small; tiny; few; young

strokes 3
strokes after radical 0
矮小 矮小 ai3 xiao3
short and small; low and small; undersized

矮小精悍 矮小精悍 ai3 xiao3 jing1 han4
short but intrepid (idiom)

安培小时 安培小時 an1 pei2 xiao3 shi2
ampere-hour (Ah)

澳洲小鹦鹉 澳洲小鸚鵡 ao4 zhou1 xiao3 ying1 wu3

八小时工作制 八小時工作制 ba1 xiao3 shi2 gong1 zuo4 zhi4
eight-hour working day

白腿小隼 白腿小隼 bai2 tui3 xiao3 sun3
(bird species of China) pied falconet (Microhierax melanoleucos)

半小时 半小時 ban4 xiao3 shi2
half hour

不拘小节 不拘小節 bu4 ju1 xiao3 jie2
to not bother about trifles (idiom)

不区分大小写 不區分大小寫 bu4 qu1 fen1 da4 xiao3 xie3
case insensitive; not distinguishing capitals from lower case letters

不无小补 不無小補 bu4 wu2 xiao3 bu3
not be without some advantage; be of some help

柴门小户 柴門小戶 chai2 men2 xiao3 hu4
woodcutter's cottage (idiom); poor person's hovel; fig. my humble house

长篇小说 長篇小說 chang2 pian1 xiao3 shuo1

抄小路 抄小路 chao1 xiao3 lu4
to take the back roads; to take the side streets; to take the small paths

撑死胆大的,饿死胆小的 撐死膽大的,餓死膽小的 cheng1 si3 dan3 da4 de5 - e4 si3 dan3 xiao3 de5
fullness for the bold, famine for the timid (idiom)

秤砣虽小压千斤 秤砣雖小壓千斤 cheng4 tuo2 sui1 xiao3 ya1 qian1 jin1
although small, a steelyard weight may tip a hundred pounds (idiom); apparently insignificant details can have a large impact; for want of a nail the battle was lost

吃小灶 吃小竈 chi1 xiao3 zao4
to be given special treatment; to be treated in a favored way

赤小豆 赤小豆 chi4 xiao3 dou4
see 紅豆|红豆

丑小鸭 醜小鴨 chou3 xiao3 ya1
"The Ugly Duckling" by Hans Christian Andersen 安徒生

丑小鸭 醜小鴨 chou3 xiao3 ya1
ugly duckling

初级小学 初級小學 chu1 ji2 xiao3 xue2
lower elementary school; abbr. to 初小

初小 初小 chu1 xiao3
lower elementary school; abbr. for 初级小学

穿小鞋 穿小鞋 chuan1 xiao3 xie2
lit. to make sb wear tight shoes (idiom); to make life difficult for sb

从小 從小 cong2 xiao3
from childhood; as a child

打小报告 打小報告 da3 xiao3 bao4 gao4
tattletale; to rat on sb

打小算盘 打小算盤 da3 xiao3 suan4 pan2
lit. to count on a narrow abacus (idiom); petty and scheming selfishly; concerned with petty interests; selfish and uncaring of the interests of others; bean counter

大才小用 大才小用 da4 cai2 xiao3 yong4
lit. making little use of great talent; to use a sledgehammer to crack a nut

大材小用 大材小用 da4 cai2 xiao3 yong4
using a talented person in an insignificant position; a sledgehammer to crack a nut

大处着眼,小处着手 大處著眼,小處著手 da4 chu4 zhuo2 yan3 - xiao3 chu4 zhuo2 shou3
think of the big picture, start with the little things (idiom)

大醇小疵 大醇小疵 da4 chun2 xiao3 ci1
great despite minor blemishes; a rough diamond

大大小小 大大小小 da4 da4 xiao3 xiao3
large and small; of all sizes

大呼小叫 大呼小叫 da4 hu1 xiao3 jiao4
to shout and quarrel; to make a big fuss

大街小巷 大街小巷 da4 jie1 xiao3 xiang4
great streets and small alleys (idiom); everywhere in the city

大惊小怪 大驚小怪 da4 jing1 xiao3 guai4
to make a fuss about nothing (idiom)

大人不记小人过 大人不記小人過 da4 ren2 bu4 ji4 xiao3 ren2 guo4
a person of great moral stature does not remember the offenses committed by one of low moral stature

大事化小,小事化了 大事化小,小事化了 da4 shi4 hua4 xiao3 - xiao3 shi4 hua4 liao3
to turn big problems into small ones, and small problems into no problems at all (idiom)

大题小作 大題小作 da4 ti2 xiao3 zuo4
to cut a long story short; a brief treatment of a complicated subject; fig. to treat an important question as a minor matter

大同小异 大同小異 da4 tong2 xiao3 yi4
virtually the same; differing only on small points

大小 大小 da4 xiao3
dimension; magnitude; size; measurement; large and small; at any rate; adults and children; consideration of seniority

大小便 大小便 da4 xiao3 bian4
using the toilet; urination and defecation

大小姐 大小姐 da4 xiao3 jie5
eldest daughter of an affluent family; (polite) your daughter; bossy or indulged young woman; Miss High and Mighty

大小三度 大小三度 da4 xiao3 san1 du4
major and minor third (musical interval)

大小写 大小寫 da4 xiao3 xie3
capitals and lower case letters

胆小 膽小 dan3 xiao3
cowardice; timid

胆小鬼 膽小鬼 dan3 xiao3 gui3

胆小如鼠 膽小如鼠 dan3 xiao3 ru2 shu3
chicken-hearted (idiom); gutless

邓小平 鄧小平 deng4 xiao3 ping2
Deng Xiaoping (1904-1997), Chinese communist leader, de facto leader of PRC 1978-1990 and creator of "socialism with Chinese characteristics"

邓小平理论 鄧小平理論 deng4 xiao3 ping2 li3 lun4
Deng Xiaoping Theory; Dengism; the foundation of PRC economic development after the cultural revolution, building the capitalist economy within Chinese communist party control

雕虫小技 雕蟲小技 diao1 chong2 xiao3 ji4
insignificant talent; skill of no high order; minor accomplishment

督察小组 督察小組 du1 cha2 xiao3 zu3
supervisory group

短篇小说 短篇小說 duan3 pian1 xiao3 shuo1
short story

短小精悍 短小精悍 duan3 xiao3 jing1 han4
(of a person) short but plucky (idiom); (of an article) concise and forceful

发热伴血小板减少综合征 發熱伴血小板減少綜合徵 fa1 re4 ban4 xue4 xiao3 ban3 jian3 shao3 zong1 he2 zheng1
severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome (SFTS)

发小 髮小 fa4 xiao3
(dialect) close childhood friend whom one grew up with; a couple who grew up as childhood friends

发小儿 髮小兒 fa4 xiao3 er5
erhua variant of 髮小|发小

非同小可 非同小可 fei1 tong2 xiao3 ke3
extremely important; no small matter

非小说 非小說 fei1 xiao3 shuo1

浮小麦 浮小麥 fu2 xiao3 mai4
unripe wheat grain (used in TCM)

附小 附小 fu4 xiao3
subsidiary primary school (originally attached to an institute, university etc); abbreviation of 附屬小學|附属小学

嘎嘎小姐 嘎嘎小姐 ga1 ga1 xiao3 jie5
Lady Gaga (1986-), US pop singer

高级小学 高級小學 gao1 ji2 xiao3 xue2
advanced class of primary school

公园小径效应 公園小徑效應 gong1 yuan2 xiao3 jing4 xiao4 ying4
garden path effect

古今小说 古今小說 gu3 jin1 xiao3 shuo1
Stories Old and New by Feng Menglong 馮夢龍|冯梦龙, collection of late Ming baihua 白話|白话 tales published in 1620

郭小川 郭小川 guo1 xiao3 chuan1
Guo Xiaochuan (1919-1976), PRC communist poet, hero in the war with Japan, died after long persecution during Cultural Revolution

国民小学 國民小學 guo2 min2 xiao3 xue2
elementary school (Taiwan)

