(archaic) sentence-final particle expressing a doubting attitude

surname Ju

to reside; to be (in a certain position); to store up; to be at a standstill; residence; house; restaurant; classifier for bedrooms

strokes 8
strokes after radical 5
埃居 埃居 ai1 ju1
Écu (French coin from 13th century)

安居 安居 an1 ju1
Anju district of Suining city 遂寧市|遂宁市, Sichuan

安居 安居 an1 ju1
to settle down; to live peacefully

安居工程 安居工程 an1 ju1 gong1 cheng2
housing project for low-income urban residents

安居乐业 安居樂業 an1 ju1 le4 ye4
to live in peace and work happily (idiom)

安居区 安居區 an1 ju1 qu1
Anju district of Suining city 遂寧市|遂宁市, Sichuan

白安居 白安居 bai2 an1 ju1
B&Q (DIY and home improvement retailer)

白居易 白居易 bai2 ju1 yi4
Bai Juyi (772-846), Tang dynasty poet

贬居 貶居 bian3 ju1
(period of) banishment or exile (old)

卜居 卜居 bu3 ju1
to choose a home

当地居民 當地居民 dang1 di4 ju1 min2
a local person; the local population

定居 定居 ding4 ju1
to settle (in some city, country etc); to take up residence

定居点 定居點 ding4 ju1 dian3

定居者 定居者 ding4 ju1 zhe3

独居 獨居 du2 ju1
to live alone; to live a solitary existence

独居石 獨居石 du2 ju1 shi2

分居 分居 fen1 ju1
to separate (married couple); to live apart (of husband and wife, family members)

高居 高居 gao1 ju1
to stand above; to occupy an important position; to rank (among the top few)

功成不居 功成不居 gong1 cheng2 bu4 ju1
not to claim personal credit for achievement (idiom)

故居 故居 gu4 ju1
former residence

寡居 寡居 gua3 ju1
to live as a widow

鳏居 鰥居 guan1 ju1
to live as a widower

郭居静 郭居靜 guo1 ju1 jing4
Lazzaro Cattaneo (1560-1640), Italian Jesuit missionary in China

后来居上 後來居上 hou4 lai2 ju1 shang4
lit. late-comer lives above (idiom); the up-and-coming youngster outstrips the older generation; the pupil surpasses the master

集居 集居 ji2 ju1
community; living together

寄居 寄居 ji4 ju1
to live away from home

寄居蟹 寄居蟹 ji4 ju1 xie4
hermit crab

家居 家居 jia1 ju1
home; residence; to stay at home (unemployed)

家居卖场 家居賣場 jia1 ju1 mai4 chang3
furniture store; furniture mall

监视居住 監視居住 jian1 shi4 ju1 zhu4
residential surveillance, a form of noncustodial house arrest

旧居 舊居 jiu4 ju1
old residence; former home

居安思危 居安思危 ju1 an1 si1 wei1
to think of danger in times of safety; to be vigilant in peacetime (idiom)

居巢 居巢 ju1 chao2
Juchao district of Chaohu city 巢湖, Anhui

居巢区 居巢區 ju1 chao2 qu1
Juchao district of Chaohu city 巢湖市, Anhui

居处 居處 ju1 chu4
dwelling place; home

居第 居第 ju1 di4
housing; high class residence

居多 居多 ju1 duo1
to be in the majority

居高不下 居高不下 ju1 gao1 bu4 xia4
(of prices, rates etc) to remain high

居高临下 居高臨下 ju1 gao1 lin2 xia4
to live high and look down (idiom); to overlook; to tower above; to occupy the high ground; fig. arrogance based on one's social position

居功 居功 ju1 gong1
to claim credit for oneself

居功自傲 居功自傲 ju1 gong1 zi4 ao4
satisfied with one's accomplishment and arrogant as a result (idiom); resting on one's laurels and despising others

居官 居官 ju1 guan1
to secure a position; to take an official appointment

居家 居家 ju1 jia1
to live at home; to stay at home; home (schooling etc); in-home (care etc); household (repairs etc); living (environment etc)

居间 居間 ju1 jian1
positioned between (two parties); to mediate between

居经 居經 ju1 jing1
menstruation; regular periods

居酒屋 居酒屋 ju1 jiu3 wu1
izakaya (a kind of traditional Japanese pub)

