to transmit; to lead; to guide; to conduct; to direct

strokes 15
strokes after radical 12
班导 班導 ban1 dao3
(Tw) teacher in charge of a class; homeroom teacher

班导师 班導師 ban1 dao3 shi1
(Tw) teacher in charge of a class; homeroom teacher

半导瓷 半導瓷 ban4 dao3 ci2
semi-conducting ceramic (electronics)

半导体 半導體 ban4 dao3 ti3

半导体超点阵 半導體超點陣 ban4 dao3 ti3 chao1 dian3 zhen4
semiconductor superlattice

半导体探测器 半導體探測器 ban4 dao3 ti3 tan4 ce4 qi4
semiconductor detector

报导 報導 bao4 dao3
to report (in the media); (news) report

报纸报导 報紙報導 bao4 zhi3 bao4 dao3
newspaper report

北斗卫星导航系统 北斗衛星導航系統 bei3 dou3 wei4 xing1 dao3 hang2 xi4 tong3
Beidou navigation system

编导 編導 bian1 dao3
to write and direct (a play, film etc); playwright-director; choreographer-director; scenarist-director

波导 波導 bo1 dao3
waveguide (electronics)

博导 博導 bo2 dao3
Ph.D. advisor

不可导 不可導 bu4 ke3 dao3
not differentiable (function in calculus)

倡导 倡導 chang4 dao3
to advocate; to initiate; to propose; to be a proponent of (an idea or school of thought)

倡导者 倡導者 chang4 dao3 zhe3
proponent; advocate; pioneer

超导 超導 chao1 dao3
superconductor; superconductivity (physics)

超导电 超導電 chao1 dao3 dian4
superconductance (physics)

超导电体 超導電體 chao1 dao3 dian4 ti3

超导电性 超導電性 chao1 dao3 dian4 xing4
superconductivity (physics)

超导体 超導體 chao1 dao3 ti3

传导 傳導 chuan2 dao3
to conduct (heat, electricity etc)

弹道导弹 彈道導彈 dan4 dao4 dao3 dan4
ballistic missile

导报 導報 dao3 bao4
guide (used in newspaper names)

导播 導播 dao3 bo1
to direct a television or radio broadcast; director (TV, radio)

导出 導出 dao3 chu1
to derive; derived; derivation; to entail; to induce; to export (data)

导出值 導出值 dao3 chu1 zhi2
value deduced by calculation; derived value

导弹 導彈 dao3 dan4
guided missile; cruise missile; missile

导弹核潜艇 導彈核潛艇 dao3 dan4 he2 qian2 ting3
nuclear-powered missile submarine

导弹潜艇 導彈潛艇 dao3 dan4 qian2 ting3
(guided) missile submarine

导弹武器技术控制制度 導彈武器技術控制制度 dao3 dan4 wu3 qi4 ji4 shu4 kong4 zhi4 zhi4 du4
Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR)

导电 導電 dao3 dian4
to conduct electricity

导电性 導電性 dao3 dian4 xing4
conductivity (elec.)

导读 導讀 dao3 du2
guide (e.g. book or other printed material)

导购 導購 dao3 gou4
shopper's guide; shop assistant; sales staff

导管 導管 dao3 guan3
duct; conduit; vessel; catheter

导管组织 導管組織 dao3 guan3 zu3 zhi1
vascular tissue

导函数 導函數 dao3 han2 shu4
derived function; derivative f' of a function f

导航 導航 dao3 hang2

导航员 導航員 dao3 hang2 yuan2
navigator (on a plane or boat)

导火索 導火索 dao3 huo3 suo3
a fuse (for explosive)

导火线 導火線 dao3 huo3 xian4
a fuse (for explosives); fig. proximate cause; the last straw

导览 導覽 dao3 lan3
(visitor, tour, audio etc) guide; guided tour; (site) navigator; to guide

导流板 導流板 dao3 liu2 ban3
spoiler (automotive)

导轮 導輪 dao3 lun2
guide pulley; foreword; preface

导论 導論 dao3 lun4

导盲犬 導盲犬 dao3 mang2 quan3
guide dog (for the blind); Seeing Eye dog

导尿 導尿 dao3 niao4
urinary catheterization

导热性 導熱性 dao3 re4 xing4
heat conduction

导入 導入 dao3 ru4
to introduce into; to channel; to lead; to guide into; to import (data)

导入期 導入期 dao3 ru4 qi1
introductory phase or period

导师 導師 dao3 shi1
tutor; teacher; academic advisor

导数 導數 dao3 shu4
derivative (math.)