国小 國小 guo2 xiao3
elementary school (Taiwan); abbr. for 國民小學|国民小学

核查小组 核查小組 he2 cha2 xiao3 zu3
inspection team

核小体 核小體 he2 xiao3 ti3

横斑腹小鸮 橫斑腹小鴞 heng2 ban1 fu4 xiao3 xiao1
(bird species of China) spotted owlet (Athene brama)

红腿小隼 紅腿小隼 hong2 tui3 xiao3 sun3
(bird species of China) collared falconet (Microhierax caerulescens)

极短篇小说 極短篇小說 ji2 duan3 pian1 xiao3 shuo1
flash fiction

极细小 極細小 ji2 xi4 xiao3
extremely small; infinitesimal

极小 極小 ji2 xiao3
minimal; extremely small

假小子 假小子 jia3 xiao3 zi5

减小 減小 jian3 xiao3
to reduce; to decrease; to diminish

娇小 嬌小 jiao1 xiao3
petite; delicate; dainty

解小手 解小手 jie3 xiao3 shou3
(coll.) to urinate

金小蜂 金小蜂 jin1 xiao3 feng1
a parisitoid wasp (genus Nasonia)

君子不计小人过 君子不計小人過 jun1 zi3 bu4 ji4 xiao3 ren2 guo4
see 大人不記小人過|大人不记小人过

君子坦荡荡,小人长戚戚 君子坦蕩蕩,小人長戚戚 jun1 zi5 tan3 dang4 dang4 - xiao3 ren2 chang2 qi1 qi1
good people are at peace with themselves, (but) there is no rest for the wicked

开小差 開小差 kai1 xiao3 chai1
to be absent-minded; to desert; to abscond from the army; absent without leave (AWOL)

开小会 開小會 kai1 xiao3 hui4
to whisper and chat (instead of listening during a meeting or lecture)

开小灶 開小灶 kai1 xiao3 zao4
to give preferential treatment; to give special attention

科幻小说 科幻小說 ke1 huan4 xiao3 shuo1
science fiction novel

科技惊悚小说 科技驚悚小說 ke1 ji4 jing1 song3 xiao3 shuo1
techno-thriller novel; science fiction thriller

科研小组 科研小組 ke1 yan2 xiao3 zu3
a scientific research group

空中小姐 空中小姐 kong1 zhong1 xiao3 jie3
stewardess; air hostess

蜡笔小新 蠟筆小新 la4 bi3 xiao3 xin1
Crayon Shin-chan (クレヨンしんちゃん), Japanese manga and anime series popular in China

蓝色小精灵 藍色小精靈 lan2 se4 xiao3 jing1 ling2
the Smurfs; Smurf

老小 老小 lao3 xiao3
the old and the young; the youngest member of the family

老小老小 老小老小 lao3 xiao3 lao3 xiao3
(coll.) as one ages, one becomes more and more like a child

雷大雨小 雷大雨小 lei2 da4 yu3 xiao3
lit. much thunder but little rain; fig. a lot of talk but little action; his bark is worse than his bite

雷声大,雨点小 雷聲大,雨點小 lei2 sheng1 da4 - yu3 dian3 xiao3
loud thunder, but only tiny drops of rain (idiom); a lot of talk, but no action; action speaks louder than words; his bite is worse than his bark

李小龙 李小龍 li3 xiao3 long2
Bruce Lee (1940-1973), Hong Kong actor and martial arts expert

两小无猜 兩小無猜 liang3 xiao3 wu2 cai1
innocent playmates

麻雀虽小,五脏俱全 麻雀雖小,五臟俱全 ma2 que4 sui1 xiao3 - wu3 zang4 ju4 quan2
The sparrow may be small but all its vital organs are there (idiom).; small but complete in every detail

毛小囊 毛小囊 mao2 xiao3 nang2

没大没小 沒大沒小 mei2 da4 mei2 xiao3
impolite; cheeky; impudent

美体小铺 美體小舖 mei3 ti3 xiao3 pu4
Body shop (UK cosmetics company)

美洲小鸵 美洲小鴕 mei3 zhou1 xiao3 tuo2
Lesser Rhea; Darwin's Rhea; Rhea pennata

藐小 藐小 miao3 xiao3
variant of 渺小

渺小 渺小 miao3 xiao3
minute; tiny; negligible; insignificant

眇小 眇小 miao3 xiao3
variant of 渺小

奶油小生 奶油小生 nai3 you2 xiao3 sheng1
handsome but effeminate man; pretty boy

陪唱小姐 陪唱小姐 pei2 chang4 xiao3 jie5
KTV hostess

赔小心 賠小心 pei2 xiao3 xin1
to be conciliatory or apologetic; to tread warily in dealing with sb

普氏小羚羊 普氏小羚羊 pu3 shi4 xiao3 ling2 yang2
Przevalski's gazelle (Procapra przewalskii) of Central Asia

齐B小短裙 齊B小短裙 qi2 - xiao3 duan3 qun2
(slang) micro-miniskirt

起小 起小 qi3 xiao3
since childhood

起小兒 起小儿 qi3 xiao3 er5
erhua variant of 起小

谴责小说 譴責小說 qian3 ze2 xiao3 shuo1
novel of denunciation (according to Lu Xun's 鲁迅 classification)

敲小背 敲小背 qiao1 xiao3 bei4
to be masturbated by a prostitute

区分大小写 區分大小寫 qu1 fen1 da4 xiao3 xie3
case sensitive; distinguishing capitals from lower case letters

区区小事 區區小事 qu1 qu1 xiao3 shi4
trivial matter; trifle

人鱼小姐 人魚小姐 ren2 yu2 xiao3 jie5
mermaid; the Little Mermaid

弱小 弱小 ruo4 xiao3
small and weak; puny; a child

三陪小姐 三陪小姐 san1 pei2 xiao3 jie5
female escort; bar girl

色情小说 色情小說 se4 qing2 xiao3 shuo1
pornographic novel; dirty book

上有老下有小 上有老下有小 shang4 you3 lao3 xia4 you3 xiao3
lit. above are the elderly, below are the young (idiom); fig. to have to take care of both one's aging parents and one's children; sandwich generation

神魔小说 神魔小說 shen2 mo2 xiao3 shuo1
supernatural novel; novel of ghosts and goblins

肾小球 腎小球 shen4 xiao3 qiu2
glomerulus (medicine)

升斗小民 升斗小民 sheng1 dou3 xiao3 min2
poor people (idiom); those who live from hand to mouth

时大时小 時大時小 shi2 da4 shi2 xiao3
sometimes big, sometimes small; varying

史传小说 史傳小說 shi3 zhuan4 xiao3 shuo1
historical novel

世界小姐选美 世界小姐選美 shi4 jie4 xiao3 jie5 xuan3 mei3
Miss World Beauty Pageant

市井小民 市井小民 shi4 jing3 xiao3 min2
ordinary people; the hoi polloi; commoner

势利小人 勢利小人 shi4 li5 xiao3 ren2

事无大小 事無大小 shi4 wu2 da4 xiao3
see 事無巨細|事无巨细

瘦小 瘦小 shou4 xiao3
slightly-built; petite

数小时 數小時 shu4 xiao3 shi2
several hours

耍小聪明 耍小聰明 shua3 xiao3 cong1 ming5
to get smart; to resort to petty tricks

斯佩耳特小麦 斯佩耳特小麥 si1 pei4 er3 te4 xiao3 mai4
spelt (Triticum spelta) (loanword)

丝丝小雨 絲絲小雨 si1 si1 xiao3 yu3
fine drizzle

四小龙 四小龍 si4 xiao3 long2
Four Asian Tigers; East Asian Tigers; Four Little Dragons (East Asian economic powers: Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong)

缩小 縮小 suo1 xiao3
to reduce; to decrease; to shrink

缩小模型 縮小模型 suo1 xiao3 mo2 xing2

贪小失大 貪小失大 tan1 xiao3 shi1 da4
penny wise and pound foolish (idiom)

讨小 討小 tao3 xiao3
(coll.) to take a concubine

听小骨 聽小骨 ting1 xiao3 gu3
ossicles (of the middle ear); three ossicles, acting as levers to amplify sound, namely: stapes or stirrup bone 鐙骨|镫骨, incus or anvil bone 砧骨, malleus or hammer bone 錘骨|锤骨

