variant of 孽

son born of a concubine; disaster; sin; evil

strokes 19
strokes after radical 17
残渣余孽 殘渣餘孽 can2 zha1 yu2 nie4
evil elements who have escaped eradication

孽报 孽報 nie4 bao4
bad karma

孽畜 孽畜 nie4 chu4
evil creature (multipurpose curse); evil domestic animal

孽海花 孽海花 nie4 hai3 hua1
Flower in the sea of evil, late Qing novel by Jin Tianhe 金天翮

孽缘 孽緣 nie4 yuan2
ill-fated relationship

孽障 孽障 nie4 zhang4
evil creature

孽种 孽種 nie4 zhong3
bane of one's existence; vile spawn

孽子 孽子 nie4 zi3
unfilial son; unworthy son; illegitimate son; concubine's son

前生冤孽 前生冤孽 qian2 sheng1 yuan1 nie4
predestined relationship

天灾地孽 天災地孽 tian1 zai1 di4 nie4
catastrophes and unnatural phenomena; Heaven-sent warnings

妖孽 妖孽 yao1 nie4

余孽 餘孽 yu2 nie4
remaining evil element; surviving members (of evil former regime); dregs (of colonial administration)

冤孽 冤孽 yuan1 nie4
sin (in Buddhism); enmity leading to sin

造孽 造孽 zao4 nie4
to do evil; to commit sins

罪孽 罪孽 zui4 nie4
sin; crime; wrongdoing

作孽 作孽 zuo4 nie4
to sin