo (in Chinese text)

打字 打字 da3 zi4
to type

打字机 打字機 da3 zi4 ji1

打字员 打字員 da3 zi4 yuan2

大写字母 大寫字母 da4 xie3 zi4 mu3
capital letters; uppercase letters

大字报 大字報 da4 zi4 bao4
big-character poster

单一合体字 單一合體字 dan1 yi1 he2 ti3 zi4
unique compound

单字 單字 dan1 zi4
single Chinese character; word (in a foreign language)

第二次汉字简化方案 第二次漢字簡化方案 di4 er4 ci4 han4 zi4 jian3 hua4 fang1 an4
Second Chinese Character Simplification Scheme (second round of simplified Chinese characters, proposed in 1977 and retracted in 1986); abbr. to 二簡|二简

点阵字体 點陣字體 dian3 zhen4 zi4 ti3
bitmap font (computer)

点字 點字 dian3 zi4
Braille characters (alphabet for the blind)

点字机 點字機 dian3 zi4 ji1
Braille typewriter

电打字机 電打字機 dian4 da3 zi4 ji1
electric typewriter (as opposed to hand typewriter)

丁字 丁字 ding1 zi4

丁字步 丁字步 ding1 zi4 bu4
T-step (basic dance position, with the feet forming a T shape)

丁字尺 丁字尺 ding1 zi4 chi3
T-square; set square (carpenter's tool)

丁字镐 丁字鎬 ding1 zi4 gao3
hammer pick

丁字街 丁字街 ding1 zi4 jie1

丁字裤 丁字褲 ding1 zi4 ku4
thong (underwear)

丁字梁 丁字梁 ding1 zi4 liang2

冬字头 冬字頭 dong1 zi4 tou2
name of "walk slowly" component in Chinese characters; see also 夂

独体字 獨體字 du2 ti3 zi4
single-component character

多音多义字 多音多義字 duo1 yin1 duo1 yi4 zi4
character having several readings and meanings

多音字 多音字 duo1 yin1 zi4
character with two or more readings

多字节 多字節 duo1 zi4 jie2

讹字 訛字 e2 zi4
erroneous character; typographical error

繁体字 繁體字 fan2 ti3 zi4
traditional Chinese character

反义字 反義字 fan3 yi4 zi4
character with opposite meaning; antonym; opposite characters

方块字 方塊字 fang1 kuai4 zi4
Chinese characters

非拉丁字符 非拉丁字符 fei1 la1 ding1 zi4 fu2
non-latin letters

非数字 非數字 fei1 shu4 zi4

高清数字电视 高清數字電視 gao1 qing1 shu4 zi4 dian4 shi4
high definition digital television

个人数字助理 個人數字助理 ge4 ren2 shu4 zi4 zhu4 li3
personal digital assistant (PDA)

工字钢 工字鋼 gong1 zi4 gang1

工字梁 工字梁 gong1 zi4 liang2

古文字学 古文字學 gu3 wen2 zi4 xue2

古字 古字 gu3 zi4
old character; archaic form of a Chinese character

关键字 關鍵字 guan1 jian4 zi4

光学字符识别 光學字符識別 guang1 xue2 zi4 fu2 shi2 bie2
optical character recognition, OCR

国语罗马字 國語羅馬字 guo2 yu3 luo2 ma3 zi4
Gwoyeu Romatzyh, a romanization system for Chinese devised by Y.R. Chao and others in 1925-26

国字 國字 guo2 zi4
Chinese character (Hanzi); the native script used to write a nation's language

国字脸 國字臉 guo2 zi4 lian3
square face

韩文字母 韓文字母 han2 wen2 zi4 mu3
hangul, Korean phonetic alphabet; Korean letters

汉语大字典 漢語大字典 han4 yu3 da4 zi4 dian3
Hanyu Da Zidian, one of the most comprehensive Chinese character dictionaries with 54,678 (and later 60,370) entries, first published between 1986-1990

汉字 漢字 han4 zi4
Chinese character; Japanese: kanji; Korean: hanja; Vietnamese: hán tự

汉字查字法 漢字查字法 han4 zi4 cha2 zi4 fa3
look-up method for Chinese characters

汉字字体 漢字字體 han4 zi4 zi4 ti3
calligraphic style of Chinese characters; typeface; font