通俗小说 通俗小說 tong1 su2 xiao3 shuo1
popular fiction; light literature

推理小说 推理小說 tui1 li3 xiao3 shuo1
murder mystery (novel); whodunit

外小腿 外小腿 wai4 xiao3 tui3

王小波 王小波 wang2 xiao3 bo1
Wang Xiaobo (1952-1997), scholar and novelist

微小 微小 wei1 xiao3
minute (i.e. extremely small); infinitesimal

微小病毒科 微小病毒科 wei1 xiao3 bing4 du2 ke1
Picornaviridae (virus family including many human pathogens); small RNA virus

微型小说 微型小說 wei1 xing2 xiao3 shuo1
flash fiction

文件大小 文件大小 wen2 jian4 da4 xiao3
file size

文明小史 文明小史 wen2 ming2 xiao3 shi3
Short History of Civilization, late Qing novel by Li Boyuan 李伯元 or Li Baojia 李寶嘉|李宝嘉 describing the turmoil after the 1900 Eight-Nation Alliance 八國聯軍|八国联军

无大无小 無大無小 wu2 da4 wu2 xiao3
no matter how big or small; not distinguishing junior and senior

无名小卒 無名小卒 wu2 ming2 xiao3 zu2
insignificant soldier (idiom); a nobody; nonentity

无穷小 無窮小 wu2 qiong2 xiao3
infinitesimal (in calculus); infinitely small

无限小 無限小 wu2 xian4 xiao3
infinitesimal; infinitely small

无限小数 無限小數 wu2 xian4 xiao3 shu4
infinitesimal; infinite decimal expansion

武侠小说 武俠小說 wu3 xia2 xiao3 shuo1
a martial arts (wuxia) novel

细小 細小 xi4 xiao3
tiny; fine; minute

狭小 狹小 xia2 xiao3

纤小 纖小 xian1 xiao3
fine; delicate

小阿姨 小阿姨 xiao3 a1 yi2
auntie, youngest of sisters in mother's family

小巴 小巴 xiao3 ba1

小白 小白 xiao3 bai2
(slang) novice; greenhorn; fool; idiot; abbr. for 小白臉|小白脸, pretty boy

小白菜 小白菜 xiao3 bai2 cai4
bok choy; Chinese cabbage; Brassica chinensis

小白额雁 小白額雁 xiao3 bai2 e2 yan4
(bird species of China) lesser white-fronted goose (Anser erythropus)

小白脸 小白臉 xiao3 bai2 lian3
attractive young man (usually derog.); pretty boy; gigolo

小白脸儿 小白臉兒 xiao3 bai2 lian3 er5
erhua variant of 小白臉|小白脸

小白鼠 小白鼠 xiao3 bai2 shu3
little white mouse (esp. laboratory animal); fig. guinea pig, i.e. human participant in experiment

小白兔 小白兔 xiao3 bai2 tu4
bunny rabbit

小白腰雨燕 小白腰雨燕 xiao3 bai2 yao1 yu3 yan4
(bird species of China) house swift (Apus nipalensis)

小百科全书 小百科全書 xiao3 bai3 ke1 quan2 shu1

小斑点 小斑點 xiao3 ban1 dian3

小斑姬鹟 小斑姬鶲 xiao3 ban1 ji1 weng1
(bird species of China) little pied flycatcher (Ficedula westermanni)

小斑啄木鸟 小斑啄木鳥 xiao3 ban1 zhuo2 mu4 niao3
(bird species of China) lesser spotted woodpecker (Dendrocopos minor)

小包 小包 xiao3 bao1

小鸨 小鴇 xiao3 bao3
(bird species of China) little bustard (Tetrax tetrax)

小报 小報 xiao3 bao4
tabloid newspaper

小辈 小輩 xiao3 bei4
the younger generation

小贝 小貝 xiao3 bei4
"Becks", nickname of British footballer David Beckham (see 貝克漢姆|贝克汉姆)

小本 小本 xiao3 ben3
small capital; on a shoestring

小笔电 小筆電 xiao3 bi3 dian4
mini laptop or notebook (computer); netbook

小编 小編 xiao3 bian1

小扁豆 小扁豆 xiao3 bian3 dou4

小辫 小辮 xiao3 bian4

小便 小便 xiao3 bian4
to urinate; to pass water; urine

小便斗 小便斗 xiao3 bian4 dou3

小辫儿 小辮兒 xiao3 bian4 er5
erhua variant of 小辮|小辫

小便器 小便器 xiao3 bian4 qi4

小辫子 小辮子 xiao3 bian4 zi5
pigtail; (fig.) a shortcoming or evidence of wrongdoing that can be seized upon by others

小标题 小標題 xiao3 biao1 ti2

小滨鹬 小濱鷸 xiao3 bin1 yu4
(bird species of China) little stint (Calidris minuta)

小病 小病 xiao3 bing4
minor illness; indisposition

小波 小波 xiao3 bo1
wavelet (math.)

小步舞曲 小步舞曲 xiao3 bu4 wu3 qu3

小不点 小不點 xiao3 bu5 dian3
tiny; very small; tiny thing; small child; baby

小菜 小菜 xiao3 cai4
appetizer; small side dish; easy job; piece of cake; see also 小菜一碟

小菜碟儿 小菜碟兒 xiao3 cai4 die2 er5
erhua variant of 小菜一碟

小菜儿 小菜兒 xiao3 cai4 er5
erhua variant of 小菜

小菜一碟 小菜一碟 xiao3 cai4 yi1 die2
a small appetizer; a piece of cake; very easy (idiom)

小册子 小冊子 xiao3 ce4 zi5
booklet; pamphlet; leaflet; information sheet; menu

小插曲 小插曲 xiao3 cha1 qu3
episode; brief interlude

小产 小產 xiao3 chan3
to miscarry; a miscarriage; an abortion

小铲子 小鏟子 xiao3 chan3 zi5

小肠 小腸 xiao3 chang2
small intestine

小抄 小抄 xiao3 chao1
cheat sheet; crib sheet

小抄儿 小抄兒 xiao3 chao1 er5
erhua variant of 小抄

小潮 小潮 xiao3 chao2
neap tide (the smallest tide, when moon is at first or third quarter)

小车 小車 xiao3 che1
small model car; mini-car; small horse-cart; barrow; wheelbarrow; type of folk dance

小城 小城 xiao3 cheng2
small town

小惩大诫 小懲大誡 xiao3 cheng2 da4 jie4
lit. to punish a little to prevent a lot (idiom); to criticize former mistakes firmly to prevent large scale repetition

小吃 小吃 xiao3 chi1
snack; refreshments

小吃店 小吃店 xiao3 chi1 dian4
snack bar; lunch room

小池百合子 小池百合子 xiao3 chi2 bai3 he2 zi5
KOIKE Yuriko (1952-), Japanese LDP politician, minister of defense during 2008

小赤壁 小赤壁 xiao3 chi4 bi4
Little Red Cliff, nickname of Bitan 碧潭, Xindian, Taibei county, Taiwan

小冲突 小衝突 xiao3 chong1 tu1
skirmish; clash; dispute; brush

小丑 小丑 xiao3 chou3

小丑鱼 小丑魚 xiao3 chou3 yu2
clownfish; anemonefish

小除夕 小除夕 xiao3 chu2 xi1
the day before New Year's Eve

小川 小川 xiao3 chuan1
Ogawa (Japanese surname)

小船 小船 xiao3 chuan2

小槌 小槌 xiao3 chui2
mallet; drumstick

小春 小春 xiao3 chun1
10th month of the lunar calendar; Indian summer; crops sown in late autumn

小葱 小蔥 xiao3 cong1
shallot; spring onion

小聪明 小聰明 xiao3 cong1 ming5
clever-clever; clever in trivial matters; sharp but petty-minded

