old variant of 乾|干

surname Gan

dry; clean; in vain; dried food; foster; adoptive; to ignore

variant of 乾|干

to concern; to interfere; shield; stem

tree trunk; main part of sth; to manage; to work; to do; capable; cadre; to kill (slang); to fuck (vulgar)

strokes 3
strokes after radical 0
阿拉干山脉 阿拉乾山脈 a1 la1 gan1 shan1 mai4
Arakan Yoma, mountain range in western Myanmar (Burma)

巴尔干 巴爾幹 ba1 er3 gan1

巴尔干半岛 巴爾幹半島 ba1 er3 gan1 ban4 dao3
Balkan Peninsula

巴马干酪 巴馬乾酪 ba1 ma3 gan1 lao4
Parmesan cheese

白干儿 白乾兒 bai2 gan1 er5
alcoholic spirit; strong white rice wine

包干 包乾 bao1 gan1
to have the full responsibility of a job; allocated task

包干儿 包乾兒 bao1 gan1 er5
erhua variant of 包乾|包干

包干制 包乾制 bao1 gan1 zhi4
a system of payment partly in kind and partly in cash

焙干 焙乾 bei4 gan1
to dry over a fire; to roast

比干 比干 bi3 gan1
Bi Gan (Chinese god of wealth)

饼干 餅乾 bing3 gan1
biscuit; cracker; cookie

不干不净 不乾不淨 bu4 gan1 bu4 jing4
unclean; filthy; foul-mouthed

不干不净,吃了没病 不乾不淨,吃了沒病 bu4 gan1 bu4 jing4 - chi1 le5 mei2 bing4
a little dirt never killed anybody (proverb); a couple of germs won't do you any harm

不干涉 不干涉 bu4 gan1 she4
noninterference; nonintervention

布干维尔 布干維爾 bu4 gan1 wei2 er3
Bougainville, Papua New Guinea

布干维尔岛 布干維爾島 bu4 gan1 wei2 er3 dao3
Bougainville island, Papua New Guinea

不相干 不相干 bu4 xiang1 gan1
to be irrelevant; to have nothing to do with

擦干 擦乾 ca1 gan1
to wipe dry

才干 才幹 cai2 gan4
ability; competence

吃干饭 吃乾飯 chi1 gan1 fan4
(coll.) to be incompetent; useless; good-for-nothing

吹干 吹乾 chui1 gan1
to blow-dry

词干 詞幹 ci2 gan4
word stem (in linguistics)

词干启动 詞幹啟動 ci2 gan4 qi3 dong4
stem priming

大便干燥 大便乾燥 da4 bian4 gan1 zao4

大动干戈 大動干戈 da4 dong4 gan1 ge1
to go to war (idiom); to make a big fuss over sth

大干 大幹 da4 gan4
to go all out; to work energetically

大溪豆干 大溪豆乾 da4 xi1 dou4 gan1
Tahsi or Dasi dried dofu, Taiwanese Taoyuan speciality

单干 單幹 dan1 gan4
to work on one's own; to work single-handed; individual farming

德干 德干 de2 gan1
Deccan (India)

电磁干扰 電磁干擾 dian4 ci2 gan1 rao3
electromagnetic interference

调干 調幹 diao4 gan4
to reassign a cadre; to choose a worker to be promoted to cadre

调干生 調幹生 diao4 gan4 sheng1
worker chosen to become a cadre and sent to complete his schooling

对着干 對著幹 dui4 zhe5 gan4
to adopt confrontational posture; to meet head-on; to compete

费尔干纳 費爾干納 fei4 er3 gan4 na4
the Ferghana valley (in Uzbekistan, central Asia)

费尔干纳盆地 費爾幹納盆地 fei4 er3 gan4 na4 pen2 di4
the Ferghana Valley in modern Uzbekistan

风干 風乾 feng1 gan1
to air-dry; to season (timber etc); air-dried; air-drying

干巴巴 乾巴巴 gan1 ba1 ba1
dry; parched; dull; insipid

干宝 干寶 gan1 bao3
Gan Bao (?-336), Chinese historian and writer, author of In Search of the Supernatural 搜神記|搜神记

干杯 乾杯 gan1 bei1
to drink a toast; Cheers! (proposing a toast); Here's to you!; Bottoms up!; lit. dry cup

干贝 乾貝 gan1 bei4
conpoy; dried scallop

干煸 乾煸 gan1 bian1
to stir-fry with oil only (no addition of water)

干煸四季豆 乾煸四季豆 gan1 bian1 si4 ji4 dou4
fried beans, Sichuan style

干煸土豆丝 乾煸土豆絲 gan1 bian1 tu3 dou4 si1
dry-fried potato slices (Chinese dish)

