few; less; to lack; to be missing; to stop (doing sth); seldom


strokes 4
strokes after radical 1
必不可少 必不可少 bi4 bu4 ke3 shao3
absolutely necessary; indispensable; essential

必不可少组成 必不可少組成 bi4 bu4 ke3 shao3 zu3 cheng2
absolute necessity; sine qua non

不可缺少 不可缺少 bu4 ke3 que1 shao3

不少 不少 bu4 shao3
many; a lot; not few

短少 短少 duan3 shao3
to be short of the full amount

多多少少 多多少少 duo1 duo1 shao3 shao3
to some extent; more or less

多少 多少 duo1 shao3
number; amount; somewhat

多少有些 多少有些 duo1 shao3 you3 xie1
somewhat; more or less

多少 多少 duo1 shao5
how much; how many; which (number); as much as

多退少补 多退少補 duo1 tui4 shao3 bu3
to either refund an overcharge or ask for a surcharge in case of a price change

多一事不如少一事 多一事不如少一事 duo1 yi1 shi4 bu4 ru2 shao3 yi1 shi4
it is better to avoid unnecessary trouble (idiom); the less complications the better

多栽花少栽刺 多栽花少栽刺 duo1 zai1 hua1 shao3 zai1 ci4
talk nicely and avoid disputes; give compliments and not remarks

恶少 惡少 e4 shao4
young thug; malicious young ruffian

发热伴血小板减少综合征 發熱伴血小板減少綜合徵 fa1 re4 ban4 xue4 xiao3 ban3 jian3 shao3 zong1 he2 zheng1
severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome (SFTS)

寡二少双 寡二少雙 gua3 er4 shao3 shuang1
peerless; second to none (idiom)

过少 過少 guo4 shao3
too few; insufficient

海军少校 海軍少校 hai3 jun1 shao3 xiao4
lieutenant commander (= UK and US Navy equivalent)

花有重开日,人无再少年 花有重開日,人無再少年 hua1 you3 chong2 kai1 ri4 - ren2 wu2 zai4 shao4 nian2
a flower may blossom again, but a person cannot get young again (proverb)

或多或少 或多或少 huo4 duo1 huo4 shao3
more or less

积少成多 積少成多 ji1 shao3 cheng2 duo1
Many little things add up to sth great.; Many little drops make an ocean. (idiom)

极少 極少 ji2 shao3
very little; very few

极少数 極少數 ji2 shao3 shu4
extremely few; a small minority

减少 減少 jian3 shao3
to lessen; to decrease; to reduce; to lower

较少 較少 jiao4 shao3

空中少爷 空中少爺 kong1 zhong1 shao4 ye5
airline steward

狼多肉少 狼多肉少 lang2 duo1 rou4 shao3
many wolves and not enough meat; not enough to go around

老来少 老來少 lao3 lai2 shao4
old but young at heart

老少 老少 lao3 shao4
the old and the young

老少皆宜 老少皆宜 lao3 shao4 jie1 yi2
suitable for both the young and the old

老少无欺 老少無欺 lao3 shao4 wu2 qi1
cheating neither old nor young; treating youngsters and old folk equally scrupulously; Our house offers sincere treatment to all and fair trade to old and young alike.

老少咸宜 老少咸宜 lao3 shao4 xian2 yi2
suitable for young and old

刘少奇 劉少奇 liu2 shao4 qi2
Liu Shaoqi (1898-1969), Chinese communist leader, a martyr of the Cultural Revolution

男女老少 男女老少 nan2 nv3 lao3 shao4
men, women, young and old; all kinds of people; people of all ages

年少 年少 nian2 shao4
young; junior

年少无知 年少無知 nian2 shao4 wu2 zhi1
young and inexperienced; unsophisticated

诺克少 諾克少 nuo4 ke4 shao3
Nouakchott, capital of Mauritania (Tw)

钱多事少离家近 錢多事少離家近 qian2 duo1 shi4 shao3 li2 jia1 jin4
lots of money, less work, and close to home; ideal job

青少年 青少年 qing1 shao4 nian2
adolescent; youth; teenager

缺少 缺少 que1 shao3
lack; shortage of; shortfall; to be short (of); to lack

缺心少肺 缺心少肺 que1 xin1 shao3 fei4
brainless; stupid

缺衣少食 缺衣少食 que1 yi1 shao3 shi2
short of food and clothing; destitute

人烟稀少 人煙稀少 ren2 yan1 xi1 shao3
no sign of human habitation (idiom); desolate

僧多粥少 僧多粥少 seng1 duo1 zhou1 shao3
lit. many monks and not much gruel (idiom); fig. not enough to go around; demand exceeds supply

少安毋躁 少安毋躁 shao3 an1 wu2 zao4
keep calm, don't get excited; don't be impatient

少安无躁 少安無躁 shao3 an1 wu2 zao4
variant of 少安毋躁

少不得 少不得 shao3 bu5 de2
cannot be avoided; cannot do without

少不了 少不了 shao3 bu5 liao3
cannot do without; to be unavoidable; are bound to be many

少成多 少成多 shao3 cheng2 duo1
Many little things add up to sth great (idiom); many a mickle makes a muckle

少放 少放 shao3 fang4
to add less (of a spice etc)

少府 少府 shao3 fu3
Minor Treasurer in imperial China, one of the Nine Ministers 九卿

少根筋 少根筋 shao3 gen1 jin1
(coll.) dim-witted; foolish; absent-minded

少管闲事 少管閒事 shao3 guan3 xian2 shi4
Mind your own business!; Don't interfere!

