will; shall; to use; to take; to checkmate; just a short while ago; (introduces object of main verb, used in the same way as 把)

general; commander-in-chief (military); king (chess piece); to command; to lead

to desire; to invite; to request

strokes 11
strokes after radical 8
矮子里拔将军 矮子裡拔將軍 ai3 zi5 li5 ba2 jiang1 jun1
lit. choose a general from among the dwarfs; fig. choose the best person available (out of a mediocre bunch)

爱将 愛將 ai4 jiang4
trusted lieutenant

逼将 逼將 bi1 jiang1
to checkmate (in chess)

必将 必將 bi4 jiang1

兵来将挡,水来土掩 兵來將擋,水來土掩 bing1 lai2 jiang4 dang3 - shui3 lai2 tu3 yan3
counter soldiers with arms, water with an earth weir (idiom); different situations call for different action; to adopt measures appropriate to the actual situation

兵来将敌,水来土堰 兵來將敵,水來土堰 bing1 lai2 jiang4 di2 - shui3 lai2 tu3 yan4
counter soldiers with arms, water with an earth weir (idiom); different situations call for different action; to adopt measures appropriate to the actual situation

残兵败将 殘兵敗將 can2 bing1 bai4 jiang4
ruined army, defeated general (idiom); scattered remnants

搓麻将 搓麻將 cuo1 ma2 jiang4
to play mahjong

大将军 大將軍 da4 jiang1 jun1
important general; generalissimo

大将 大將 da4 jiang4
a general or admiral

大厦将倾 大廈將傾 da4 sha4 jiang1 qing1
great mansion on the verge of collapse (idiom); hopeless situation

丹瑞大将 丹瑞大將 dan1 rui4 da4 jiang4
Than Shwe (1933-), Myanmar general and politician, president of Myanmar 1992-2011

敌将 敵將 di2 jiang4
the enemy general

点将 點將 dian3 jiang4
to appoint a general (in theater); fig. to appoint sb for a task

调兵遣将 調兵遣將 diao4 bing1 qian3 jiang4
to move an army and send a general (idiom); to deploy an army; to send a team on a task

恩将仇报 恩將仇報 en1 jiang1 chou2 bao4
to bite the hand that feeds one (idiom)

飞将军 飛將軍 fei1 jiang1 jun1
nickname of Han dynasty general Li Guang 李廣|李广

副将 副將 fu4 jiang4
deputy general

干将 幹將 gan4 jiang4
capable person

过关斩将 過關斬將 guo4 guan1 zhan3 jiang4
to surmount all difficulties (on the way to success) (idiom); abbr. for 過五關斬六將|过五关斩六将

过五关斩六将 過五關斬六將 guo4 wu3 guan1 zhan3 liu4 jiang4
lit. to cross five passes and slay six generals (idiom); fig. to surmount all difficulties (on the way to success)

虎将 虎將 hu3 jiang4
valiant general

激将 激將 ji1 jiang4
to spur sb into action by making negative remarks

激将法 激將法 ji1 jiang4 fa3
indirect, psychological method of getting sb to do as one wishes (e.g. questioning whether they are up to the task)

即将 即將 ji2 jiang1
on the eve of; to be about to; to be on the verge of

即将来临 即將來臨 ji2 jiang1 lai2 lin2

将错就错 將錯就錯 jiang1 cuo4 jiu4 cuo4
lit. if it's wrong, it's wrong (idiom); to make the best after a mistake; to accept an error and adapt to it; to muddle through

将功赎罪 將功贖罪 jiang1 gong1 shu2 zui4
to atone for one's crimes by meritorious acts

将功折罪 將功折罪 jiang1 gong1 zhe2 zui4
see 將功贖罪|将功赎罪

将会 將會 jiang1 hui4
auxiliary verb introducing future action: may (be able to); will (cause); should (enable); going to

将计就计 將計就計 jiang1 ji4 jiu4 ji4
to beat sb at their own game (idiom)

将今论古 將今論古 jiang1 jin1 lun4 gu3
to observe the present to study the past

将近 將近 jiang1 jin4
almost; nearly; close to

将就 將就 jiang1 jiu5
to accept (a bit reluctantly); to put up with

将军 將軍 jiang1 jun1
Chiangchun township in Tainan county 台南縣|台南县, Taiwan

将军 將軍 jiang1 jun1
general; high-ranking military officer; to check or checkmate; fig. to embarrass; to challenge; to put sb on the spot

将军肚 將軍肚 jiang1 jun1 du4

将军肚子 將軍肚子 jiang1 jun1 du4 zi5
beer belly (complimentary)

将军乡 將軍鄉 jiang1 jun1 xiang1
Chiangchun township in Tainan county 台南縣|台南县, Taiwan

将来 將來 jiang1 lai2
in the future; future; the future

将乐 將樂 jiang1 le4
Jiangle county in Sanming 三明, Fujian

将乐县 將樂縣 jiang1 le4 xian4
Jiangle county in Sanming 三明, Fujian

将勤补绌 將勤補絀 jiang1 qin2 bu3 chu4
to compensate for lack of ability through hard work (idiom)

