already; to stop; then; afterwards

strokes 3
strokes after radical 0
不得已 不得已 bu4 de2 yi3
to act against one's will; to have no alternative but to; to have to; to have no choice; must

不得已而为之 不得已而為之 bu4 de2 yi3 er2 wei2 zhi1
to have no other choice; to be the last resort

不能自已 不能自已 bu4 neng2 zi4 yi3
unable to control oneself; to be beside oneself

不为已甚 不為已甚 bu4 wei2 yi3 shen4
refrain from going to extremes in meting out punishment; not be too hard on subject

不已 不已 bu4 yi3
endlessly; incessantly

缠绵不已 纏綿不已 chan2 mian2 bu4 yi3
to cling without letting go; to pester without end; to cling lovingly to each other

颤抖不已 顫抖不已 chan4 dou3 bu4 yi3
to shake like a leaf (idiom)

而已 而已 er2 yi3
that's all; nothing more

方兴未已 方興未已 fang1 xing1 wei4 yi3
flourishing and still in the ascendant (idiom); rapidly expanding; still growing strong; on the up

悔之已晚 悔之已晚 hui3 zhi1 yi3 wan3
too late to be sorry

仅此而已 僅此而已 jin3 ci3 er2 yi3
that's all; just this and nothing more

惊叹不已 驚嘆不已 jing1 tan4 bu4 yi3
to exclaim in astonishment

久已 久已 jiu3 yi3
long ago; a long time since

鞠躬尽瘁,死而后已 鞠躬盡瘁,死而後已 ju1 gong1 jin4 cui4 - si3 er2 hou4 yi3
to bend to a task and spare no effort unto one's dying day (idiom); striving to the utmost one's whole life; with every breath in one's body, unto one's dying day

氯已烯 氯已烯 lv4 yi3 xi1

米已成炊 米已成炊 mi3 yi3 cheng2 chui1
lit. the rice has already been cooked (idiom); fig. what is done cannot be undone

命不久已 命不久已 ming4 bu4 jiu3 yi3
at death's door

木已成舟 木已成舟 mu4 yi3 cheng2 zhou1
lit. the timber has been turned into a boat already (idiom); fig. what is done cannot be undone

难以自已 難以自已 nan2 yi3 zi1 yi3
cannot control oneself (idiom); to be beside oneself

年事已高 年事已高 nian2 shi4 yi3 gao1
old in years

年已蹉跎 年已蹉跎 nian2 yi3 cuo1 tuo2
the years slip away; fig. the inexorable passage of time; already too old

迫不得已 迫不得已 po4 bu4 de2 yi3
to have no alternative (idiom); compelled by circumstances; forced into sth

三氯已烷 三氯已烷 san1 lv4 yi3 wan2

三氯已烯 三氯已烯 san1 lv4 yi3 xi1

寿数已尽 壽數已盡 shou4 shu4 yi3 jin3
to die (when one's predestined life span is up)

说说而已 說說而已 shuo1 shuo1 er2 yi3
nothing serious; just hot air

死而后已 死而後已 si3 er2 hou4 yi3
until death puts an end (idiom); one's whole life; unto one's dying day

万不得已 萬不得已 wan4 bu4 de2 yi3
only when absolutely essential (idiom); as a last resort

往事已矣 往事已矣 wang3 shi4 yi3 yi3
the past is dead (idiom)

为时已晚 為時已晚 wei2 shi2 yi3 wan3
already too late

无已 無已 wu2 yi3
endlessly; to have no choice

业已 業已 ye4 yi3

一夔已足 一夔已足 yi1 kui2 yi3 zu2
one talented person is enough for the job (idiom)

已成形 已成形 yi3 cheng2 xing2

已故 已故 yi3 gu4
the late; deceased

已婚 已婚 yi3 hun1

已见分晓 已見分曉 yi3 jian4 fen1 xiao3
the result becomes apparent; (after) the dust has settled

已经 已經 yi3 jing1

已久 已久 yi3 jiu3
already a long time

已灭 已滅 yi3 mie4

已然 已然 yi3 ran2
to be already so

已往 已往 yi3 wang3
the past

已知 已知 yi3 zhi1
known (to science)

已作出保 已作出保 yi3 zuo4 chu1 bao3
to do sth under oath (idiom)

已作故人 已作故人 yi3 zuo4 gu4 ren2
to have passed away

有增无已 有增無已 you3 zeng1 wu2 yi3
constantly increasing without limit (idiom); rapid progress in all directions

赞叹不已 贊嘆不已 zan4 tan4 bu4 yi3
to be full of praise (idiom)

早已 早已 zao3 yi3
long ago; for a long time

诛求无已 誅求無已 zhu1 qiu2 wu2 yi3
to make endless exorbitant demands