difference; discrepancy; to differ; error; to err; to make a mistake

to differ from; to fall short of; lacking; wrong; inferior

to send; to commission; messenger; mission

strokes 9
strokes after radical 7
标准差 標準差 biao1 zhun3 cha1
(statistics) standard deviation

不差 不差 bu4 cha1
to not lack

不差 不差 bu4 cha4
not bad; OK

参差 參差 cen1 ci1
uneven; jagged; snaggletooth; ragged; serrated

参差不齐 參差不齊 cen1 ci1 bu4 qi2
unevenly matched (idiom); scraggly; jagged

参差错落 參差錯落 cen1 ci1 cuo4 luo4
uneven and jumbled (idiom); irregular and disorderly; in a tangled mess

差别 差別 cha1 bie2
difference; distinction; disparity

差池 差池 cha1 chi2
mistake; error; mishap

差迟 差遲 cha1 chi2
variant of 差池

差错 差錯 cha1 cuo4
mistake; slip-up; fault; error (in data transmission); accident; mishap

差动齿轮 差動齒輪 cha1 dong4 chi3 lun2
differential gear

差讹 差訛 cha1 e2
error; mistake

差额 差額 cha1 e2
balance (financial); discrepancy (in a sum or quota); difference

差额选举 差額選舉 cha1 e2 xuan3 ju3
competitive election (i.e. with more than one candidate)

差分 差分 cha1 fen1
(math.) increment; difference; (engineering) differential

差分方程 差分方程 cha1 fen1 fang1 cheng2
difference equation (math.)

差价 差價 cha1 jia4
difference in price

差距 差距 cha1 ju4
disparity; gap

差强人意 差強人意 cha1 qiang2 ren2 yi4
(idiom) just passable; barely satisfactory

差商 差商 cha1 shang1
(math.) difference quotient; divided difference; finite difference

差失 差失 cha1 shi1
mistake; slip-up

差数 差數 cha1 shu4
difference (the result of subtraction)

差速器 差速器 cha1 su4 qi4
differential (gear)

差误 差誤 cha1 wu4

差异 差異 cha1 yi4
difference; discrepancy

差异性 差異性 cha1 yi4 xing4

差之毫厘,谬以千里 差之毫釐,謬以千里 cha1 zhi1 hao2 li2 - miu4 yi3 qian1 li3
the slightest difference leads to a huge error (idiom); a miss is as good as a mile

差之毫厘,失之千里 差之毫釐,失之千里 cha1 zhi1 hao2 li2 - shi1 zhi1 qian1 li3
the slightest difference leads to a huge loss (idiom); a miss is as good as a mile

差不离 差不離 cha4 bu4 li2
not much different; similar; ordinary; nearly

差不离儿 差不離兒 cha4 bu4 li2 er5
erhua variant of 差不離|差不离

差不多 差不多 cha4 bu5 duo1
almost; nearly; more or less; about the same; good enough; not bad

差不多的 差不多的 cha4 bu5 duo1 de5
the great majority

差得多 差得多 cha4 de2 duo1
fall short by a large amount

差点 差點 cha4 dian3
almost; nearly

差点儿 差點兒 cha4 dian3 er5
erhua variant of 差點|差点

差劲 差勁 cha4 jin4
bad; no good; below average; disappointing

差谬 差謬 cha4 miu4

差评 差評 cha4 ping2
poor evaluation; adverse criticism

差生 差生 cha4 sheng1
weak student

差事 差事 cha4 shi4
poor; not up to standard

差一点 差一點 cha4 yi1 dian3
see 差點|差点

差一点儿 差一點兒 cha4 yi1 dian3 er5
erhua variant of 差一點|差一点

差远 差遠 cha4 yuan3
inferior; not up to par; to fall far short; to be mistaken

差旅费 差旅費 chai1 lv3 fei4
business travel expenses

差派 差派 chai1 pai4
to dispatch

差遣 差遣 chai1 qian3
to send (on errand)

差使 差使 chai1 shi3
to send; to assign; to appoint; servants of an official; official messenger

差事 差事 chai1 shi5
errand; assignment; job; commission; see also 差使

差使 差使 chai1 shi5
official post; billet; commission; see also 差事

差役 差役 chai1 yi4
forced labor of feudal tenant (corvée); bailiff of feudal yamen

承销价差 承銷價差 cheng2 xiao1 jia4 cha1
underwriting spread

承销利差 承銷利差 cheng2 xiao1 li4 cha1
underwriting spread

出差 出差 chu1 chai1
to go on an official or business trip

出大差 出大差 chu1 da4 chai1
lit. to go on a long trip; fig. to be sent to the execution ground

单房差 單房差 dan1 fang2 cha1
single person supplement (for a hotel room etc)

倒时差 倒時差 dao3 shi2 cha1
to adjust to a different time zone

等差 等差 deng3 cha1
degree of disparity; equal difference

等差级数 等差級數 deng3 cha1 ji2 shu4
arithmetic series (such as 2+4+6+8+...)

