fork in road; bifurcation; branch in road, river, mountain range etc; to branch off; to turn off; to diverge; to stray (from the path); to change the subject; to interrupt; to stagger (times)

strokes 7
strokes after radical 4
扳道岔 扳道岔 ban1 dao4 cha4
railroad switch

岔道 岔道 cha4 dao4
side road; byway

岔调 岔調 cha4 diao4
(of a voice) husky; hoarse; affected; (music) to go off-key

岔开 岔開 cha4 kai1
to diverge; to branch off the road; to change (the subject)

岔口 岔口 cha4 kou3
junction; fork in road

岔流 岔流 cha4 liu2
branch stream

岔路 岔路 cha4 lu4
fork in the road

岔子 岔子 cha4 zi5
branch road; setback; accident; hiccup

出岔子 出岔子 chu1 cha4 zi5
to go wrong; to take a wrong turning

打岔 打岔 da3 cha4
interruption; to interrupt (esp. talk); to change the subject

道岔 道岔 dao4 cha4
railroad switch

分岔 分岔 fen1 cha4

隔三岔五 隔三岔五 ge2 san3 cha4 wu3
see 隔三差五|隔三差五

南岔 南岔 nan2 cha4
Nancha district of Yichun city 伊春市, Heilongjiang

南岔区 南岔區 nan2 cha4 qu1
Nancha district of Yichun city 伊春市, Heilongjiang

三岔口 三岔口 san1 cha4 kou3
At the Crossroads, famous opera, based on a story from 水滸傳|水浒传

听岔 聽岔 ting1 cha4
to mishear; to hear wrongly

眼岔 眼岔 yan3 cha4
to mistake for sth else

找岔子 找岔子 zhao3 cha4 zi5
to look for blemishes; to find fault; nitpicking