surname Meng

first month of a season; eldest amongst brothers

strokes 8
strokes after radical 5
孔孟 孔孟 kong3 meng4
Confucius and Mencius

孔孟之道 孔孟之道 kong3 meng4 zhi1 dao4
the teaching of Confucius and Mencius

孟尝君 孟嘗君 meng4 chang2 jun1
Lord Menchang of Qi, Chancellor of Qi and of Wei during the Warring States Period (475-221 BC)

孟村 孟村 meng4 cun1
Mengcun Hui autonomous county in Cangzhou 滄州|沧州, Hebei

孟村回族自治县 孟村回族自治縣 meng4 cun1 hui2 zu2 zi4 zhi4 xian4
Mengcun Hui Autonomous County in Cangzhou 滄州|沧州, Hebei

孟村县 孟村縣 meng4 cun1 xian4
Mengcun Hui autonomous county in Cangzhou 滄州|沧州, Hebei

孟德斯鸠 孟德斯鳩 meng4 de2 si1 jiu1
Charles Montesquieu (1689-1755), French political philosopher

孟菲斯 孟菲斯 meng4 fei1 si1
Memphis (Egypt or Tennessee)

孟浩然 孟浩然 meng4 hao4 ran2
Meng Haoran (689-740), Tang Dynasty Poet

孟加拉 孟加拉 meng4 jia1 la1
Bengal; Bangladesh

孟加拉国 孟加拉國 meng4 jia1 la1 guo2
Bangladesh (formerly East Pakistan)

孟加拉人民共和国 孟加拉人民共和國 meng4 jia1 la1 ren2 min2 gong4 he2 guo2
People's Republic of Bangladesh (formerly East Pakistan)

孟加拉湾 孟加拉灣 meng4 jia1 la1 wan1
Bay of Bengal

孟加拉语 孟加拉語 meng4 jia1 la1 yu3
Bengali (language)

孟姜女 孟姜女 meng4 jiang1 nv3
heroine of Qin dynasty 秦朝 folk tale, who searched for her husband, and whose tears broke down a stretch of the Great Wall to reveal his body

孟郊 孟郊 meng4 jiao1
Meng Jiao (751-814), Tang dynasty essayist and poet

孟津 孟津 meng4 jin1
Mengjin county in Luoyang 洛陽|洛阳, Henan

孟津县 孟津縣 meng4 jin1 xian4
Mengjin county in Luoyang 洛陽|洛阳, Henan

孟轲 孟軻 meng4 ke1
Mencius 孟子 (c. 372-c. 289), Confucian philosopher

孟浪 孟浪 meng4 lang4
hasty; rash; impetuous

孟连傣族拉祜族佤族自治县 孟連傣族拉祜族佤族自治縣 meng4 lian2 dai3 zu2 la1 hu4 zu2 wa3 zu2 zi4 zhi4 xian4
Menglian Dai, Lahu and Va autonomous county in Pu'er 普洱, Yunnan

孟连县 孟連縣 meng4 lian2 xian4
Menglian Dai, Lahu and Va autonomous county in Pu'er 普洱, Yunnan

孟良崮 孟良崮 meng4 liang2 gu4
Mt Mengliang in Mengyin county 蒙陰縣|蒙阴县, Linyi 臨沂|临沂, Shandong

孟良崮战役 孟良崮戰役 meng4 liang2 gu4 zhan4 yi4
Battle of Mt Mengliang in Shandong of 1947 between the Nationalists and Communists

孟禄主义 孟祿主義 meng4 lu4 zhu3 yi4
Monroe Doctrine

孟买 孟買 meng4 mai3
Mumbai (formerly Bombay)

孟思诚 孟思誠 meng4 si1 cheng2
Maeng Saseong (1360-1438), Korean politician of the Goryeo-Joseon transition, famous for his honesty and wisdom

孟县 孟縣 meng4 xian4
Meng former county, now Mengzhou city 孟州市 in Jiaozuo 焦作, Henan

孟州 孟州 meng4 zhou1
Mengzhou county level city in Jiaozuo 焦作, Henan

孟州市 孟州市 meng4 zhou1 shi4
Mengzhou county level city in Jiaozuo 焦作, Henan

孟子 孟子 meng4 zi3
Mencius (c. 372-c. 289 BC), Confucian philosopher second only to Confucius; book of the same name, one of the classics of Confucianism

孟宗竹 孟宗竹 meng4 zong1 zhu2
see 毛竹

农德孟 農德孟 nong2 de2 meng4
Nong Duc Manh (1940-), general secretary of the Vietnamese Communist Party 2001-2011

撒尔孟 撒爾孟 sa1 er3 meng4
Salmon (name)

王希孟 王希孟 wang2 xi1 meng4
Wang Ximeng (c. 1096-c. 1119), Song artist, probably teenage prodigy who died young, painter of Thousand Miles of Landscape 千里江山

吴孟超 吳孟超 wu2 meng4 chao1
Wu Mengchao (1922-), Chinese medical scientist and surgeon specializing in liver and gallbladder disorders

西孟加拉邦 西孟加拉邦 xi1 meng4 jia1 la1 bang1
West Bengal

优孟 優孟 you1 meng4
You Meng, famous court jester during the reign of King Zhuang of Chu 楚莊王|楚庄王, known for his intelligence and sharp tongue