合体字 合體字 he2 ti3 zi4
a Chinese character formed by combining existing elements - i.e. a combined ideogram 會意|会意 or radical plus phonetic 形聲|形声

黑体字 黑體字 hei1 ti3 zi4
bold letter

红十字 紅十字 hong2 shi2 zi4
Red Cross

虎字头 虎字頭 hu3 zi4 tou2
name of "tiger" radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 141); see also 虍

画十字 畫十字 hua4 shi2 zi4
to make the sign of the cross; to make a cross (on paper)

划十字 劃十字 hua4 shi2 zi4
variant of 畫十字|画十字

会意字 會意字 hui4 yi4 zi4
combined ideogram (one of the Six Methods 六書|六书 of forming Chinese characters); Chinese character that combines the meanings of existing elements; also known as joint ideogram or associative compounds

活字 活字 huo2 zi4
movable type

活字典 活字典 huo2 zi4 dian3
walking dictionary; well-informed person

活字印刷 活字印刷 huo2 zi4 yin4 shua1
printing with movable type

吉字节 吉字節 ji2 zi4 jie2
gigabyte (2^30 or approximately a billion bytes)

加密套接字协议层 加密套接字協議層 jia1 mi4 tao4 jie1 zi4 xie2 yi4 ceng2
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) (computing)

甲骨文字 甲骨文字 jia3 gu3 wen2 zi4
oracle script; oracle bone character (an early form of Chinese script)

假借字 假借字 jia3 jie4 zi4
loan character (one of the Six Methods 六書|六书 of forming Chinese characters); character acquiring meanings by phonetic association; also called phonetic loan

简化字 簡化字 jian3 hua4 zi4
simplified Chinese character

简体字 簡體字 jian3 ti3 zi4
simplified Chinese character, as opposed to traditional Chinese character 繁體字|繁体字

检字表 檢字表 jian3 zi4 biao3
word index (of a dictionary)

检字法 檢字法 jian3 zi4 fa3
indexing system for Chinese characters in a dictionary

借字 借字 jie4 zi4
see 通假字

借字儿 借字兒 jie4 zi4 er5
IOU; receipt for a loan

金字 金字 jin1 zi4
gold lettering; gold characters

金字塔 金字塔 jin1 zi4 ta3
pyramid (building or structure)

井字棋 井字棋 jing3 zi4 qi2

旧字体 舊字體 jiu4 zi4 ti3
kyujitai, traditional Japanese character used before 1946

绝对数字 絕對數字 jue2 dui4 shu4 zi4
absolute (as opposed to relative) number

楷字 楷字 kai3 zi4
regular script (Chinese calligraphic style)

康熙字典 康熙字典 kang1 xi1 zi4 dian3
the Kangxi Dictionary, named after the Kangxi Emperor, who in 1710 ordered its compilation, containing 47,035 single-character entries

克漏字 克漏字 ke4 lou4 zi4
cloze (loanword)

抠字眼 摳字眼 kou1 zi4 yan3
to be fastidious about phrasing, diction, or choice of words

抠字眼儿 摳字眼兒 kou1 zi4 yan3 er5
erhua variant of 摳字眼|抠字眼

拉丁文字 拉丁文字 la1 ding1 wen2 zi4
the alphabet; latin letters

拉丁字母 拉丁字母 la1 ding1 zi4 mu3
Latin alphabet

老字号 老字號 lao3 zi4 hao4
shop, firm, or brand of merchandise with a long-established reputation

冷字 冷字 leng3 zi4
obscure word; unfamiliar character

例外字 例外字 li4 wai4 zi4

连字符 連字符 lian2 zi4 fu2

连字符号 連字符號 lian2 zi4 fu2 hao4

连字号 連字號 lian2 zi4 hao4
hyphen (punct.)