等差数列 等差數列 deng3 cha1 shu4 lie4
arithmetic progression

地区差价 地區差價 di4 qu1 cha1 jia4
local differences in price; regional price variation

反差 反差 fan3 cha1
contrast; discrepancy

方差 方差 fang1 cha1
variance (statistics)

肥差 肥差 fei2 chai1
lucrative job; cushy job

分毫之差 分毫之差 fen1 hao2 zhi1 cha1
hairsbreadth difference

隔三差五 隔三差五 ge2 san1 cha4 wu3
every few days (idiom)

跟差 跟差 gen1 chai1

公差 公差 gong1 cha1
tolerance (allowed error); common difference (of an arithmetic series)

公差 公差 gong1 chai1
official errand; bailiff in a yamen

官差 官差 guan1 chai1
official business; government workmen; odd-job men

鬼使神差 鬼使神差 gui3 shi3 shen2 chai1
demons and gods at work (idiom); unexplained event crying out for a supernatural explanation; curious coincidence

海洋温差发电 海洋溫差發電 hai3 yang2 wen1 cha1 fa1 dian4
ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC)

汇差 匯差 hui4 cha1
difference in exchange rates in different regions

级差 級差 ji2 cha1
differential (between grades); salary differential

兼差 兼差 jian1 chai1
to moonlight; side job

剪刀差 剪刀差 jian3 dao1 cha1
prices scissor (caught between low income and high prices)

交差 交差 jiao1 chai1
to report back after completion of one's mission

较差 較差 jiao4 cha1
mediocre; rather poor; not specially good

借方差额 借方差額 jie4 fang1 cha1 e2
debit balance (accountancy)

均差 均差 jun1 cha1
divided differences (numerical analysis); mean absolute difference (statistics)

开小差 開小差 kai1 xiao3 chai1
to be absent-minded; to desert; to abscond from the army; absent without leave (AWOL)

苦差 苦差 ku3 chai1
hard task; difficult mission; arduous and unrewarding undertaking; drudgery; grind; chore

苦差事 苦差事 ku3 chai1 shi5
see 苦差

两性差距 兩性差距 liang3 xing4 cha1 ju4
disparity between the sexes

落差 落差 luo4 cha1
drop in elevation; (fig.) gap (in wages, expectations etc); disparity

贸易逆差 貿易逆差 mao4 yi4 ni4 cha1
trade deficit; adverse trade balance

贸易顺差 貿易順差 mao4 yi4 shun4 cha1
trade surplus

没有差别 沒有差別 mei2 you3 cha1 bie2
there is no difference; it makes no difference

美差 美差 mei3 chai1
cushy job; pleasant task

美差事 美差事 mei3 chai1 shi4
a terrific job

秒差距 秒差距 miao3 cha1 ju4
parallax second or parsec or pc, astronomic unit of distance, approx 3.26 light years

逆差 逆差 ni4 cha1
adverse trade balance; trade deficit

偏差 偏差 pian1 cha1
bias; deviation

偏差距离 偏差距離 pian1 cha1 ju4 li2
offset distance

贫富差距 貧富差距 pin2 fu4 cha1 ju4
disparity between rich and poor

平均差 平均差 ping2 jun1 cha1
mean deviation (math.)

千差万别 千差萬別 qian1 cha1 wan4 bie2
manifold diversity

钦差 欽差 qin1 chai1
imperial envoy

球差 球差 qiu2 cha1
spherical aberration (optics)

人种差别 人種差別 ren2 zhong3 cha1 bie2
racial differences; racial discrimination

神差鬼使 神差鬼使 shen2 chai1 gui3 shi3
the work of gods and devils (idiom); unexplained event crying out for a supernatural explanation; curious coincidence

失之毫厘,差以千里 失之毫釐,差以千里 shi1 zhi1 hao2 li2 - cha4 yi3 qian1 li3
a tiny lapse can lead to a huge mistake (idiom); a minor discrepancy leading to enormous losses

失之毫厘,差之千里 失之毫釐,差之千里 shi1 zhi1 hao2 li2 - cha4 zhi1 qian1 li3
a tiny lapse can lead to a huge mistake (idiom); a minor discrepancy leading to enormous losses

时差 時差 shi2 cha1
time difference; time lag; jet lag

视差 視差 shi4 cha1

顺差 順差 shun4 cha1
(trade or budget) surplus

丝毫不差 絲毫不差 si1 hao2 bu4 cha1
accurate to perfection (idiom); precise to the finest detail

素质差 素質差 su4 zhi4 cha4
so uneducated!; so ignorant!

岁差 歲差 sui4 cha4
the precession of the equinoxes

天差地別 天差地別 tian1 cha1 di4 bie2
poles apart (idiom); as different as can be

天差地远 天差地遠 tian1 cha1 di4 yuan3
poles apart (idiom); entirely different

外差 外差 wai4 cha1
heterodyne (electronics)

温差 溫差 wen1 cha1
difference in temperature

误差 誤差 wu4 cha1
difference; error; inaccuracy

相差 相差 xiang1 cha4
to differ; discrepancy between

相差不多 相差不多 xiang1 cha4 bu5 duo1
not much difference

相位差 相位差 xiang4 wei4 cha1
phase difference

协方差 協方差 xie2 fang1 cha1
(statistics) covariance

信差 信差 xin4 chai1

一念之差 一念之差 yi1 nian4 zhi1 cha1
momentary slip; false step; ill-considered action

一字不差 一字不差 yi1 zi4 bu4 cha1
word for word; verbatim

阴差阳错 陰差陽錯 yin1 cha1 yang2 cuo4
an accident arising from many causes (idiom); a freak combination of factors

阴错阳差 陰錯陽差 yin1 cuo4 yang2 cha1
an accident arising from many causes (idiom); a freak combination of factors

邮差 郵差 you2 chai1
(old) postman

支差 支差 zhi1 chai1
to assign corvée duties (forced labor)

种差 種差 zhong3 cha1
determinant (characteristic of a species)

转差 轉差 zhuan3 cha1
to slip (e.g. of clutch); slippage; also used of economic indicators, statistical discrepancies etc

转差率 轉差率 zhuan3 cha1 lv4
slippage rate

阻差办公 阻差辦公 zu3 chai1 ban4 gong1
(law) obstructing government administration (Hong Kong)

最差 最差 zui4 cha1
least; worst; the least; the worst