breeding; to incubate; to hatch

strokes 14
strokes after radical 11
孵蛋 孵蛋 fu1 dan4
to incubate

孵化 孵化 fu1 hua4
breeding; to incubate; innovation (esp. in commerce and marketing)

孵化场 孵化場 fu1 hua4 chang3
incubator; hatchery (for poultry etc)

孵化期 孵化期 fu1 hua4 qi1
incubation period; time for sth to develop

孵化器 孵化器 fu1 hua4 qi4
incubator; apparatus for incubating eggs

孵卵 孵卵 fu1 luan3
to hatch; to brood

孵育 孵育 fu1 yu4
to incubate; to rear (chicks)

未孵 未孵 wei4 fu1