小打小闹 小打小鬧 xiao3 da3 xiao3 nao4

小袋 小袋 xiao3 dai4

小袋鼠 小袋鼠 xiao3 dai4 shu3
wallaby; pademelon

小弹 小彈 xiao3 dan4
bomblet (of cluster bomb)

小刀 小刀 xiao3 dao1

小刀会 小刀會 xiao3 dao1 hui4
Dagger Society, anti-Qing secret society who mounted an unsuccessful rebellion in 1855

小岛 小島 xiao3 dao3
Kojima (Japanese surname and place name)

小岛 小島 xiao3 dao3

小道 小道 xiao3 dao4
bypath; trail; bribery as a means of achieving a goal; minor arts (Confucian reference to agriculture, medicine, divination, and other professions unworthy of a gentleman)

小道新闻 小道新聞 xiao3 dao4 xin1 wen2
news from the grapevine

小的 小的 xiao3 de5
I (when talking to a superior)

小滴 小滴 xiao3 di1
a drop

小弟 小弟 xiao3 di4
little brother; I, your little brother (humble)

小弟弟 小弟弟 xiao3 di4 di5
little brother; little boy; (coll.) penis

小店 小店 xiao3 dian4
small store

小店区 小店區 xiao3 dian4 qu1
Xiaodian district of Taiyuan city 太原市, Shanxi

小调 小調 xiao3 diao4
xiaodiao, a Chinese folk song genre; minor key (in music)

小碟子 小碟子 xiao3 die2 zi5

小洞不补大洞吃苦 小洞不補大洞吃苦 xiao3 dong4 bu4 bu3 da4 dong4 chi1 ku3
A small hole not plugged will make you suffer a big hole (idiom); a stitch in time saves nine

小洞不堵,大洞吃苦 小洞不堵,大洞吃苦 xiao3 dong4 bu4 du3 - da4 dong4 chi1 ku3
A small hole not plugged will make you suffer a big hole (idiom); A stitch in time saves nine.

小洞不堵,大洞难补 小洞不堵,大洞難補 xiao3 dong4 bu4 du3 - da4 dong4 nan2 bu3
If you don't plug the small hole, the big hole will be hard to repair (idiom); A stitch in time saves nine.

小洞不堵,大洞受苦 小洞不堵,大洞受苦 xiao3 dong4 bu4 du3 - da4 dong4 shou4 ku3
A small hole not plugged will make you suffer a big hole (idiom); A stitch in time saves nine.

小洞不堵沉大船 小洞不堵沉大船 xiao3 dong4 bu4 du3 chen2 da4 chuan2
A small hole not plugged will sink a great ship.

小动作 小動作 xiao3 dong4 zuo4
bad habit (e.g. nose-picking); petty maneuver; dirty trick; gamesmanship

小豆 小豆 xiao3 dou4
see 紅豆|红豆

小豆蔻 小豆蔻 xiao3 dou4 kou4
Indian cardamom (Amomum cardamomum)

小蠹 小蠹 xiao3 du4
bark beetle (zoology)

小肚鸡肠 小肚雞腸 xiao3 du4 ji1 chang2
lit. small belly, chicken's gut (idiom); narrow-minded; petty

小杜鹃 小杜鵑 xiao3 du4 juan1
(bird species of China) lesser cuckoo (Cuculus poliocephalus)

小段子 小段子 xiao3 duan4 zi5
short paragraph; news article

小鹅 小鵝 xiao3 e2

小额融资 小額融資 xiao3 e2 rong2 zi1

小颚 小顎 xiao3 e4
mandible (lower jaw)

小儿 小兒 xiao3 er2
young child; (humble) my son

小儿经 小兒經 xiao3 er2 jing1
Xiao'erjing, refers to the use of the Arabic alphabet to write Chinese

小儿科 小兒科 xiao3 er2 ke1
pediatrics; pediatric (department); sth of little importance; trifle; a child's play; (slang) childish; petty; stingy

小儿麻痹 小兒麻痺 xiao3 er2 ma2 bi4
polio (poliomyelitis)

小儿痲痹 小兒痲痺 xiao3 er2 ma2 bi4
variant of 小兒麻痺|小儿麻痹; infantile paralysis; polio (poliomyelitis)

小儿麻痹病毒 小兒麻痺病毒 xiao3 er2 ma2 bi4 bing4 du2

小儿麻痹症 小兒麻痺症 xiao3 er2 ma2 bi4 zheng4
poliomyelitis; infantile paralysis

小儿软骨病 小兒軟骨病 xiao3 er2 ruan3 gu3 bing4
rickets (medicine)

小二 小二 xiao3 er4

小儿 小兒 xiao3 er5
(coll.) early childhood; baby boy

小发财 小發財 xiao3 fa1 cai2
(coll.) (Tw) mini truck; Kei truck

小贩 小販 xiao3 fan4
peddler; hawker

小饭馆 小飯館 xiao3 fan4 guan3
tearoom; canteen; cafeteria

小范围 小範圍 xiao3 fan4 wei2
small-scale; local; to a limited extent

小费 小費 xiao3 fei4
tip; gratuity

小粉 小粉 xiao3 fen3
(wheat) starch; amylum

小粉红 小粉紅 xiao3 fen3 hong2
young Chinese cyber-nationalists

小凤头燕鸥 小鳳頭燕鷗 xiao3 feng4 tou2 yan4 ou1
(bird species of China) lesser crested tern (Thalasseus bengalensis)

小腹 小腹 xiao3 fu4
underbelly; lower abdomen

小缸缸儿 小缸缸兒 xiao3 gang1 gang5 er5
small mug (baby language)

小钢球 小鋼球 xiao3 gang1 qiu2
iron pellet; shrapnel

小钢珠 小鋼珠 xiao3 gang1 zhu1

小港 小港 xiao3 gang3
Xiaogang or Hsiaokang district of Kaohsiung city 高雄市, south Taiwan

小港区 小港區 xiao3 gang3 qu1
Xiaogang or Hsiaokang district of Kaohsiung city 高雄市, south Taiwan

小攻 小攻 xiao3 gong1
(slang) top (in a homosexual relationship)

小恭 小恭 xiao3 gong1
(literary) urine

小公共 小公共 xiao3 gong1 gong4
mini bus (used for public transportation)

小公主 小公主 xiao3 gong1 zhu3
lit. little princess; fig. spoiled girl; female version of 小皇帝

小狗 小狗 xiao3 gou3
pup; puppy

小姑 小姑 xiao3 gu1
husband's younger sister; sister-in-law

小鼓 小鼓 xiao3 gu3
snare drum

小褂 小褂 xiao3 gua4
close-fitting (Chinese-style) upper garment

小拐 小拐 xiao3 guai3
to turn right (Shanghainese)

小官 小官 xiao3 guan1
petty official; minor functionary

小广播 小廣播 xiao3 guang3 bo1
grapevine; gossip; to spread rumors

小鬼 小鬼 xiao3 gui3
little demon (term of endearment for a child); mischievous child; imp

小过 小過 xiao3 guo4
little mistake; minor offense; slightly too much

小孩 小孩 xiao3 hai2

小孩堤防 小孩堤防 xiao3 hai2 di2 fang2
Kinderdijk, village in the Netherlands with a large network of windmills attracting many tourists

小孩儿 小孩兒 xiao3 hai2 er5
erhua variant of 小孩

小孩子 小孩子 xiao3 hai2 zi5

小寒 小寒 xiao3 han2
Lesser Cold, 23rd of the 24 solar terms 二十四節氣|二十四节气 6th-19th January

小号 小號 xiao3 hao4
trumpet; small size (clothes etc); (coll.) number one; to urinate; (humble) our store

小昊 小昊 xiao3 hao4
Xiaohao (c. 2200 BC), leader of the Dongyi 東夷|东夷 or Eastern Barbarians

小河 小河 xiao3 he2

小河区 小河區 xiao3 he2 qu1
Xiaohe district of Guiyang city 貴陽市|贵阳市, Guizhou

小黑领噪鹛 小黑領噪鶥 xiao3 hei1 ling3 zao4 mei2
(bird species of China) lesser necklaced laughingthrush (Garrulax monileger)

小红萝卜 小紅蘿蔔 xiao3 hong2 luo2 bo5
summer radish (the small red kind)