炼字 煉字 lian4 zi4
to craft one's words

练字 練字 lian4 zi4
to practice writing characters

六字真言 六字真言 liu4 zi4 zhen1 yan2
the six-syllable Sanskrit mantra of Avalokiteshvara bodhisattva (i.e. om mani padme hum)

罗马数字 羅馬數字 luo2 ma3 shu4 zi4
Roman numerals

罗马字 羅馬字 luo2 ma3 zi4
the Latin alphabet

罗马字母 羅馬字母 luo2 ma3 zi4 mu3
Roman letters; Roman alphabet

略字 略字 lve4 zi4
abbreviated character; simplified character

码字 碼字 ma3 zi4
numeral; digit; counter

盲字 盲字 mang2 zi4
Braille characters (alphabet for the blind)

米字旗 米字旗 mi3 zi4 qi2
Union Jack (flag of the United Kingdom)

名字 名字 ming2 zi5
name (of a person or thing)

默字 默字 mo4 zi4
to write from memory

南十字座 南十字座 nan2 shi2 zi4 zuo4
Crux (constellation); Southern Cross

喃字 喃字 nan2 zi4
Vietnam characters (like Chinese characters but native to Vietnam)

内八字脚 內八字腳 nei4 ba1 zi4 jiao3
intoeing; pigeon toes; knock-knees

批八字 批八字 pi1 ba1 zi4
to have one's fortune read; system of fortune telling based on a person's date and time of birth, according to 干支 (sexagenary cycle)

拼音文字 拼音文字 pin1 yin1 wen2 zi4
phonetic alphabet; alphabetic writing system

拼音字母 拼音字母 pin1 yin1 zi4 mu3
phonetic letters

拼字 拼字 pin1 zi4

平滑字 平滑字 ping2 hua2 zi4
sans serif (typography)

破体字 破體字 po4 ti3 zi5
non-standard or corrupted form of a Chinese character

破音字 破音字 po4 yin1 zi4
character with two or more readings; character where different readings convey different meanings (Tw)

铅活字印刷机 鉛活字印刷機 qian1 huo2 zi4 yin4 shua1 ji1
lead typesetting machine

铅字 鉛字 qian1 zi4
type; movable letters (printing)

签字 簽字 qian1 zi4
to sign (one's name); signature

签字笔 簽字筆 qian1 zi4 bi3
felt-tip pen; roller ball pen; gel ink pen

签字费 簽字費 qian1 zi4 fei4
signing bonus; sign-on bonus

千字节 千字節 qian1 zi4 jie2

千字文 千字文 qian1 zi4 wen2
Thousand Character Classic, 6th century poem used as a traditional reading primer

签字者 簽字者 qian1 zi4 zhe3

浅层文字 淺層文字 qian3 ceng2 wen2 zi4
shallow orthography (governed by simple rules)

蔷薇十字团 薔薇十字團 qiang2 wei1 shi2 zi4 tuan2
the Rosicrucian order (masonic order)

青字头 青字頭 qing1 zi4 tou2
"top of 青 character" component in Chinese characters

区字框 區字框 qu1 zi4 kuang4
name of radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 22); see also 匚

人字洞 人字洞 ren2 zi4 dong4
Renzidong palaeolithic archaeological site at Fanchang 繁昌, Anhui

人字拖 人字拖 ren2 zi4 tuo1
flip-flops; abbr. for 人字拖鞋

人字拖鞋 人字拖鞋 ren2 zi4 tuo1 xie2
flip-flops; flip-flop sandals; thongs; see also 人字拖

认字 認字 ren4 zi4
literate; knowing how to read

三十六字母 三十六字母 san1 shi2 liu4 zi4 mu3
thirty six initial consonants of Song phonetic theory

三字经 三字經 san1 zi4 jing1
Three Character Classic, 13th century reading primer consisting of Confucian tenets in lines of 3 characters

三字经 三字經 san1 zi4 jing1
(slang) swearword; four-letter word

色字头上一把刀 色字頭上一把刀 se4 zi4 tou2 shang4 yi1 ba3 dao1
lit. there is a knife above the character for lust; fig. lascivious activities can lead to bitter consequences

生辰八字 生辰八字 sheng1 chen2 ba1 zi4
one's birth data for astrological purposes, combined from year, month, day, hour, heavenly trunk and earthly branch

生冷字 生冷字 sheng1 leng3 zi4
obscure or archaic character

声旁字 聲旁字 sheng1 pang2 zi4
character serving as sound value of another character; phonetic

生字 生字 sheng1 zi4
new character (in textbook); character that is unfamiliar or not yet studied

省字号 省字號 sheng3 zi4 hao4
an apostrophe (punct.)

