a unit of length; inch; thumb

strokes 3
strokes after radical 0
标准尺寸 標準尺寸 biao1 zhun3 chi3 cun4

尺寸 尺寸 chi3 cun5
size; dimension; measurement

尺寸过大 尺寸過大 chi3 cun5 guo4 da4
oversize (baggage, cargo etc)

尺短寸长 尺短寸長 chi3 duan3 cun4 chang2
abbr. for 尺有所短,寸有所長|尺有所短,寸有所长

尺有所短,寸有所长 尺有所短,寸有所長 chi3 you3 suo3 duan3 - cun4 you3 suo3 chang2
lit. for some things a foot may be too short, and for the other an inch will suffice (proverb); fig. everyone has their strong and weak points; everything has its advantages and disadvantages

寸步不离 寸步不離 cun4 bu4 bu4 li2
to follow sb closely (idiom); to keep close to

寸步难行 寸步難行 cun4 bu4 nan2 xing2
unable to move a single step (idiom); to be in an (extremely) difficult situation

寸步难移 寸步難移 cun4 bu4 nan2 yi2
see 寸步難行|寸步难行

寸草不生 寸草不生 cun4 cao3 bu4 sheng1
lit. not even a blade of grass grows (idiom); fig. barren

寸晷 寸晷 cun4 gui3
see 寸陰|寸阴

寸金难买寸光阴 寸金難買寸光陰 cun4 jin1 nan2 mai3 cun4 guang1 yin1
An ounce of gold can't buy you an interval of time (idiom); Money can't buy you time.; Time is precious.

寸口 寸口 cun4 kou3
location on wrist over the radial artery where pulse is taken in TCM

寸口脉 寸口脈 cun4 kou3 mai4
pulse taken at the wrist (TCM)

寸脉 寸脈 cun4 mai4
pulse taken at the wrist (TCM)

寸土寸金 寸土寸金 cun4 tu3 cun4 jin1
land is extremely expensive (in that area) (idiom)

寸阴 寸陰 cun4 yin1
a very brief period of time (lit. the time it takes for a shadow to move an inch)

得寸进尺 得寸進尺 de2 cun4 jin4 chi3
lit. win an inch, want a foot (idiom); fig. not satisfied with small gains; give him an inch, and he'll want a mile

方寸 方寸 fang1 cun4
square cun (Chinese unit of area: 1 cun × 1 cun, or 3⅓ cm × 3⅓ cm); heart; mind

分寸 分寸 fen1 cun5
propriety; appropriate behavior; proper speech or action; within the norms

肝肠寸断 肝腸寸斷 gan1 chang2 cun4 duan4
lit. liver and guts cut to pieces (idiom); broken hearted; all cut up

公寸 公寸 gong1 cun4

量尺寸 量尺寸 liang2 chi3 cun4
to take sb's measurements

聊表寸心 聊表寸心 liao2 biao3 cun4 xin1
(of a gift) to be a small token of one's feelings

没分寸 沒分寸 mei2 fen1 cun4
inappropriate; bad-mannered

柔肠寸断 柔腸寸斷 rou2 chang2 cun4 duan4
lit. to feel as if one's intestines have been cut short; broken-hearted (idiom)

三寸不烂之舌 三寸不爛之舌 san1 cun4 bu4 lan4 zhi1 she2
to have a silver tongue; to have the gift of the gab

市寸 市寸 shi4 cun4
cun (Chinese unit of length equal to ⅓ decimeter)

手无寸铁 手無寸鐵 shou3 wu2 cun4 tie3
lit. not an inch of steel (idiom); unarmed and defenseless

鼠目寸光 鼠目寸光 shu3 mu4 cun4 guang1

头寸 頭寸 tou2 cun4
money market

惜寸阴 惜寸陰 xi1 cun4 yin1
to cherish every moment; to make good use of one's time

一寸光阴一寸金 一寸光陰一寸金 yi1 cun4 guang1 yin1 yi1 cun4 jin1
lit. An interval of time is worth an ounce of gold. (idiom); fig. free time is to be treasured

一寸光阴一寸金,寸金难买寸光阴 一寸光陰一寸金,寸金難買寸光陰 yi1 cun4 guang1 yin1 yi1 cun4 jin1 - cun4 jin1 nan2 mai3 cun4 guang1 yin1
lit. An interval of time is worth an ounce of gold, money cannot buy you time. (idiom); fig. Time is precious and must be treasured.

英寸 英寸 ying1 cun4
inch (unit of length equal to 2.54 cm.)