opportunely; coincidentally; as it happens; skillful; timely

strokes 5
strokes after radical 2
不凑巧 不湊巧 bu4 cou4 qiao3

不巧 不巧 bu4 qiao3
too bad; unfortunately; as luck would have it

凑巧 湊巧 cou4 qiao3
fortuitously; luckily; as chance has it

刚巧 剛巧 gang1 qiao3
by chance; by coincidence; by good luck

乖巧 乖巧 guai1 qiao3
clever (child); smart; lovable; cute

花巧 花巧 hua1 qiao3

花言巧语 花言巧語 hua1 yan2 qiao3 yu3
graceful words, flowery speech (idiom); elegant but insincere words; cheating wheedling; dishonest rhetoric

机巧 機巧 ji1 qiao3
cunning; dexterous; ingenious

技巧 技巧 ji4 qiao3
skill; technique

精巧 精巧 jing1 qiao3

可巧 可巧 ke3 qiao3
by happy coincidence

来得早不如来得巧 來得早不如來得巧 lai2 de5 zao3 bu4 ru2 lai2 de5 qiao3
arriving early can't beat coming at the right time; perfect timing

灵巧 靈巧 ling2 qiao3
deft; nimble; ingenious

慢工出巧匠 慢工出巧匠 man4 gong1 chu1 qiao3 jiang4
patient work makes a skilled craftsman

缪巧 繆巧 miu4 qiao3
plan; scheme; intelligent; quick-witted

弄巧成拙 弄巧成拙 nong4 qiao3 cheng2 zhuo1
to overreach oneself; to try to be clever and end up with egg on one's face

弄巧反拙 弄巧反拙 nong4 qiao3 fan3 zhuo1
see 弄巧成拙

碰巧 碰巧 peng4 qiao3
by chance; by coincidence; to happen to

偏巧 偏巧 pian1 qiao3
by coincidence; it so happened that; fortunately; against expectation

七巧板 七巧板 qi1 qiao3 ban3
tangram (traditional Chinese block puzzle)

恰巧 恰巧 qia4 qiao3
fortunately; unexpectedly; by coincidence

巧辩 巧辯 qiao3 bian4
to argue skillfully or plausibly; rhetoric

巧妇 巧婦 qiao3 fu4
clever wife; ingenious housewife; Eurasian wren (Troglodytes troglodytes)

巧妇难为无米之炊 巧婦難為無米之炊 qiao3 fu4 nan2 wei2 wu2 mi3 zhi1 chui1
The cleverest housewife cannot cook without rice (idiom); You won't get anywhere without equipment.

巧干 巧幹 qiao3 gan4
to work resourcefully; to apply intelligence

巧固球 巧固球 qiao3 gu4 qiu2
tchoukball (loanword)

巧合 巧合 qiao3 he2
coincidence; coincidental; to coincide

巧计 巧計 qiao3 ji4
maneuver; scheme

巧家 巧家 qiao3 jia1
Qiaojia county in Zhaotong 昭通, Yunnan

巧家县 巧家縣 qiao3 jia1 xian4
Qiaojia county in Zhaotong 昭通, Yunnan

巧匠 巧匠 qiao3 jiang4
skilled workman

巧克力 巧克力 qiao3 ke4 li4
chocolate (loanword)

巧克力脆片 巧克力脆片 qiao3 ke4 li4 cui4 pian4
chocolate chip

巧立名目 巧立名目 qiao3 li4 ming2 mu4
to fabricate excuses (idiom); to concoct various items (e.g. to pad an expense account)

巧妙 巧妙 qiao3 miao4
ingenious; clever; ingenuity; artifice

巧人 巧人 qiao3 ren2
Homo habilis, extinct species of upright East African hominid (Tw)

巧舌如簧 巧舌如簧 qiao3 she2 ru2 huang2
lit. to have a tongue like a reed (idiom); fig. to have a glib tongue

巧手 巧手 qiao3 shou3
skillful hands; dexterous; a dab hand

巧诈 巧詐 qiao3 zha4
deceitful; crafty; artful

巧诈不如拙诚 巧詐不如拙誠 qiao3 zha4 bu4 ru2 zhuo1 cheng2
the unvarnished truth is better than a cunning ruse (idiom); honesty is the best policy

轻巧 輕巧 qing1 qiao3
dexterous; deft; easy; light and easy to use; nimble; agile; lithe; graceful

取巧 取巧 qu3 qiao3
quick fix; opportune short cut (around a difficulty); cheap trick (to get what one wants); to pull a fast one

手巧 手巧 shou3 qiao3
to be skillful with one's hands; to be manually adroit

熟能生巧 熟能生巧 shu2 neng2 sheng1 qiao3
with familiarity you learn the trick (idiom); practice makes perfect

讨巧 討巧 tao3 qiao3
to act cleverly to get what one desires; to get the best at least expense

投机取巧 投機取巧 tou2 ji1 qu3 qiao3
to seize every opportunity; to be full of tricks

无巧不成书 無巧不成書 wu2 qiao3 bu4 cheng2 shu1
curious coincidence

纤巧 纖巧 xian1 qiao3
delicate; dainty

小巧 小巧 xiao3 qiao3
small and exquisite; delicate; fine (features); compact; nifty

小巧玲珑 小巧玲瓏 xiao3 qiao3 ling2 long2
dainty and delicate; exquisite

心灵手巧 心靈手巧 xin1 ling2 shou3 qiao3
capable; clever; dexterous

牙机巧制 牙機巧制 ya2 ji1 qiao3 zhi4
ingenious gear machine; elaborate contraption

语音技巧 語音技巧 yu3 yin1 ji4 qiao3
phonological skill

正巧 正巧 zheng4 qiao3
just by chance; to happen to (just at the right time); opportune