小红帽 小紅帽 xiao3 hong2 mao4
Little Red Riding Hood

小红莓 小紅莓 xiao3 hong2 mei2

小花远志 小花遠志 xiao3 hua1 yuan3 zhi4
small-flowered milkwort (Polygala arvensis Willd. or P. telephioides), with roots used in Chinese medicine

小黄 小黃 xiao3 huang2
(coll.) taxicab (Tw)

小皇帝 小皇帝 xiao3 huang2 di4
child emperor; (fig.) spoiled child; spoiled boy; pampered only child

小黄瓜 小黃瓜 xiao3 huang2 gua1

小黄脚鹬 小黃腳鷸 xiao3 huang2 jiao3 yu4
(bird species of China) lesser yellowlegs (Tringa flavipes)

小蝗莺 小蝗鶯 xiao3 huang2 ying1
(bird species of China) Pallas's grasshopper warbler (Locustella certhiola)

小谎 小謊 xiao3 huang3

小灰山椒鸟 小灰山椒鳥 xiao3 hui1 shan1 jiao1 niao3
(bird species of China) Swinhoe's minivet (Pericrocotus cantonensis)

小茴香 小茴香 xiao3 hui2 xiang1
fennel; fennel seed

小混混 小混混 xiao3 hun4 hun4
hooligan; rogue; a good-for-nothing

小伙 小伙 xiao3 huo3
young guy; lad; youngster

小伙儿 小伙兒 xiao3 huo3 er5
erhua variant of 小伙

小伙子 小伙子 xiao3 huo3 zi5
young man; young guy; lad; youngster

小货车 小貨車 xiao3 huo4 che1
pickup truck

小鸡 小雞 xiao3 ji1

小鸡鸡 小雞雞 xiao3 ji1 ji1
penis (child's word)

小集团 小集團 xiao3 ji2 tuan2
faction; clique

小计 小計 xiao3 ji4

小技 小技 xiao3 ji4
small skills; folk musical theater

小家碧玉 小家碧玉 xiao3 jia1 bi4 yu4
pretty daughter in a humble family

小家鼠 小家鼠 xiao3 jia1 shu3

小家子气 小家子氣 xiao3 jia1 zi5 qi4
petty; small-minded

小建 小建 xiao3 jian4
lunar month of 29 days; same as 小盡|小尽

小脚 小腳 xiao3 jiao3
bound feet (traditional)

小节 小節 xiao3 jie2
a minor matter; trivia; bar (music)

小结 小結 xiao3 jie2
summary; short; brief; wrap-up

小节线 小節線 xiao3 jie2 xian4
barline (music)

小解 小解 xiao3 jie3
to urinate; to empty one's bladder

小姐 小姐 xiao3 jie5
young lady; miss; (slang) prostitute

小金 小金 xiao3 jin1
Xiaojin county (Tibetan: btsan lha rdzong) in Ngawa Tibetan and Qiang autonomous prefecture 阿壩藏族羌族自治州|阿坝藏族羌族自治州, northwest Sichuan

小金库 小金庫 xiao3 jin1 ku4
supplementary cash reserve; private fund; private hoard; slush fund

小金县 小金縣 xiao3 jin1 xian4
Xiaojin county (Tibetan: btsan lha rdzong) in Ngawa Tibetan and Qiang autonomous prefecture 阿壩藏族羌族自治州|阿坝藏族羌族自治州, northwest Sichuan

小尽 小盡 xiao3 jin4
lunar month of 29 days; same as 小建

小精灵 小精靈 xiao3 jing1 ling2

小径 小徑 xiao3 jing4

小九九 小九九 xiao3 jiu3 jiu3
multiplication tables; (fig.) plan; scheme

小舅子 小舅子 xiao3 jiu4 zi5
(coll.) wife's younger brother

小鹃鸠 小鵑鳩 xiao3 juan1 jiu1
(bird species of China) little cuckoo-dove (Macropygia ruficeps)

小军舰鸟 小軍艦鳥 xiao3 jun1 jian4 niao3
(bird species of China) great frigatebird (Fregata minor)

小开 小開 xiao3 kai1
(dialect) boss's son; rich man's son; young master

小看 小看 xiao3 kan4
to look down on; to underestimate

小康 小康 xiao3 kang1
Xiaokang, a Confucian near-ideal state of society, second only to Datong 大同

小康 小康 xiao3 kang1
moderately affluent; well-off; a period of peace and prosperity

小康社会 小康社會 xiao3 kang1 she4 hui4
society in which the material needs of most citizens are adequately met

小考 小考 xiao3 kao3

小可 小可 xiao3 ke3
small; unimportant; (polite) my humble person

小可爱 小可愛 xiao3 ke3 ai4
cutie; sweetie; (Tw) camisole (women's garment)

小葵花凤头鹦鹉 小葵花鳳頭鸚鵡 xiao3 kui2 hua1 feng4 tou2 ying1 wu3
(bird species of China) yellow-crested cockatoo (Cacatua sulphurea)

小括号 小括號 xiao3 kuo4 hao4
brackets; parentheses ( ) (math.)

小老婆 小老婆 xiao3 lao3 po2
concubine; mistress; (dialect) woman

小老鼠 小老鼠 xiao3 lao3 shu3
@; at symbol

小里小气 小裡小氣 xiao3 li5 xiao3 qi4
stingy; petty

小两口 小兩口 xiao3 liang3 kou3
(coll.) young married couple

小两口儿 小兩口兒 xiao3 liang3 kou3 er5
erhua variant of 小兩口|小两口

小量 小量 xiao3 liang4
a small quantity

小林 小林 xiao3 lin2
Kobayashi (Japanese surname)

小鳞胸鹪鹛 小鱗胸鷦鶥 xiao3 lin2 xiong1 jiao1 mei2
(bird species of China) pygmy wren-babbler (Pnoepyga pusilla)

小灵通 小靈通 xiao3 ling2 tong1
mobile phone (with a local, 7-digit phone number)

小灵通机站 小靈通機站 xiao3 ling2 tong1 ji1 zhan4
cell phone base or repeater station (telecommunications)

小羚羊 小羚羊 xiao3 ling2 yang2

小龙 小龍 xiao3 long2
snake (as one of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals 生肖)

小笼包 小籠包 xiao3 long2 bao1
steamed dumpling

小笼汤包 小籠湯包 xiao3 long2 tang1 bao1
steamed soup dumpling

小龙虾 小龍蝦 xiao3 long2 xia1
crayfish; langoustine; chicken lobster

小路 小路 xiao3 lu4
minor road; lane; pathway; trail

小鹿乱撞 小鹿亂撞 xiao3 lu4 luan4 zhuang4
fig. restless, because of fear or strong emotions

小轮车 小輪車 xiao3 lun2 che1
cycling BMX

小萝卜头 小蘿蔔頭 xiao3 luo2 bo5 tou5
(coll.) little kid

小绿人 小綠人 xiao3 lv4 ren2
little green men from Mars

小马 小馬 xiao3 ma3
colt; pony

小马座 小馬座 xiao3 ma3 zuo4
Equuleus (constellation)

小麦 小麥 xiao3 mai4

小卖部 小賣部 xiao3 mai4 bu4
kiosk; snack counter; retail department or section inside a larger business

小麦胚芽 小麥胚芽 xiao3 mai4 pei1 ya2
wheat germ

小满 小滿 xiao3 man3
Xiaoman or Lesser Full Grain, 8th of the 24 solar terms 二十四節氣|二十四节气 21st May-5th June

小猫 小貓 xiao3 mao1

小毛虫 小毛蟲 xiao3 mao2 chong2

小毛头 小毛頭 xiao3 mao2 tou5
(coll.) new-born baby; young boy

小妹 小妹 xiao3 mei4
little sister; girl; (Tw) young female employee working in a low-level role dealing with the public (assistant, waitress, attendant etc)

