variant of 岩

strokes 22
strokes after radical 20
层岩 層巖 ceng2 yan2
stratified rock; flagstone

非层岩 非層巖 fei1 ceng2 yan2
unstratified rock

灰岩残丘 灰巖殘丘 hui1 yan2 can2 qiu1
mogote (steep-sided pointed hill in karst landform)

碱性岩 鹼性巖 jian3 xing4 yan2
basic rock; mafic rock (with less silicon and more magnesium, iron etc)

岩层 巖層 yan2 ceng2
variant of 岩層|岩层; rock strata

岩床 巖床 yan2 chuang2

岩画 巖畫 yan2 hua4
rock painting; picture or writing carved on rocks