少间 少間 shao3 jian4
soon; a short while; a narrow gap; slightly better (state of health)

少见 少見 shao3 jian4
rare; not familiar (to the speaker); sth rarely experience; hard to see

少见多怪 少見多怪 shao3 jian4 duo1 guai4
lit. rarely seen, very strange (idiom); to express amazement due to lack of experience; naive expression of excitement due to ignorance

少刻 少刻 shao3 ke4
a short while; soon

少块肉 少塊肉 shao3 kuai4 rou4
(coll.) (usually used in the negative) (can't) hurt (to do sth); (won't) hurt (to do sth)

少来 少來 shao3 lai2
refrain (from doing sth); (coll.) Come on!; Give me a break!; Save it!

少量 少量 shao3 liang4
a smidgen; a little bit; a few

少顷 少頃 shao3 qing3
in a short while; presently

少数 少數 shao3 shu4
small number; few; minority

少数民族 少數民族 shao3 shu4 min2 zu2
national minority; ethnic group

少数民族乡 少數民族鄉 shao3 shu4 min2 zu2 xiang1
ethnic township (formal village level subdivision of PRC county)

少说为佳 少說為佳 shao3 shuo1 wei2 jia1
Few words are best.; Brevity is the soul of wit.

少突胶质 少突膠質 shao3 tu1 jiao1 zhi4
oligodendrocytes (Greek: cells with few branches), a type of cell in central nervous system; oligodendroglia

少许 少許 shao3 xu3
a little; a few

少选 少選 shao3 xuan3
(literary) a little while

少阳病 少陽病 shao3 yang2 bing4
name of disease in TCM

少阳经 少陽經 shao3 yang2 jing1
one of the channels of TCM

少有 少有 shao3 you3
rare; infrequent

少之又少 少之又少 shao3 zhi1 you4 shao3
very few; very little

少艾 少艾 shao4 ai4
young and pretty; pretty girl

少东 少東 shao4 dong1
boss's son; young master

少儿 少兒 shao4 er2

少儿不宜 少兒不宜 shao4 er2 bu4 yi2
not suitable for children

少妇 少婦 shao4 fu4
young married woman

少将 少將 shao4 jiang4
major general; rear admiral; air vice marshal

少林 少林 shao4 lin2
the Shaolin monastery and martial arts school

少林寺 少林寺 shao4 lin2 si4
Shaolin Temple, Buddhist monastery famous for its kung fu monks

少奶奶 少奶奶 shao4 nai3 nai5
young lady of the house; wife of the young master

少男少女 少男少女 shao4 nan2 shao4 nv3
boys and girls; teenagers

少年 少年 shao4 nian2
youngster; juvenile

少年犯 少年犯 shao4 nian2 fan4
young criminal; juvenile delinquent

少年宫 少年宮 shao4 nian2 gong1
Children's Palace, institution where children can take part in various extracurricular activities

少年老成 少年老成 shao4 nian2 lao3 cheng2
accomplished though young; lacking youthful vigor

少年先锋队 少年先鋒隊 shao4 nian2 xian1 feng1 dui4
Young Pioneers of China (primary school league, a preparation for Communist Youth League); abbr. to 少先隊|少先队

少年之家 少年之家 shao4 nian2 zhi1 jia1
children's center; children's club

少女 少女 shao4 nv3
girl; young lady

少女峰 少女峰 shao4 nv3 feng1
Jungfrau, peak in Switzerland

少女露笑脸,婚事半成全 少女露笑臉,婚事半成全 shao4 nv3 lu4 xiao4 lian3 - hun1 shi4 ban4 cheng2 quan2
When the girl smiles, the matchmaker's job is half done. (idiom)

少尉 少尉 shao4 wei4
second lieutenant (army rank)

少先队 少先隊 shao4 xian1 dui4
Young Pioneers of China, abbr. for 少年先鋒隊|少年先锋队

少校 少校 shao4 xiao4
junior ranking officer in Chinese army; major; lieutenant commander

少爷 少爺 shao4 ye5
son of the boss; young master of the house; your son (honorific)

少壮不努力,老大徒伤悲 少壯不努力,老大徒傷悲 shao4 zhuang4 bu4 nu3 li4 - lao3 da4 tu2 shang1 bei1
if you are lazy in your prime, you'll be sorry in your old age

少壮派 少壯派 shao4 zhuang4 pai4
young guard; young and vigorous group with new ideas; new wave

稀少 稀少 xi1 shao3
sparse; rare

鲜少 鮮少 xian3 shao3
very few; rarely

凶多吉少 兇多吉少 xiong1 duo1 ji2 shao3
everything bodes ill, no positive signs (idiom); inauspicious; everything points to disaster

洋场恶少 洋場惡少 yang2 chang3 e4 shao4
city infested with foreign adventurers (esp. of Shanghai in pre-Liberation China) (idiom)

也好不了多少 也好不了多少 ye3 hao3 bu5 liao3 duo1 shao3
hardly any better; just as bad

以少胜多 以少勝多 yi3 shao3 sheng4 duo1
using the few to defeat the many (idiom); to win from a position of weakness

有不少名堂 有不少名堂 you3 bu4 shao3 ming2 tang5
there is a lot to it; not a straightforward matter

至少 至少 zhi4 shao3
at least; (to say the) least

中国少年先锋队 中國少年先鋒隊 zhong1 guo2 shao3 nian2 xian1 feng1 dui4
Young Pioneers of China

粥少僧多 粥少僧多 zhou1 shao3 seng1 duo1
see 僧多粥少

最少 最少 zui4 shao3
at least; minimum; lowest (amount); minimal