识文断字 識文斷字 shi2 wen2 duan4 zi4
literate; a cultured person

十字 十字 shi2 zi4
cross road; cross-shaped; crucifix; the character ten

识字 識字 shi2 zi4
to learn to read

十字镐 十字鎬 shi2 zi4 gao3

十字花科 十字花科 shi2 zi4 hua1 ke1
Cruciferae or Brassicaceae (taxonomic family including Brassica etc whose flowers have a cross of 4 petals)

十字架 十字架 shi2 zi4 jia4
cross; crucifix; yoke one has to endure

十字架刑 十字架刑 shi2 zi4 jia4 xing2

十字军 十字軍 shi2 zi4 jun1
crusaders; army of crusaders; the Crusades

十字军东征 十字軍東征 shi2 zi4 jun1 dong1 zheng1
the Crusades; crusaders' eastern expedition

十字军远征 十字軍遠征 shi2 zi4 jun1 yuan3 zheng1
the Crusades

十字路口 十字路口 shi2 zi4 lu4 kou3
crossroads; intersection

识字率 識字率 shi2 zi4 lv4
literacy rate

十字丝 十字絲 shi2 zi4 si1

十字头螺刀 十字頭螺刀 shi2 zi4 tou2 luo2 dao1
Phillips screwdriver (i.e. with cross slit)

十字形 十字形 shi2 zi4 xing2
cruciform; cross shape

十字绣 十字繡 shi2 zi4 xiu4

十字转门 十字轉門 shi2 zi4 zhuan4 men2

手打字机 手打字機 shou3 da3 zi4 ji1
hand typewriter (as opposed to electric typewriter)

首字母 首字母 shou3 zi4 mu3
initial letters

首字母拚音词 首字母拚音詞 shou3 zi4 mu3 pin1 yin1 ci2

首字母缩写 首字母縮寫 shou3 zi4 mu3 suo1 xie3

熟字 熟字 shu2 zi4
familiar words; known Chinese character

数字 數字 shu4 zi4
numeral; digit; number; figure; amount; digital (electronics etc)

数字版权管理 數字版權管理 shu4 zi4 ban3 quan2 guan3 li3
Digital Rights Management (DRM)

数字导览设施 數字導覽設施 shu4 zi4 dao3 lan3 she4 shi1
digital navigation equipment

数字电路 數字電路 shu4 zi4 dian4 lu4
digital circuit

数字电视 數字電視 shu4 zi4 dian4 shi4
digital television

数字分频 數字分頻 shu4 zi4 fen1 pin2
digital frequency sharing

数字化 數字化 shu4 zi4 hua4
to digitalize; digital

数字命理学 數字命理學 shu4 zi4 ming4 li3 xue2

数字时钟 數字時鐘 shu4 zi4 shi2 zhong1
digital clock

数字通信 數字通信 shu4 zi4 tong1 xin4
digital communications

数字网 數字網 shu4 zi4 wang3
digital network

数字信号 數字信號 shu4 zi4 xin4 hao4
digital signal

数字用户线路 數字用戶線路 shu4 zi4 yong4 hu4 xian4 lu4
digital subscriber line (DSL)

数字钟 數字鐘 shu4 zi4 zhong1
digital clock

水底写字板 水底寫字板 shui3 di3 xie3 zi4 ban3
underwater writing tablet

说文解字 說文解字 shuo1 wen2 jie3 zi4
Shuowen Jiezi, the original Han dynasty Chinese character dictionary with 10,516 entries, authored by Xu Shen 許慎|许慎 in 2nd century

说文解字注 說文解字註 shuo1 wen2 jie3 zi4 zhu4
Commentary on Shuowen Jiezi (1815) by Duan Yucai 段玉裁

死文字 死文字 si3 wen2 zi4
dead language; indecipherable script

俗体字 俗體字 su2 ti3 zi4
nonstandard form of a Chinese character

俗字 俗字 su2 zi4
nonstandard form of a Chinese character

缩略字 縮略字 suo1 lve4 zi4
abbreviated character

探测字 探測字 tan4 ce4 zi4
probe (character)

提笔忘字 提筆忘字 ti2 bi3 wang4 zi4
to have difficulty remembering how to write Chinese characters

题字 題字 ti2 zi4
inscription; autograph

提字器 提字器 ti2 zi4 qi4

通假字 通假字 tong1 jia3 zi4
phonetic loan character; using one character interchangeably for phonetically related characters

通用汉字标准交换码 通用漢字標準交換碼 tong1 yong4 han4 zi4 biao1 zhun3 jiao1 huan4 ma3
UCS, Chinese character coding adopted in PRC 1986; abbr. to 通用碼|通用码