导体 導體 dao3 ti3
conductor (of electricity or heat)

导线 導線 dao3 xian4
electrical lead

导向 導向 dao3 xiang4
to be oriented towards; orientation

导言 導言 dao3 yan2
introduction; preamble

导演 導演 dao3 yan3
to direct; director (film etc)

导液管 導液管 dao3 ye4 guan3
(med.) catheter

导引 導引 dao3 yin3
same as 引導|引导; Dao Yin, Daoist exercises involving breathing, stretching and self-massage

导游 導遊 dao3 you2
tour guide; guidebook; to conduct a tour

导语 導語 dao3 yu3
preamble; introduction; (journalism) lede; lead paragraph

导正 導正 dao3 zheng4
(Tw) to guide sb in the right direction; to correct (behavior etc)

导致 導致 dao3 zhi4
to lead to; to create; to cause; to bring about

导致死亡 導致死亡 dao3 zhi4 si3 wang2
to lead to death; to result in death

地对空导弹 地對空導彈 di4 dui4 kong1 dao3 dan4
ground-to-air missile

电导 電導 dian4 dao3
electrical conductance

电导率 電導率 dian4 dao3 lv4
electrical conductivity

电导体 電導體 dian4 dao3 ti3
conductor of electricity

电影导演 電影導演 dian4 ying3 dao3 yan3
film director

督导 督導 du1 dao3
to direct; to oversee

反弹导弹 反彈導彈 fan3 dan4 dao3 dan4
antimissile missile

反导 反導 fan3 dao3

反导弹 反導彈 fan3 dao3 dan4

反导导弹 反導導彈 fan3 dao3 dao3 dan4
anti-missile missile (such as the Patriot Missile)

反导系统 反導系統 fan3 dao3 xi4 tong3
anti-missile system; missile defense system

反舰导弹 反艦導彈 fan3 jian4 dao3 dan4
anti-ship missile

反舰艇巡航导弹 反艦艇巡航導彈 fan3 jian4 ting3 xun2 hang2 dao3 dan4
anti-ship cruise missile

非导体 非導體 fei1 dao3 ti3
nonconductor (of electricity, heat etc)

辅导 輔導 fu3 dao3
to coach; to tutor; to give advice (in study)

辅导班 輔導班 fu3 dao3 ban1
tutorial class; remedial class; preparatory course

辅导人 輔導人 fu3 dao3 ren2

辅导员 輔導員 fu3 dao3 yuan2
a coach (teacher or trainer)

光导纤维 光導纖維 guang1 dao3 xian1 wei2
optical fiber

核导弹 核導彈 he2 dao3 dan4
nuclear missile

红外线导引飞弹 紅外線導引飛彈 hong2 wai4 xian4 dao3 yin3 fei1 dan4
infrared guided missile

技术指导 技術指導 ji4 shu4 zhi3 dao3
technical instructor; coach

肩射导弹 肩射導彈 jian1 she4 dao3 dan4
shoulder-fired missile

教导 教導 jiao4 dao3
to instruct; to teach; guidance; teaching

据报导 據報導 ju4 bao4 dao3
according to (news) reports

开导 開導 kai1 dao3
to talk sb round; to straighten sth out; to enlighten

可导 可導 ke3 dao3
differentiable (calculus)

空对空导弹 空對空導彈 kong1 dui4 kong1 dao3 dan4
air-to-air missile

空空导弹 空空導彈 kong1 kong1 dao3 dan4
air-to-air missile

空地导弹 空地導彈 kong4 di4 dao3 dan4
air-to-surface missile

莅临指导 蒞臨指導 li4 lin2 zhi3 dao3
(of a notable person etc) to honor with one's presence and offer guidance (idiom)

领导 領導 ling3 dao3
lead; leading; to lead; leadership; leader

领导层 領導層 ling3 dao3 ceng2
ruling class; leaders (of society); oligarchy

领导集体 領導集體 ling3 dao3 ji2 ti3
leadership group; collective of leaders

领导能力 領導能力 ling3 dao3 neng2 li4
leadership (ability)

领导权 領導權 ling3 dao3 quan2
leadership authority

领导人 領導人 ling3 dao3 ren2

领导者 領導者 ling3 dao3 zhe3

令导人 令導人 ling4 dao3 ren2
leader; usually written 領導人|领导人

陆基导弹 陸基導彈 lu4 ji1 dao3 dan4
land-based missile

批郤导窾 批郤導窾 pi1 xi4 dao3 kuan3
to get right to the heart of the matter (idiom)

前导 前導 qian2 dao3
to precede; to guide

求导 求導 qiu2 dao3
to find the derivative (math.)