将死 將死 jiang1 si3
to checkmate (in chess); to be about to die

将息 將息 jiang1 xi1
(literary) to rest; to recuperate

将心比心 將心比心 jiang1 xin1 bi3 xin1
to put oneself in sb else's shoes (idiom)

将信将疑 將信將疑 jiang1 xin4 jiang1 yi2
half believing, half doubting; skeptical

将要 將要 jiang1 yao4
will; shall; to be going to

将才 將才 jiang4 cai2
talented field commander (military)

将官 將官 jiang4 guan1

将领 將領 jiang4 ling3
high-ranking military officer

将牌 將牌 jiang4 pai2
trump (suit of cards)

将棋 將棋 jiang4 qi2
Japanese chess (shōgi)

将士 將士 jiang4 shi4
officers and soldiers

将帅 將帥 jiang4 shuai4
commander-in-chief, the equivalent of king in Chinese chess

慷慨输将 慷慨輸將 kang1 kai3 shu1 jiang1
to donate generously (idiom)

老将 老將 lao3 jiang4
lit. old general; commander-in-chief 將帥|将帅, the equivalent of king in Chinese chess; fig. old-timer; veteran

麻将 麻將 ma2 jiang4

麻将牌 麻將牌 ma2 jiang4 pai2
mahjong tile

门将 門將 men2 jiang4
official gatekeeper; goalkeeper (soccer, hockey etc)

猛将 猛將 meng3 jiang4
fierce general; valiant military leader; fig. brave individual

名将 名將 ming2 jiang4
famous general

谋臣猛将 謀臣猛將 mou2 chen2 meng3 jiang4
strategic experts and powerful generals (idiom)

谋臣武将 謀臣武將 mou2 chen2 wu3 jiang4
strategic experts and powerful generals (idiom)

偏将 偏將 pian1 jiang4
deputy general

千军易得,一将难求 千軍易得,一將難求 qian1 jun1 yi4 de2 - yi1 jiang4 nan2 qiu2
Easy to raise an army of one thousand, but hard to find a good general. (idiom)

将伯 將伯 qiang1 bo2
to ask for assistance

将伯之助 將伯之助 qiang1 bo2 zhi1 zhu4
assistance that one gets from another

强将手下无弱兵 強將手下無弱兵 qiang2 jiang4 shou3 xia4 wu2 ruo4 bing1
there are no poor soldiers under a good general (idiom)

请将不如激将 請將不如激將 qing3 jiang4 bu4 ru2 ji1 jiang4
lit. to dispatch a general is not as effective as to excite a general; fig. inciting people to action is more effective than dispatching orders

人之将死,其言也善 人之將死,其言也善 ren2 zhi1 jiang1 si3 - qi2 yan2 ye3 shan4
words of a man on his deathbed always come from the heart (proverb)

上将 上將 shang4 jiang4
general; admiral; air chief marshal

上将军 上將軍 shang4 jiang4 jun1
top general; commander-in-chief

少将 少將 shao4 jiang4
major general; rear admiral; air vice marshal

宿将 宿將 su4 jiang4
veteran general

天兵天将 天兵天將 tian1 bing1 tian1 jiang4
celestial troops and generals (idiom); fig. superior forces

铁将军把门 鐵將軍把門 tie3 jiang1 jun1 ba3 men2
lit. General Iron is guarding the door (idiom); fig. the door is padlocked — nobody inside

无将牌 無將牌 wu2 jiang4 pai2
no trumps (in card games)

五虎将 五虎將 wu3 hu3 jiang4
Liu Bei's five great generals in Romance of the Three Kingdoms, namely: Guan Yu 關羽|关羽, Zhang Fei 張飛|张飞, Zhao Yun 趙雲|赵云, Ma Chao 馬超|马超, Huang Zhong 黃忠|黄忠

武将 武將 wu3 jiang4
general; military leader; fierce man

虾兵蟹将 蝦兵蟹將 xia1 bing1 xie4 jiang4
shrimp soldiers and crab generals (in mythology or popular fiction, the army of the Dragon King of the Eastern Sea); useless troops (idiom)

降将 降將 xiang2 jiang4
surrendered enemy general

骁将 驍將 xiao1 jiang4
valiant general

行将 行將 xing2 jiang1
ready to start on sth; about to act

行将告罄 行將告罄 xing2 jiang1 gao4 qing4
to run short (idiom)

行将结束 行將結束 xing2 jiang1 jie2 shu4
approaching the end; about to conclude

行将就木 行將就木 xing2 jiang1 jiu4 mu4
to approach one's coffin (idiom); with one foot in the grave

杨家将 楊家將 yang2 jia1 jiang4
Yang Saga, a popular fiction from the Northern Song, depicting the heroic Yang family 楊業|杨业 of warriors

运将 運將 yun4 jiang4
see 運匠|运匠

中将 中將 zhong1 jiang4
lieutenant general; vice admiral; air marshal

准将 準將 zhun3 jiang4
brigadier general; commodore