小妹妹 小妹妹 xiao3 mei4 mei5
little sister; little girl; (coll.) vulva

小米 小米 xiao3 mi3
Xiaomi, Chinese electronics company founded in 2010

小米 小米 xiao3 mi3

小米椒 小米椒 xiao3 mi3 jiao1
same as 朝天椒

小秘 小秘 xiao3 mi4
(ironically) "secretary" (i.e. boss's mistress)

小蜜 小蜜 xiao3 mi4
(derog.) girlfriend of a married man

小面包 小麵包 xiao3 mian4 bao1
bread roll; bun

小民 小民 xiao3 min2
ordinary people; commoner; civilian

小名 小名 xiao3 ming2
pet name for a child; childhood name

小拇指 小拇指 xiao3 mu3 zhi3
little finger; pinkie

小脑 小腦 xiao3 nao3
cerebellum (part of the brain)

小年人 小年人 xiao3 nian2 ren2
younger old person; young retiree

小鸟 小鳥 xiao3 niao3
penis (kiddie term)

小鸟依人 小鳥依人 xiao3 niao3 yi1 ren2
lit. like a little bird relying on people (idiom); fig. cute and helpless-looking

小牛 小牛 xiao3 niu2

小牛肉 小牛肉 xiao3 niu2 rou4

小女 小女 xiao3 nv3
my daughter (humble)

小女人 小女人 xiao3 nv3 ren2
dainty and delicate girl; concubine

小鸥 小鷗 xiao3 ou1
(bird species of China) little gull (Hydrocoloeus minutus)

小盘尾 小盤尾 xiao3 pan2 wei3
(bird species of China) lesser racket-tailed drongo (Dicrurus remifer)

小泡 小泡 xiao3 pao4

小朋友 小朋友 xiao3 peng2 you3

小屁孩 小屁孩 xiao3 pi4 hai2
wimpy kid; brat

小䴙䴘 小鷿鷈 xiao3 pi4 ti1
(bird species of China) little grebe (Tachybaptus ruficollis)

小票 小票 xiao3 piao4
receipt; banknote of small denomination

小品 小品 xiao3 pin3
short, simple literary or artistic creation; essay; skit

小牝牛 小牝牛 xiao3 pin4 niu2

小瀑布 小瀑布 xiao3 pu4 bu4

小企业 小企業 xiao3 qi3 ye4
small enterprise

小起重机 小起重機 xiao3 qi3 zhong4 ji1

小憩 小憩 xiao3 qi4
to rest for a bit; to take a breather

小气 小氣 xiao3 qi4
stingy; miserly; narrow-minded; petty

小汽车 小汽車 xiao3 qi4 che1
compact car

小气鬼 小氣鬼 xiao3 qi4 gui3
miser; penny-pincher

小气候 小氣候 xiao3 qi4 hou4
microclimate; fig. local situation

小气腔 小氣腔 xiao3 qi4 qiang1
small air cavity

小强 小強 xiao3 qiang2
cockroach (slang)

小桥 小橋 xiao3 qiao2
Xiao Qiao, one of the Two Qiaos, according to Romance of the Three Kingdoms 三國演義|三国演义, the two great beauties of ancient China

小瞧 小瞧 xiao3 qiao2
(coll.) to look down on; to underestimate

小巧 小巧 xiao3 qiao3
small and exquisite; delicate; fine (features); compact; nifty

小巧玲珑 小巧玲瓏 xiao3 qiao3 ling2 long2
dainty and delicate; exquisite

小青脚鹬 小青腳鷸 xiao3 qing1 jiao3 yu4
(bird species of China) Nordmann's greenshank (Tringa guttifer)

小青年 小青年 xiao3 qing1 nian2
young person; youngster

小清新 小清新 xiao3 qing1 xin1

小丘 小丘 xiao3 qiu1
hill; knoll

小球 小球 xiao3 qiu2
sports such as ping-pong and badminton that use small balls; see also 大球

小区 小區 xiao3 qu1
neighborhood; district

小曲 小曲 xiao3 qu3
popular song; folk tune; ballad

小觑 小覷 xiao3 qu4
to despise; to have contempt for

小泉 小泉 xiao3 quan2
Koizumi (name); KOIZUMI Jun'ichirō, Japanese LDP politician, prime minister 2001-2006

小泉纯一郎 小泉純一郎 xiao3 quan2 chun2 yi1 lang2
KOIZUMI Jun'ichirō (1942-), Japanese LDP politician, prime minister 2001-2006

小犬 小犬 xiao3 quan3
puppy; my son (humble)

小犬座 小犬座 xiao3 quan3 zuo4
Canis Minor (constellation)

小确幸 小確幸 xiao3 que4 xing4
sth small that one can find pleasure in (e.g. a cold beer after a hard day or a serendipitous find in a second-hand store)

小人 小人 xiao3 ren2
person of low social status (old); I, me (used to refer humbly to oneself); nasty person; vile character

小人精 小人精 xiao3 ren2 jing1
exceptionally bright kid; child prodigy

小人书 小人書 xiao3 ren2 shu1
children's picture story book

小人物 小人物 xiao3 ren2 wu4
nonentity; a nobody

小日本 小日本 xiao3 ri4 ben3
(derog.) Japanese person; Jap

小日本儿 小日本兒 xiao3 ri4 ben3 er5
erhua variant of 小日本

小日子 小日子 xiao3 ri4 zi5
simple life

小绒鸭 小絨鴨 xiao3 rong2 ya1
(bird species of China) Steller's eider (Polysticta stelleri)

小三 小三 xiao3 san1
mistress; the other woman (coll.); grade 3 in elementary school

小三度 小三度 xiao3 san1 du4
minor third (musical interval)

小三和弦 小三和弦 xiao3 san1 he2 xian2
minor triad la-do-mi

小嗓 小嗓 xiao3 sang3
falsetto (in Chinese opera)

小山包包 小山包包 xiao3 shan1 bao1 bao5
a landscape dotted with low hills and hillocks (idiom)

小商贩 小商販 xiao3 shang1 fan4
small trader; peddler

小杓鹬 小杓鷸 xiao3 shao2 yu4
(bird species of China) little curlew (Numenius minutus)

小舌 小舌 xiao3 she2

小声 小聲 xiao3 sheng1
in a low voice; (speak) in whispers

小乘 小乘 xiao3 sheng4
Hinayana, the Lesser Vehicle; Buddhism in India before the Mayahana sutras; also pr.

小狮座 小獅座 xiao3 shi1 zuo4
Leo Minor (constellation)

小时 小時 xiao3 shi2

小时工 小時工 xiao3 shi2 gong1
hourly worker; hourly job

小时候 小時候 xiao3 shi2 hou5
in one's childhood

小时候儿 小時候兒 xiao3 shi2 hou5 er5
erhua variant of 小時候|小时候

小时了了,大未必佳 小時了了,大未必佳 xiao3 shi2 liao3 liao3 - da4 wei4 bi4 jia1
being bright at an early age does not necessarily bring success upon growing up (proverb)

小食中心 小食中心 xiao3 shi2 zhong1 xin1
Food court

小视 小視 xiao3 shi4
to belittle; to look down upon; to despise

小事 小事 xiao3 shi4
trifle; trivial matter

小事一桩 小事一樁 xiao3 shi4 yi1 zhuang1
trivial matter; a piece of cake

小手小脚 小手小腳 xiao3 shou3 xiao3 jiao3
mean; stingy; to be lacking in boldness; timid

小受 小受 xiao3 shou4
(slang) bottom (in a homosexual relationship)

小寿星 小壽星 xiao3 shou4 xing1
child whose birthday is being celebrated; birthday boy; birthday girl

小叔 小叔 xiao3 shu1
husband's younger brother; brother-in-law

小暑 小暑 xiao3 shu3
Xiaoshu or Lesser Heat, 11th of the 24 solar terms 二十四節氣|二十四节气 7th-22nd July

小鼠 小鼠 xiao3 shu3

小数 小數 xiao3 shu4
small figure; small amount; the part of a number to the right of the decimal point (or radix point); fractional part of a number; number between 0 and 1; decimal fraction

