fart; flatulence; nonsense; (usu. in the negative) what; (not) a damn thing

strokes 7
strokes after radical 4
擦屁股 擦屁股 ca1 pi4 gu5
(lit.) to wipe one’s ass; (coll.) to clear up sb else's mess

臭屁 臭屁 chou4 pi4
(coll.) self-important; puffed up

臭屁虫 臭屁蟲 chou4 pi4 chong2
stink bug

打屁 打屁 da3 pi4
to chat idly

打屁股 打屁股 da3 pi4 gu5
to spank sb's bottom

掇臀捧屁 掇臀捧屁 duo1 tun2 peng3 pi4
to hold up buttocks and praise a fart (idiom); to use flatter to get what one wants; to toady; boot-licking

放屁 放屁 fang4 pi4
to fart; to break wind; to talk nonsense; Utter rubbish!

放屁虫 放屁蟲 fang4 pi4 chong2
stink bug

嗝儿屁 嗝兒屁 ge2 er5 pi4
(dialect) to die; to give up the ghost

跟屁虫 跟屁蟲 gen1 pi4 chong2
lit. bum beetle; sb who tags along; shadow; sycophant

跟屁股 跟屁股 gen1 pi4 gu5
to tag along behind; to follow sb closely

狗屁 狗屁 gou3 pi4
bullshit; nonsense

狗屁不通 狗屁不通 gou3 pi4 bu4 tong1
incoherent (writing or speech); nonsensical; a load of crap

马屁 馬屁 ma3 pi4
horse hindquarters; flattery; boot-licking

马屁精 馬屁精 ma3 pi4 jing1
toady; boot-licker

拍马屁 拍馬屁 pai1 ma3 pi4
to flatter; to fawn on; to butter sb up; toadying; boot-licking

拍拍屁股走人 拍拍屁股走人 pai1 pai1 pi4 gu5 zou3 ren2
to make oneself scarce; to slip away; to take a French leave

屁颠屁颠 屁顛屁顛 pi4 dian1 pi4 dian1
lit. jolting buttocks; (colloquial intensifier) groveling; eager; compliant; smug

屁墩儿 屁墩兒 pi4 dun1 er5
(dialect) a fall on the buttocks

屁股 屁股 pi4 gu5
buttocks; bottom; butt; back part

屁股蛋 屁股蛋 pi4 gu5 dan4
butt cheek; rump

屁股蹲儿 屁股蹲兒 pi4 gu5 dun1 er5
(dialect) a fall on the buttocks; pratfall

屁股眼 屁股眼 pi4 gu5 yan3

屁滚尿流 屁滾尿流 pi4 gun3 niao4 liu2
to piss in one's pants in terror (idiom); scared witless

屁话 屁話 pi4 hua4
shit; nonsense

屁精 屁精 pi4 jing1
(slang) gay; sissy; poof; abbr. for 馬屁精|马屁精

屁民 屁民 pi4 min2
(slang) shitizen; commoner; hoi polloi

屁屁 屁屁 pi4 pi5
(child language) buttocks; bottom

屁轻 屁輕 pi4 qing1
very light

屁事 屁事 pi4 shi4
(vulgar) trifling matter; mere trifle; goddamn thing; goddamn business

屁眼 屁眼 pi4 yan3

屁眼儿 屁眼兒 pi4 yan3 er5
erhua variant of 屁眼

热脸贴冷屁股 熱臉貼冷屁股 re4 lian3 tie1 leng3 pi4 gu5
to show warm feelings but meet with cold rebuke (idiom); to be snubbed despite showing good intentions

舔屁股 舔屁股 tian3 pi4 gu5
to kiss sb's ass; to brown-nose

脱裤子放屁 脫褲子放屁 tuo1 ku4 zi5 fang4 pi4
lit. to take off trousers to fart; fig. to do something absolutely unnecessary; fig. to make things too complicated

小屁孩 小屁孩 xiao3 pi4 hai2
wimpy kid; brat

烟屁 煙屁 yan1 pi4
cigarette butt

烟屁股 煙屁股 yan1 pi4 gu5
cigarette butt

有屁快放 有屁快放 you3 pi4 kuai4 fang4
spit it out!; out with it!