通用字符集 通用字符集 tong1 yong4 zi4 fu2 ji2
universal character set UCS

同义字 同義字 tong2 yi4 zi4

同音字 同音字 tong2 yin1 zi4
homophonic characters

同字框 同字框 tong2 zi4 kuang4
name of radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 13); see also 冂

统汉字 統漢字 tong3 han4 zi4
Unihan; China Japan Korea (CJK) unified ideographs; abbr. for 中日韓統一表意文字|中日韩统一表意文字

头号字 頭號字 tou2 hao4 zi4
largest typeface; biggest letters

头文字 頭文字 tou2 wen2 zi4
initial; first letter of word (in Latin script)

吐字 吐字 tu3 zi4
diction; enunciation; to pronounce the words correctly (in opera)

外八字脚 外八字腳 wai4 ba1 zi4 jiao3
splayed feet

外八字腿 外八字腿 wai4 ba1 zi4 tui3
bow legs; bandy legs

未签字者 未簽字者 wei4 qian1 zi4 zhe3

文字 文字 wen2 zi4
character; script; writing; written language; writing style; phraseology

文字处理 文字處理 wen2 zi4 chu3 li3
word processing

文字档 文字檔 wen2 zi4 dang4
text file

文字改革 文字改革 wen2 zi4 gai3 ge2
reform of the writing system

文字学 文字學 wen2 zi4 xue2

文字学家 文字學家 wen2 zi4 xue2 jia1
expert on writing systems

文字狱 文字獄 wen2 zi4 yu4
literary inquisition; official persecution of intellectuals for their writing

无字碑 無字碑 wu2 zi4 bei1
stone tablet without inscription; blank stele

五笔字型 五筆字型 wu3 bi3 zi4 xing2
five stroke input method for Chinese characters by numbered strokes, invented by Wang Yongmin 王永民 in 1983

五笔字形 五筆字形 wu3 bi3 zi4 xing2
Chinese character input method for entering characters by numbered strokes; variant of 五筆字型|五笔字型

希腊字母 希臘字母 xi1 la4 zi4 mu3
Greek alphabet

西里尔字母 西里爾字母 xi1 li3 er3 zi4 mu3
Cyrillic alphabet; Cyrillic letters

习字 習字 xi2 zi4
to practice writing characters

香港红十字会 香港紅十字會 xiang1 gang3 hong2 shi2 zi4 hui4
Hong Kong Red Cross

相同名字 相同名字 xiang1 tong2 ming2 zi4
like-named; having the same name

象形文字 象形文字 xiang4 xing2 wen2 zi4
pictogram; hieroglyph

象形字 象形字 xiang4 xing2 zi4
pictogram (one of the Six Methods 六書|六书 of forming Chinese characters); Chinese character derived from a picture; sometimes called hieroglyph

小写字母 小寫字母 xiao3 xie3 zi4 mu3
lowercase (letters)

楔形文字 楔形文字 xie1 xing2 wen2 zi4
cuneiform (Babylonian script)

斜体字 斜體字 xie2 ti3 zi4
italic letter; slanting typeface

写字 寫字 xie3 zi4
to write characters

写字楼 寫字樓 xie3 zi4 lou2
office building

写字台 寫字檯 xie3 zi4 tai2
writing desk

新字体 新字體 xin1 zi4 ti3
shinjitai, simplified Japanese character used since 1946

形声字 形聲字 xing2 sheng1 zi4
radical plus phonetic (one of the Six Methods 六書|六书 of forming Chinese characters); also known as phonogram, phonetic compound or picto-phonetic character

许字 許字 xu3 zi4

颜文字 顏文字 yan2 wen2 zi4
Japanese-style emoticon, e.g. (⇀‸↼‶)

言字旁 言字旁 yan2 zi4 pang2
name of "speech" or "words" radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 149); see also 訁|讠

咬文嚼字 咬文嚼字 yao3 wen2 jiao2 zi4
to bite words and chew characters (idiom); punctilious about minutiae of wording

咬字 咬字 yao3 zi4
to pronounce (clearly or otherwise); to enunciate

一致字 一致字 yi1 zhi4 zi4
consistent phonogram(s)