小树 小樹 xiao3 shu4
shrub; small tree; sapling

小数点 小數點 xiao3 shu4 dian3
decimal point

小树林 小樹林 xiao3 shu4 lin2

小睡 小睡 xiao3 shui4
to nap; to doze

小说 小說 xiao3 shuo1
novel; fiction

小说家 小說家 xiao3 shuo1 jia1
School of Minor-talks, one of the Hundred Schools of Thought 諸子百家|诸子百家 during the Warring States Period (475-221 BC)

小说家 小說家 xiao3 shuo1 jia1

小松糕 小鬆糕 xiao3 song1 gao1

小苏打 小蘇打 xiao3 su1 da2
baking soda; sodium bicarbonate

小算盘 小算盤 xiao3 suan4 pan2
lit. small abacus; fig. selfish calculations; bean-counting

小太平鸟 小太平鳥 xiao3 tai4 ping2 niao3
(bird species of China) Japanese waxwing (Bombycilla japonica)

小太太 小太太 xiao3 tai4 tai5
concubine; mistress

小摊 小攤 xiao3 tan1
vendor's stall

小摊儿 小攤兒 xiao3 tan1 er5
erhua variant of 小攤|小摊

小汤山 小湯山 xiao3 tang1 shan1
Xiaotangshan town in Beijing municipality

小淘气 小淘氣 xiao3 tao2 qi4

小题大作 小題大作 xiao3 ti2 da4 zuo4
variant of 小題大做|小题大做

小题大做 小題大做 xiao3 ti2 da4 zuo4
to make a big fuss over a minor issue (idiom)

小提琴 小提琴 xiao3 ti2 qin2
fiddle; violin

小提琴手 小提琴手 xiao3 ti2 qin2 shou3
violinist; fiddler

小天鹅 小天鵝 xiao3 tian1 e2
Little Swan (PRC appliance brand)

小天鹅 小天鵝 xiao3 tian1 e2
(bird species of China) tundra swan (Cygnus columbianus)

小田鸡 小田雞 xiao3 tian2 ji1
(bird species of China) Baillon's crake (Porzana pusilla)

小畑健 小畑健 xiao3 tian2 jian4
OBATA Takeshi, manga artist, illustrator of cult series Death Note 死亡筆記|死亡笔记

小同乡 小同鄉 xiao3 tong2 xiang1
person from the same county

小偷 小偷 xiao3 tou1

小团体主义 小團體主義 xiao3 tuan2 ti3 zhu3 yi4
cliquism; small-group mentality

小腿 小腿 xiao3 tui3
calf (of the leg)

小吞噬细胞 小吞噬細胞 xiao3 tun1 shi4 xi4 bao1
microphage (a type of white blood cell)

小娃 小娃 xiao3 wa2

小娃娃 小娃娃 xiao3 wa2 wa5

小玩意 小玩意 xiao3 wan2 yi4
gadget; widget (small item of software)

小苇鳽 小葦鳽 xiao3 wei3 jian1
(bird species of China) little bittern (Ixobrychus minutus)

小我 小我 xiao3 wo3
the self; the individual

小屋 小屋 xiao3 wu1
cabin; lodge; cottage; chalet; hut; shed

小巫见大巫 小巫見大巫 xiao3 wu1 jian4 da4 wu1
lit. minor magician in the presence of a great one (idiom); fig. to pale into insignificance by comparison

小鹀 小鵐 xiao3 wu2
(bird species of China) little bunting (Emberiza pusilla)

小溪 小溪 xiao3 xi1
brook; streamlet

小媳妇 小媳婦 xiao3 xi2 fu5
young married woman; mistress; (fig.) punching bag; (old) child bride

小虾米 小蝦米 xiao3 xia1 mi5
shrimp; fig. small fry; minor player

小鲜肉 小鮮肉 xiao3 xian1 rou4
(coll.) teen idol (male)

小仙鹟 小仙鶲 xiao3 xian1 weng1
(bird species of China) small niltava (Niltava macgrigoriae)

小巷 小巷 xiao3 xiang4

小项 小項 xiao3 xiang4
small item; event (of program)

小小 小小 xiao3 xiao3
very small; very few; very minor

小小说 小小說 xiao3 xiao3 shuo1
flash fiction

小写 小寫 xiao3 xie3

小写字母 小寫字母 xiao3 xie3 zi4 mu3
lowercase (letters)

小心 小心 xiao3 xin1
to be careful; to take care

小心谨慎 小心謹慎 xiao3 xin1 jin3 shen4
cautious and timid (idiom); prudent; careful

小心眼 小心眼 xiao3 xin1 yan3
narrow-minded; petty

小心眼儿 小心眼兒 xiao3 xin1 yan3 er5
small-minded; petty; narrow-minded

小心翼翼 小心翼翼 xiao3 xin1 yi4 yi4
cautious and solemn (idiom); very carefully; prudent; gently and cautiously

小星头啄木鸟 小星頭啄木鳥 xiao3 xing1 tou2 zhuo2 mu4 niao3
(bird species of China) Japanese pygmy woodpecker (Dendrocopos kizuki)

小型 小型 xiao3 xing2
small scale; small size

小型巴士 小型巴士 xiao3 xing2 ba1 shi4
minibus; microbus

小型车 小型車 xiao3 xing2 che1
compact car

小型柜橱 小型櫃櫥 xiao3 xing2 gui4 chu2

小型核武器 小型核武器 xiao3 xing2 he2 wu3 qi4

小型货车 小型貨車 xiao3 xing2 huo4 che1
light van

小型企业 小型企業 xiao3 xing2 qi3 ye4
small business

小型汽车 小型汽車 xiao3 xing2 qi4 che1
compact car

小行星 小行星 xiao3 xing2 xing1
asteroid; minor planet

小行星带 小行星帶 xiao3 xing2 xing1 dai4
asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter

小熊猫 小熊貓 xiao3 xiong2 mao1
lesser panda; red panda; firefox

小熊维尼 小熊維尼 xiao3 xiong2 wei2 ni2
Winnie-the-Pooh (bear character in children's stories by A. A. Milne adapted by Disney)

小熊座 小熊座 xiao3 xiong2 zuo4
Ursa Minor (constellation)

小婿 小婿 xiao3 xu4
my son-in-law (humble); I (spoken to parents-in-law)

小学 小學 xiao3 xue2
elementary school; primary school

小学而大遗 小學而大遺 xiao3 xue2 er2 da4 yi2
to concentrate on trivial points while neglecting the main problem (idiom)

小学生 小學生 xiao3 xue2 sheng1
primary school student; schoolchild; (fig.) beginner

小雪 小雪 xiao3 xue3
Xiaoxue or Lesser Snow, 20th of the 24 solar terms 二十四節氣|二十四节气 22nd November-6th December

小薰 小薰 xiao3 xun1
Xiao Xun (1989-), Taiwan actress

小鸦鹃 小鴉鵑 xiao3 ya1 juan1
(bird species of China) lesser coucal (Centropus bengalensis)

小雅 小雅 xiao3 ya3
one of the three main divisions of the Book of Songs 詩經|诗经

小亚细亚 小亞細亞 xiao3 ya4 xi4 ya4
Asia minor; Anatolia

小岩洞 小岩洞 xiao3 yan2 dong4

小眼角 小眼角 xiao3 yan3 jiao3
outer corner of the eye

小雁塔 小雁塔 xiao3 yan4 ta3
Small Wild Goose Pagoda in Xi'an

小燕尾 小燕尾 xiao3 yan4 wei3
(bird species of China) little forktail (Enicurus scouleri)

小羊 小羊 xiao3 yang2

小样 小樣 xiao3 yang4
galley proof (printing); unimpressive; (coll.) little guy (mild insult also used as an affectionate term)

小妖 小妖 xiao3 yao1
small demon

小妖精 小妖精 xiao3 yao1 jing1
goblin; hussy; floozy

小野 小野 xiao3 ye3
Ono (Japanese surname and place name)

小野不由美 小野不由美 xiao3 ye3 bu4 you2 mei3
Ono Fuyumi (1960-), Japanese novelist

小夜曲 小夜曲 xiao3 ye4 qu3

小姨 小姨 xiao3 yi2
(coll.) wife's younger sister; sister-in-law

小姨子 小姨子 xiao3 yi2 zi5
see 小姨

小意思 小意思 xiao3 yi4 si5
small token; mere trifle (used of one's gifts)