全球卫星导航系统 全球衛星導航系統 quan2 qiu2 wei4 xing1 dao3 hang2 xi4 tong3
Globalnaya Navigatsionaya Satelinaya Sistema or Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS), the Russian equivalent of GPS; abbr. to 格洛納斯|格洛纳斯

劝导 勸導 quan4 dao3
to advise; to attempt to convince

热传导 熱傳導 re4 chuan2 dao3
heat transfer; thermal conduction

热导 熱導 re4 dao3
thermal conduction

热导率 熱導率 re4 dao3 lv4
thermal conductivity; heat conductivity

上级领导 上級領導 shang4 ji2 ling3 dao3
high level leadership; top brass

疏导 疏導 shu1 dao3
to dredge; to open up a path for; to remove obstructions; to clear the way; to enlighten; persuasion

数字导览设施 數字導覽設施 shu4 zi4 dao3 lan3 she4 shi1
digital navigation equipment

顺导 順導 shun4 dao3
to guide sth on its proper course; to guide towards profitable outcome

思维导图 思維導圖 si1 wei2 dao3 tu2
mind map

特许半导体 特許半導體 te4 xu3 ban4 dao3 ti3
Chartered Semiconductor

推导 推導 tui1 dao3
derivation; to deduce

王导 王導 wang2 dao3
Wang Dao (276-339), powerful official of Jin dynasty and brother of general Wang Dun 王敦, regent of Jin from 325

卫星导航 衛星導航 wei4 xing1 dao3 hang2
satellite navigation; sat-nav

卫星导航系统 衛星導航系統 wei4 xing1 dao3 hang2 xi4 tong3
satellite navigation system; sat-nav

误导 誤導 wu4 dao3
to mislead; to misguide; misleading

先导 先導 xian1 dao3
guide; forerunner; pioneer

向导 嚮導 xiang4 dao3

巡航导弹 巡航導彈 xun2 hang2 dao3 dan4
cruise missile

训导处 訓導處 xun4 dao3 chu4
dean of students office (Tw)

训导职务 訓導職務 xun4 dao3 zhi2 wu4
ministry; the teaching of a religious leader

因势利导 因勢利導 yin1 shi4 li4 dao3
to take advantage of the new situation (idiom); to make the best of new opportunities

引导 引導 yin3 dao3
to guide; to lead (around); to conduct; to boot; introduction; primer

引导扇区 引導扇區 yin3 dao3 shan4 qu1
boot sector

引导员 引導員 yin3 dao3 yuan2
usher; guide

游导 遊導 you2 dao3
tour guide

诱导 誘導 you4 dao3
to induce; to encourage; to provide guidance; (medicine, chemistry) induction

诱导分娩 誘導分娩 you4 dao3 fen1 mian3
to induce labor (i.e. childbirth); labor induction

远程导弹 遠程導彈 yuan3 cheng2 dao3 dan4
long distance missile

战术导弹 戰術導彈 zhan4 shu4 dao3 dan4
tactical missile

执导 執導 zhi2 dao3
to direct (a film, play etc)

指导 指導 zhi3 dao3
to guide; to give directions; to direct; to coach; guidance; tuition

指导教授 指導教授 zhi3 dao3 jiao4 shou4
adviser; advising professor

指导课 指導課 zhi3 dao3 ke4
tutorial; period of tuition for one or two students

指导员 指導員 zhi3 dao3 yuan2
instructor; coach; political instructor (in the PLA)

指导者 指導者 zhi3 dao3 zhe3
coach; mentor; counselor; instructor; director; guide; conductor

制导 制導 zhi4 dao3
to control (the course of sth); to guide (a missile)

洲际弹道导弹 洲際彈道導彈 zhou1 ji4 dan4 dao4 dao3 dan4
intercontinental ballistic missile ICBM

洲际导弹 洲際導彈 zhou1 ji4 dao3 dan4
intercontinental ballistic missile ICBM

主导 主導 zhu3 dao3
leading; dominant; prevailing; to lead; to direct; to dominate

主导权 主導權 zhu3 dao3 quan2
leadership (role)

主导性 主導性 zhu3 dao3 xing4

转导 轉導 zhuan3 dao3

追踪报导 追蹤報導 zhui1 zong1 bao4 dao3
follow-up report

自导 自導 zi4 dao3
self-guided; autonomous

综合报导 綜合報導 zong1 he2 bao4 dao3
summary report; press release; brief