一字 一字 yi1 zi4
in a row; in a line

一字褒贬 一字褒貶 yi1 zi4 bao1 bian3
dispensing praise or blame with a single word (idiom); concise and powerful style

一字不差 一字不差 yi1 zi4 bu4 cha1
word for word; verbatim

一字不落 一字不落 yi1 zi4 bu4 la4
see 一字不漏

一字不漏 一字不漏 yi1 zi4 bu4 lou4
without missing a word

一字不识 一字不識 yi1 zi4 bu4 shi2
totally illiterate

一字不提 一字不提 yi1 zi4 bu4 ti2
to not mention a single word (about sth) (idiom)

一字巾 一字巾 yi1 zi4 jin1
headband; strip of cloth worn around the head

一字千金 一字千金 yi1 zi4 qian1 jin1
one word worth a thousand in gold (idiom); (in praise of a piece of writing or calligraphy) each character is perfect; each word is highly valued

一字一泪 一字一淚 yi1 zi4 yi1 lei4
each word is a teardrop (idiom)

一字之师 一字之師 yi1 zi4 zhi1 shi1
one who can correct a misread or misspelt character and thus be your master

异体字 異體字 yi4 ti3 zi4
variant Chinese character

用字 用字 yong4 zi4
to use letters; to use words; diction

载酒问字 載酒問字 zai4 jiu3 wen4 zi4
a scholarly and inquisitive individual (idiom)

脏字 髒字 zang1 zi4

造字 造字 zao4 zi4
to create Chinese characters; cf Six Methods of forming Chinese characters 六書|六书

兆字节 兆字節 zhao4 zi4 jie2
megabyte (2^20 or approximately a million bytes)

斟酌字句 斟酌字句 zhen1 zhuo2 zi4 ju4
to measure one's words

正体字 正體字 zheng4 ti3 zi4
standard form of a Chinese character; (Tw) traditional (i.e. unsimplified) characters

正字 正字 zheng4 zi4
to correct an erroneously written character; regular script (calligraphy); standard form (of a character or spelling)

正字法 正字法 zheng4 zi4 fa3

正字通 正字通 zheng4 zi4 tong1
Zhengzitong, Chinese character dictionary with 33,549 entries, edited by Ming scholar Zhang Zilie 張自烈|张自烈 in 17th century

只字不提 隻字不提 zhi1 zi4 bu4 ti2
not to mention (idiom); to say not one word; fig. to omit mention (of a non-person or embarrassing topic); to censor

之字路 之字路 zhi1 zi4 lu4
zigzag road; switchback

之字形 之字形 zhi1 zi4 xing2
Z-shaped; zigzag

指令名字 指令名字 zhi3 ling4 ming2 zi4
command name

指事字 指事字 zhi3 shi4 zi4
ideogram (one of the Six Methods 六書|六书 of forming Chinese characters); Chinese character indicating an idea, such as up and down; also known as self-explanatory character

中华字海 中華字海 zhong1 hua2 zi4 hai3
Zhonghua Zihai, the most comprehensive Chinese character dictionary with 85,568 entries, compiled in 1994

中日韩统一表意文字 中日韓統一表意文字 zhong1 ri4 han2 tong3 yi1 biao3 yi4 wen2 zi4
China Japan Korea (CJK) unified ideographs; Unihan

逐字逐句 逐字逐句 zhu2 zi4 zhu2 ju4
literal; word by word and phrase by phrase

注音字母 注音字母 zhu4 yin1 zi4 mu3
see 注音符號|注音符号

转注字 轉注字 zhuan3 zhu4 zi4
transfer character (one of the Six Methods 六書|六书 of forming Chinese characters); character with meanings influenced by other words; sometimes called mutually explanatory character

转字锁 轉字鎖 zhuan4 zi4 suo3
combination lock

缀字 綴字 zhui4 zi4
to spell; to compose words

缀字课本 綴字課本 zhui4 zi4 ke4 ben3
spelling book

字串 字串 zi4 chuan4
character string

字词 字詞 zi4 ci2
letters or words; words or phrase

字典 字典 zi4 dian3
dictionary; character dictionary

字调 字調 zi4 diao4
tone of a character

字段 字段 zi4 duan4
(numeric, data) field

字符 字符 zi4 fu2
character (computing)

字符串 字符串 zi4 fu2 chuan4
string (computer science)

