person representing the dead (during burial ceremonies); to put a corpse on display (after execution); variant of 屍|尸; corpse


strokes 3
strokes after radical 0
陈尸 陳屍 chen2 shi1
to lay out the corpse

焚尸 焚屍 fen2 shi1
to cremate

焚尸炉 焚屍爐 fen2 shi1 lu2
crematorium; crematory oven

干尸 乾屍 gan1 shi1
mummy; dried corpse

裹尸布 裹屍布 guo3 shi1 bu4
shroud; cloth to wrap a corpse

横尸遍野 橫屍遍野 heng2 shi1 bian4 ye3
corpses strew the field; deadly (conflict)

奸尸 姦屍 jian1 shi1

检尸 檢屍 jian3 shi1
autopsy; necropsy; postmortem examination

僵尸 殭屍 jiang1 shi1
gyonshi; jiang shi; Chinese vampire; zombie

僵尸车 僵屍車 jiang1 shi1 che1
(coll.) abandoned car

僵尸网络 僵屍網絡 jiang1 shi1 wang3 luo4
botnet; zombie network; slave network (used by spammers)

僵尸粉 殭屍粉 jiang1 shi3 fen3
"zombie fans", fake followers that can be bought to boost one's popularity on Weibo, Baidu etc

借尸还魂 借屍還魂 jie4 shi1 huan2 hun2
lit. reincarnated in sb else's body (idiom); fig. a discarded or discredited idea returns in another guise

掘墓鞭尸 掘墓鞭屍 jue2 mu4 bian1 shi1
to exhume a body for public flogging (idiom)

恋尸癖 戀屍癖 lian4 shi1 pi3

马革裹尸 馬革裹屍 ma3 ge2 guo3 shi1
to be buried in a horse hide (idiom); to give one's life on the battlefield

全尸 全屍 quan2 shi1
intact corpse; dead body with no parts missing

丧尸 喪屍 sang1 shi1

尸斑 屍斑 shi1 ban1
livor mortis

尸布 屍布 shi1 bu4
pall (casket covering)

尸骨 屍骨 shi1 gu3
skeleton of the dead

尸骸 屍骸 shi1 hai2
corpse; skeleton

尸检 屍檢 shi1 jian3

尸僵 屍僵 shi1 jiang1
rigor mortis

尸块 屍塊 shi1 kuai4
body parts (of a mutilated corpse)

尸禄 尸祿 shi1 lu4
to hold a sinecure

尸罗 尸羅 shi1 luo2
sila (Buddhism)

尸首 屍首 shi1 shou5
corpse; carcass; dead body

尸体 屍體 shi1 ti3
dead body; corpse; carcass

尸体袋 屍體袋 shi1 ti3 dai4
body bag

尸体解剖 屍體解剖 shi1 ti3 jie3 pou1
autopsy; postmortem

尸体剖检 屍體剖檢 shi1 ti3 pou1 jian3

尸位素餐 尸位素餐 shi1 wei4 su4 can1
to hold a sinecure (idiom)

死尸 死屍 si3 shi1
a corpse; a dead body

碎尸 碎屍 sui4 shi1
dismembered body

停尸房 停屍房 ting2 shi1 fang2

挺尸 挺屍 ting3 shi1
(lit.) to lie stiff like a corpse; (coll.) to sleep

行尸走肉 行屍走肉 xing2 shi1 zou3 rou4
walking corpse (idiom); zombie; person who lives only on the material level

验尸 驗屍 yan4 shi1
autopsy; postmortem examination

验尸官 驗屍官 yan4 shi1 guan1

诈尸 詐屍 zha4 shi1
sudden movement of a corpse (superstition); fig. sudden torrent of abuse