小鹰号 小鷹號 xiao3 ying1 hao4
Kitty Hawk (US aircraft carrier)

小营盘镇 小營盤鎮 xiao3 ying2 pan2 zhen4
Xiaoyingpan township in Börtala Shehiri or Bole City 博樂市|博乐市, Xinjiang

小游 小遊 xiao3 you2
outing; short trip

小于 小於 xiao3 yu2
less than, <

小雨 小雨 xiao3 yu3
light rain; drizzle

小渊 小淵 xiao3 yuan1
Obuchi (Japanese surname)

小渊惠三 小淵惠三 xiao3 yuan1 hui4 san1
Obuchi Keizo (1937-2000), Japanese politician, prime minister 1998-2000

小云雀 小雲雀 xiao3 yun2 que4
(bird species of China) oriental skylark (Alauda gulgula)

小脏鬼 小髒鬼 xiao3 zang1 gui3
dirty little devil (affectionate, of child)

小灶 小灶 xiao3 zao4
mess hall for high-ranking cadres; (fig.) special treatment; cf. 大灶

小寨 小寨 xiao3 zhai4
Xiaozhai neighborhood of Xi'an

小昭寺 小昭寺 xiao3 zhao1 si4
Ramoche Temple, Lhasa

小支气管 小支氣管 xiao3 zhi1 qi4 guan3

小指 小指 xiao3 zhi3
little finger

小众 小眾 xiao3 zhong4
minority of the population; non-mainstream (activity, pursuit etc); niche (market etc)

小篆 小篆 xiao3 zhuan4
the small or lesser seal, the form of Chinese character standardized by the Qin dynasty

小传 小傳 xiao3 zhuan4
sketch biography; profile

小酌 小酌 xiao3 zhuo2
to have a drink; small party

小资 小資 xiao3 zi1
petit bourgeois; yuppie; abbr. of 小資產階級|小资产阶级

小资产阶级 小資產階級 xiao3 zi1 chan3 jie1 ji2
petty bourgeois

小子 小子 xiao3 zi3
(literary) youngster; (old) young fellow (term of address used by the older generation); (old) I, me (used in speaking to one's elders)

小子 小子 xiao3 zi5
(coll.) boy; (derog.) joker; guy; (despicable) fellow

小卒 小卒 xiao3 zu2
foot soldier; minor figure; a nobody; (chess) pawn

小组 小組 xiao3 zu3

小组委员会 小組委員會 xiao3 zu3 wei3 yuan2 hui4

小祖宗 小祖宗 xiao3 zu3 zong1
brat; little devil

小嘴鸻 小嘴鴴 xiao3 zui3 heng2
(bird species of China) Eurasian dotterel (Charadrius morinellus)

小嘴乌鸦 小嘴烏鴉 xiao3 zui3 wu1 ya1
(bird species of China) carrion crow (Corvus corone)

新疆小盘鸡 新疆小盤雞 xin1 jiang1 xiao3 pan2 ji1
Xinjiang small-plate chicken (typical dish from North-West China)

心眼小 心眼小 xin1 yan3 xiao3
see 小心眼

虚构小说 虛構小說 xu1 gou4 xiao3 shuo1

学分小时 學分小時 xue2 fen1 xiao3 shi2
credit hour (in an academic credit system); see also 學分制|学分制

血小板 血小板 xue4 xiao3 ban3
blood platelet

循环小数 循環小數 xun2 huan2 xiao3 shu4
recurring decimal

研究小组 研究小組 yan2 jiu1 xiao3 zu3
research group

言情小说 言情小說 yan2 qing2 xiao3 shuo1
romantic fiction

阎王好见,小鬼难当 閻王好見,小鬼難當 yan2 wang2 hao3 jian4 - xiao3 gui3 nan2 dang1
lit. standing in front of the King of Hell is easy, but smaller devils are difficult to deal with (idiom)

羊肠小道 羊腸小道 yang2 chang2 xiao3 dao4
road as twisty as sheep's intestine (idiom); narrow and winding road; fig. complicated and tricky job

羊肠小径 羊腸小徑 yang2 chang2 xiao3 jing4
winding road (twisting and turning like a sheep's intestine)

幺麽小丑 么麼小醜 yao1 mo2 xiao3 chou3
insignificant wretch

野小茴 野小茴 ye3 xiao3 hui2
dill seed

一小部分 一小部分 yi1 xiao3 bu4 fen4
a small part; a small section

一小撮 一小撮 yi1 xiao3 cuo1
handful (of)

一小阵儿 一小陣兒 yi1 xiao3 zhen4 er5
very brief period of time

以小挤大 以小擠大 yi3 xiao3 ji3 da4
minor projects eclipse major ones (idiom)

以小人之心,度君子之腹 以小人之心,度君子之腹 yi3 xiao3 ren2 zhi1 xin1 - duo2 jun1 zi3 zhi1 fu4
to gauge the heart of a gentleman with one's own mean measure (idiom)

因小失大 因小失大 yin1 xiao3 shi1 da4
to save a little only to lose a lot (idiom)

樱桃小番茄 櫻桃小番茄 ying1 tao2 xiao3 fan1 qie2
see 聖女果|圣女果

樱桃小口 櫻桃小口 ying1 tao2 xiao3 kou3
see 櫻桃小嘴|樱桃小嘴

樱桃小嘴 櫻桃小嘴 ying1 tao2 xiao3 zui3
lit. cherry mouth (idiom); fig. a delicate, ruby-lipped mouth

影射小说 影射小說 ying3 she4 xiao3 shuo1
roman à clef

幼小 幼小 you4 xiao3
young; immature

援交小姐 援交小姐 yuan2 jiao1 xiao3 jie5
girl who engages in enjo-kōsai; see also 援助交際|援助交际

章回小说 章回小說 zhang1 hui2 xiao3 shuo1
novel in chapters, main format for long novels from the Ming onwards, with each chapter headed by a summary couplet

珍珠小番茄 珍珠小番茄 zhen1 zhu1 xiao3 fan1 qie2
see 聖女果|圣女果

芝麻小事 芝麻小事 zhi1 ma5 xiao3 shi4
trivial matter; trifle

治大国若烹小鲜 治大國若烹小鮮 zhi4 da4 guo2 ruo4 peng1 xiao3 xian1
ruling a large nation is like cooking a small delicacy (idiom); effective government requires minimal intervention

中国小说史略 中國小說史略 zhong1 guo2 xiao3 shuo1 shi3 lve4
Concise History of the Chinese Novel by Lu Xun 鲁迅

中篇小说 中篇小說 zhong1 pian1 xiao3 shuo1

中小企业 中小企業 zhong1 xiao3 qi3 ye4
small and medium enterprise

中小型企业 中小型企業 zhong1 xiao3 xing2 qi3 ye4
small or medium size enterprise (SME)

周小川 周小川 zhou1 xiao3 chuan1
Zhou Xiaochuan (1948-), PRC banker and politician, governor of People's Bank of China 中國人民銀行|中国人民银行 from 2002

抓小辫子 抓小辮子 zhua1 xiao3 bian4 zi5
to catch sb out

纵纹腹小鸮 縱紋腹小鴞 zong4 wen2 fu4 xiao3 xiao1
(bird species of China) little owl (Athene noctua)

最小二乘 最小二乘 zui4 xiao3 er4 cheng2
least square (estimate)

最小公倍数 最小公倍數 zui4 xiao3 gong1 bei4 shu4
least common multiple

最小公分母 最小公分母 zui4 xiao3 gong1 fen1 mu3
lowest common denominator

最小化 最小化 zui4 xiao3 hua4
to minimize

最小值 最小值 zui4 xiao3 zhi2
least value; minimum

坐台小姐 坐台小姐 zuo4 tai2 xiao3 jie3
bar girl; professional escort

做小 做小 zuo4 xiao3
to become a concubine

做小抄 做小抄 zuo4 xiao3 chao1
to prepare a crib sheet; to crib; to cheat by copying