dust; dirt; earth

strokes 6
strokes after radical 3
步人后尘 步人後塵 bu4 ren2 hou4 chen2
to follow in other people's footsteps

尘埃 塵埃 chen2 ai1

尘埃落定 塵埃落定 chen2 ai1 luo4 ding4
"Red Poppies", novel by 阿來|阿来

尘埃落定 塵埃落定 chen2 ai1 luo4 ding4
lit. the dust has settled (idiom); fig. to get sorted out; to be finalized

尘暴 塵暴 chen2 bao4
dust devil

尘封 塵封 chen2 feng1
covered in dust; dusty; lying unused for a long time

尘螨 塵蟎 chen2 man3
dust mite

尘世 塵世 chen2 shi4
this mortal life; the mundane world

尘土 塵土 chen2 tu3

尘雾 塵霧 chen2 wu4
cloud of dust; smog

尘嚣 塵囂 chen2 xiao1
hubbub; hustle and bustle

尘云 塵雲 chen2 yun2
dust cloud

除尘 除塵 chu2 chen2
to eliminate dust (i.e. filter out suspended particles)

除尘机 除塵機 chu2 chen2 ji1
dusting machine; dust filter

涤尘 滌塵 di2 chen2
to wash off dust

凡尘 凡塵 fan2 chen2
mundane world (in religious context); this mortal coil

粉尘 粉塵 fen3 chen2
dust; airborne powder; solid particulate matter

风尘 風塵 feng1 chen2
windblown dust; hardships of travel; vicissitudes of life; prostitution

风尘仆仆 風塵僕僕 feng1 chen2 pu2 pu2
lit. covered in dust (idiom); fig. travel-worn

拂尘 拂塵 fu2 chen2
horsetail whisk; duster

红尘 紅塵 hong2 chen2
the world of mortals (Buddhism); human society; worldly affairs

后尘 後塵 hou4 chen2
lit. trailing dust; fig. sb's footsteps; course in life

灰尘 灰塵 hui1 chen2

碱性尘雾 鹼性塵霧 jian3 xing4 chen2 wu4
alkali fumes

降尘 降塵 jiang4 chen2
dust fall; fallout (volcanic, nuclear etc); particulate matter

看破红尘 看破紅塵 kan1 po4 hong2 chen2
to see through the world of mortals (idiom, of Buddhist monk); disillusioned with human society; to reject the world for a monastic life

落尘 落塵 luo4 chen2
dust fall; fallout (volcanic, nuclear etc); particulate matter

滤尘器 濾塵器 lv4 chen2 qi4
dust filter

满脸风尘 滿臉風塵 man3 lian3 feng1 chen2
lit. with a face full of dust; showing the hardships of travel (idiom)

满身尘埃 滿身塵埃 man3 shen1 chen2 ai1

飘尘 飄塵 piao1 chen2
floating dust; atmospheric particles

前尘 前塵 qian2 chen2
the past; impurity contracted previously (in the sentient world) (Buddhism)

沙尘 沙塵 sha1 chen2
sand; sandstorm (common in spring in north China)

沙尘暴 沙塵暴 sha1 chen2 bao4

沙尘天气 沙塵天氣 sha1 chen2 tian1 qi4
spring sandstorms (common in Northern China)

甚嚣尘上 甚囂塵上 shen4 xiao1 chen2 shang4
clamor raises the dust (idiom); a tremendous clamor; to raise a tremendous stink

望尘莫及 望塵莫及 wang4 chen2 mo4 ji2
lit. to see only the other rider's dust and have no hope of catching up (idiom); to be far inferior

微尘 微塵 wei1 chen2
dust; (Buddhism) minutest particle of matter

吸尘机 吸塵機 xi1 chen2 ji1
vacuum cleaner

吸尘器 吸塵器 xi1 chen2 qi4
vacuum cleaner; dust catcher

纤尘 纖塵 xian1 chen2
speck of dust; fine dust

纤尘不染 纖塵不染 xian1 chen2 bu4 ran3
see 一塵不染|一尘不染

烟尘 煙塵 yan1 chen2
smoke and dust; air pollution

一尘不染 一塵不染 yi1 chen2 bu4 ran3
untainted by even a speck of dust (idiom); selfless and incorruptible; spotless

一路风尘 一路風塵 yi1 lu4 feng1 chen2
to live an exhausting journey

轶尘 軼塵 yi4 chen2
variant of 逸塵|逸尘

逸尘 逸塵 yi4 chen2
outstanding; above the common; out of the ordinary

逸尘断鞅 逸塵斷鞅 yi4 chen2 duan4 yang1
lit. kicking up the dust and breaking the harness; fig. to ride like the wind (idiom)

征尘 征塵 zheng1 chen2
the dust of a long journey