居里 居里 ju1 li3
curie (Ci) (loanword)

居礼 居禮 ju1 li3
see 居里

居里夫人 居里夫人 ju1 li3 fu1 ren5
see 居禮夫人|居礼夫人

居礼夫人 居禮夫人 ju1 li3 fu1 ren5
Maria Skłodowska-Curie or Marie Curie (1867-1934), double Nobel prize-winner in Physics 1903 and Chemistry 1911

居留 居留 ju1 liu2
residence; to reside

居留权 居留權 ju1 liu2 quan2
right of abode (law)

居留证 居留證 ju1 liu2 zheng4
residence permit

居鲁士 居魯士 ju1 lu3 shi4
Cyrus (name)

居鲁士大帝 居魯士大帝 ju1 lu3 shi4 da4 di4
Cyrus the Great (ca. 600-530 BC), the founder of the Persian Empire and the conqueror of Babylon

居民 居民 ju1 min2
resident; inhabitant

居民点 居民點 ju1 min2 dian3
residential area

居民点儿 居民點兒 ju1 min2 dian3 er5
variant of 居民點|居民点

居民区 居民區 ju1 min2 qu1
living area; ghetto

居民消费价格指数 居民消費價格指數 ju1 min2 xiao1 fei4 jia4 ge2 zhi3 shu4
consumer price index CPI

居奇 居奇 ju1 qi2
to hoard; to speculate; profiteering

居然 居然 ju1 ran2
unexpectedly; to one's surprise; go so far as to

居人 居人 ju1 ren2

居丧 居喪 ju1 sang4
to observe the ritual mourning

居室 居室 ju1 shi4
room; apartment

居首 居首 ju1 shou3
leading; in first place; top of the list

居孀 居孀 ju1 shuang1
to remain widowed (formal)

居所 居所 ju1 suo3

居委会 居委會 ju1 wei3 hui4
neighbourhood committee

居位 居位 ju1 wei4
to occupy a high position (in administration)

居无定所 居無定所 ju1 wu2 ding4 suo3
to be without a fixed residence (idiom)

居心 居心 ju1 xin1
to harbor (evil) intentions; to be bent on; a tranquil heart or mind

居心不良 居心不良 ju1 xin1 bu4 liang2
to harbor evil intentions (idiom)

居心何在 居心何在 ju1 xin1 he2 zai4
What's (he) up to?; What's the motive behind all this?

居心叵测 居心叵測 ju1 xin1 po3 ce4
harboring unfathomable motives (idiom)

居心险恶 居心險惡 ju1 xin1 xian3 e4
to have sinister motives

居庸关 居庸關 ju1 yong1 guan1
Juyongguan, frontier fortress on Great Wall north of Beijing, in Changping district 昌平區|昌平区

居宅 居宅 ju1 zhai2

居正 居正 ju1 zheng4
(literary) to follow the right path

居中 居中 ju1 zhong1
positioned between (two parties); to mediate between

居中对齐 居中對齊 ju1 zhong1 dui4 qi2
centered alignment (typography)

居住 居住 ju1 zhu4
to reside; to dwell; to live in a place; resident in

居住地 居住地 ju1 zhu4 di4
current address; place of residence

居住于 居住於 ju1 zhu4 yu2
to inhabit

居住者 居住者 ju1 zhu4 zhe3

居住证 居住證 ju1 zhu4 zheng4
residence permit

聚居 聚居 ju4 ju1
to inhabit a region (esp. ethnic group); to congregate

聚居地 聚居地 ju4 ju1 di4
inhabited land; habitat

客居 客居 ke4 ju1
to live in a foreign place; to live somewhere as a guest

邻居 鄰居 lin2 ju1
neighbor; next door

临时分居 臨時分居 lin2 shi2 fen1 ju1
trial separation

流居 流居 liu2 ju1
to live in exile

陋居 陋居 lou4 ju1
The Burrow (Harry Potter)

旅居 旅居 lv3 ju1
to stay away from home; residence abroad; sojourn

旅居车 旅居車 lv3 ju1 che1
motorhome; RV (recreational vehicle)

