time and again; repeatedly; frequently

strokes 14
strokes after radical 11
屡败屡战 屢敗屢戰 lv3 bai4 lv3 zhan4
to keep on fighting despite continual setbacks (idiom)

屡出狂言 屢出狂言 lv3 chu1 kuang2 yan2
repeated gaffes

屡次 屢次 lv3 ci4
repeatedly; time and again

屡加 屢加 lv3 jia1

屡见不鲜 屢見不鮮 lv3 jian4 bu4 xian1
a common occurrence (idiom)

屡教不改 屢教不改 lv3 jiao4 bu4 gai3
lit. not to change, despite repeated admonition; incorrigible; unrepentant

屡禁不绝 屢禁不絕 lv3 jin4 bu4 jue2
to continue despite repeated prohibition (idiom)

屡禁不止 屢禁不止 lv3 jin4 bu4 zhi3
to continue despite repeated prohibition (idiom)

屡屡 屢屢 lv3 lv3
again and again; repeatedly

屡试不爽 屢試不爽 lv3 shi4 bu4 shuang3
well-tried; time-tested

屡遭 屢遭 lv3 zao1
to suffer repeatedly

屡遭不测 屢遭不測 lv3 zao1 bu4 ce4
beset by a series of mishaps (idiom)

屡战屡败 屢戰屢敗 lv3 zhan4 lv3 bai4
to suffer defeat in every battle (idiom)