字符集 字符集 zi4 fu2 ji2
character set (e.g. ASCII 美國資訊交換標準碼|美国资讯交换标准码 or Unicode 統一碼|统一码)

字根 字根 zi4 gen1
character root; word root; etymon

字根表 字根表 zi4 gen1 biao3
table of components used in wubi input method 五筆輸入法|五笔输入法

字根合体字 字根合體字 zi4 gen1 he2 ti3 zi4
stem compound

字根通用码 字根通用碼 zi4 gen1 tong1 yong4 ma3
common coding for components of Chinese character; same as Zheng coding 鄭碼|郑码

字号 字號 zi4 hao4
characters and numbers (as used in a code); alphanumeric code; serial number

字号 字號 zi4 hao5
character size; font size; fame; reputation; shop; name of a shop

字画 字畫 zi4 hua4
the strokes of a character; calligraphy and painting

字汇 字彙 zi4 hui4
Zihui, Chinese character dictionary with 33,179 entries, released in 17th century

字汇 字彙 zi4 hui4
(computer) character repertoire; glossary, lexicon

字集 字集 zi4 ji2
character set

字迹 字跡 zi4 ji4

字脚 字腳 zi4 jiao3
serif; hook at the end of brushstroke

字节 字節 zi4 jie2

字节数 字節數 zi4 jie2 shu4
byte count

字据 字據 zi4 ju4
written pledge; contract; IOU

字句 字句 zi4 ju4
words; expressions; writing

字里行间 字裡行間 zi4 li3 hang2 jian1
between the words and the lines (idiom); implied meaning; connotations

字林 字林 zi4 lin2
Zilin, Chinese character dictionary with 12,824 entries from ca. 400 AD

字码 字碼 zi4 ma3
character code

字谜 字謎 zi4 mi2
letter puzzle

字面 字面 zi4 mian4
literal; typeface

字母 字母 zi4 mu3
letter (of the alphabet)

字母表 字母表 zi4 mu3 biao3

字母顺序 字母順序 zi4 mu3 shun4 xu4
order of letters in an alphabet

字幕 字幕 zi4 mu4
caption; subtitle

字首 字首 zi4 shou3

字书 字書 zi4 shu1
character book (i.e. school primer)

字数 字數 zi4 shu4
number of written characters; number of words; word count

字素 字素 zi4 su4

字体 字體 zi4 ti3
calligraphic style; typeface; font

字条 字條 zi4 tiao2
brief note

字帖 字帖 zi4 tie4
copybook (for calligraphy)

字图 字圖 zi4 tu2

字尾 字尾 zi4 wei3

字形 字形 zi4 xing2
form of a Chinese character; variant of 字型

字型 字型 zi4 xing2
font; typeface

字眼 字眼 zi4 yan3

字样 字樣 zi4 yang4
model or template character; written slogan or phrase; mention (e.g. "air mail" 航空 on a letter, "first draft" 初稿 on a document etc)

字义 字義 zi4 yi4
meaning of a character

字音 字音 zi4 yin1
phonetic value of a character

字元 字元 zi4 yuan2
character (computing) (Tw)

字源 字源 zi4 yuan2
Chinese character etymology

字元集 字元集 zi4 yuan2 ji2
character set

字斟句酌 字斟句酌 zi4 zhen1 ju4 zhuo2
weighing every word

字正腔圆 字正腔圓 zi4 zheng4 qiang1 yuan2
(of singing or speaking) very articulate pronunciation and vocalizing

字纸篓 字紙簍 zi4 zhi3 lou3
wastepaper basket

字纸篓子 字紙簍子 zi4 zhi3 lou3 zi5
see 字紙簍|字纸篓

字字珠玉 字字珠玉 zi4 zi4 zhu1 yu4
every word a gem (idiom); magnificent writing

字组 字組 zi4 zu3
block (of data); code word

综合业务数字网 綜合業務數字網 zong1 he2 ye4 wu4 shu4 zi4 wang3
Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) (computing)

纵横字谜 縱橫字謎 zong4 heng2 zi4 mi2

走背字 走背字 zou3 bei4 zi4
to have bad luck

走背字儿 走背字兒 zou3 bei4 zi4 er5
erhua variant of 走背字

组字 組字 zu3 zi4
word formation

左字头 左字頭 zuo3 zi4 tou2
"top of 左 character" component in Chinese characters