民居 民居 min2 ju1
houses; homes

民族杂居地区 民族雜居地區 min2 zu2 za2 ju1 di4 qu1
mixed ethnic area

耦居 耦居 ou3 ju1
to live together (as husband and wife)

姘居 姘居 pin1 ju1
to cohabit with a lover illicitly

奇货可居 奇貨可居 qi2 huo4 ke3 ju1
rare commodity worth hoarding; object for profiteering

起居 起居 qi3 ju1
everyday life; regular pattern of life

起居室 起居室 qi3 ju1 shi4
living room; sitting room

起居作息 起居作息 qi3 ju1 zuo4 xi1
lit. rising and lying down, working and resting (idiom); fig. everyday life; daily routine; to go about one's daily life

迁居 遷居 qian1 ju1
to move (from one residence to another)

迁居移民 遷居移民 qian1 ju1 yi2 min2

侨居 僑居 qiao2 ju1
to live far away from one's native place; to reside in a foreign country

翘居群首 翹居群首 qiao2 ju1 qun2 shou3
head and shoulders above the crowd (idiom); preeminent; outstanding

群居 群居 qun2 ju1
to live together (in a large group or flock)

人居 人居 ren2 ju1
human habitat

散居 散居 san3 ju1
(of a group of people) to live scattered over an area

孀居 孀居 shuang1 ju1
to live in widowhood (formal)

所居 所居 suo3 ju1
residence; dwelling; dwelling place

同居 同居 tong2 ju1
to live together

退居二线 退居二線 tui4 ju1 er4 xian4
to withdraw to the second line of duty; to resign from a leading post (and assume an advisory post)

囤积居奇 囤積居奇 tun2 ji1 ju1 qi2
to hoard and profiteer; to speculate

外国人居住证明 外國人居住證明 wai4 guo2 ren2 ju1 zhu4 zheng4 ming2
foreigner's certificate of residence

位居 位居 wei4 ju1
to be located at

温居 溫居 wen1 ju1
to have a housewarming party; to celebrate moving into a new home

蜗居 蝸居 wo1 ju1
snail's home; fig. humble abode

仙居 仙居 xian1 ju1
Xianju county in Taizhou 台州, Zhejiang

仙居县 仙居縣 xian1 ju1 xian4
Xianju county in Taizhou 台州, Zhejiang

闲居 閑居 xian2 ju1
to lead a quiet and peaceful life in retirement; to stay home with nothing to do; to lead a solitary life

新居 新居 xin1 ju1
new residence; new home

薛居正 薛居正 xue1 ju1 zheng4
Xue Juzheng (912-981), Song historian and compiler of History of the Five Dynasties between Tang and Song 舊五代史|旧五代史

穴居 穴居 xue2 ju1
to live in a cave; (of animals) to be of burrowing habit

穴居人 穴居人 xue2 ju1 ren2
cave man

移居 移居 yi2 ju1
to migrate; to move to a new place of residence

宜居 宜居 yi2 ju1

以老大自居 以老大自居 yi3 lao3 da4 zi4 ju1
regarding oneself as number one in terms of leadership, seniority or status

隐居 隱居 yin3 ju1
to live in seclusion

隐居隆中 隱居隆中 yin3 ju1 long2 zhong1
to live in seclusion

永久居民 永久居民 yong3 jiu3 ju1 min2
permanent resident; person with the right to live in a country or territory

寓居 寓居 yu4 ju1
to make one's home in; to reside in; to inhabit

原居 原居 yuan2 ju1

跃居 躍居 yue4 ju1
to vault

杂居 雜居 za2 ju1
cohabitation (of different populations or races); to coexist

杂居地区 雜居地區 za2 ju1 di4 qu1
area of mixed habitation

张居正 張居正 zhang1 ju1 zheng4
Zhang Juzheng (1525-1582), Grand Secretary during the Ming dynasty, credited with bringing the dynasty to its apogee

蛰居 蟄居 zhe2 ju1
to live in seclusion

谪居 謫居 zhe2 ju1
(of officials in imperial China) to live in banishment

住居 住居 zhu4 ju1
to live; to reside

自居 自居 zi4 ju1
to consider oneself as; to believe oneself to be

祖居 祖居 zu3 ju1
former residence; one's original home