干扁豆角 干扁豆角 gan1 bian3 dou4 jiao3
green beans in sauce, popular Beijing dish

干瘪 乾癟 gan1 bie3
dried out; wizened; shriveled

干冰 乾冰 gan1 bing1
dry ice (i.e. frozen CO2)

干菜 乾菜 gan1 cai4
dried vegetable

干草 乾草 gan1 cao3

干潮 乾潮 gan1 chao2
low tide; low water

干脆 乾脆 gan1 cui4
straightforward; clear-cut; blunt (e.g. statement); you might as well; simply

干脆利落 乾脆利落 gan1 cui4 li4 luo5
(of speech or actions) direct and efficient; without fooling around

干脆利索 乾脆利索 gan1 cui4 li4 suo5
see 乾脆利落|干脆利落

干打垒 乾打壘 gan1 da3 lei3
rammed earth; adobe house

干等 乾等 gan1 deng3
to wait in vain; to sit around waiting

干瞪眼 乾瞪眼 gan1 deng4 yan3
to watch helplessly

干爹 乾爹 gan1 die1
adoptive father (traditional adoption, i.e. without legal ramifications)

干儿 乾兒 gan1 er2
adopted son (traditional adoption, i.e. without legal ramifications)

干儿子 乾兒子 gan1 er2 zi5
adopted son (traditional adoption, i.e. without legal ramifications)

干儿 乾兒 gan1 er5
dried food

干饭 乾飯 gan1 fan4
cooked and dried rice

干粉 乾粉 gan1 fen3
dry powder

干俸 乾俸 gan1 feng4

干戈 干戈 gan1 ge1
weapons of war; arms

干果 乾果 gan1 guo3
dried fruit; dry fruits (nuts etc)

干旱 乾旱 gan1 han4
drought; arid; dry

干旱土 乾旱土 gan1 han4 tu3
Aridosols (Chinese Soil Taxonomy)

干号 乾號 gan1 hao2
to cry out loud without tears

干嚎 乾嚎 gan1 hao2
to cry out loud without tears

干涸 乾涸 gan1 he2
to dry up

干货 乾貨 gan1 huo4
dry goods; dried fruit, nuts etc

干姜 乾薑 gan1 jiang1
dried ginger

干净 乾淨 gan1 jing4
clean; neat

干净俐落 乾淨俐落 gan1 jing4 li4 luo4
clean and efficient; neat and tidy

干净利落 乾淨利落 gan1 jing4 li4 luo5
squeaky clean; neat and tidy; efficient

干渴 乾渴 gan1 ke3
parched; dry mouth

干枯 乾枯 gan1 ku1
withered; dried up

干酪 乾酪 gan1 lao4

干酪素 乾酪素 gan1 lao4 su4

干粮 乾糧 gan1 liang2
rations (to take on expedition)

干裂 乾裂 gan1 lie4
(of dry soil, skin etc) to crack; to chap

干馏 乾餾 gan1 liu2
to carbonize; dry distillation; carbonization

干妈 乾媽 gan1 ma1
adoptive mother (traditional adoption, i.e. without legal ramifications)

干梅子 乾梅子 gan1 mei2 zi5

干挠 干撓 gan1 nao2
variant of 干擾|干扰, to interfere

干娘 乾娘 gan1 niang2
adoptive mother (traditional adoption, i.e. without legal ramifications)

干女儿 乾女兒 gan1 nv3 er2
adopted daughter (traditional adoption, i.e. without legal ramifications)

干呕 乾嘔 gan1 ou3
to retch

干扰 干擾 gan1 rao3
to disturb; to interfere; perturbation; interference (physics)

干扰素 干擾素 gan1 rao3 su4

干涩 乾澀 gan1 se4
dry and rough (skin); hoarse (voice); dry and heavy (style)

干涉 干涉 gan1 she4
to interfere; to meddle; interference

干涉仪 干涉儀 gan1 she4 yi2
interferometer (physics)

干尸 乾屍 gan1 shi1
mummy; dried corpse

干瘦 乾瘦 gan1 shou4
wizened; skinny and shriveled

干爽 乾爽 gan1 shuang3
dry and clean; clear and fresh

干透 乾透 gan1 tou4
to dry out; to dry completely

干洗 乾洗 gan1 xi3
to dry clean; dry cleaning

干系 干係 gan1 xi4

干笑 乾笑 gan1 xiao4
to give a hollow laugh; to force a smile; forced laugh

干休 干休 gan1 xiu1
to let matters rest

干癣 乾癬 gan1 xuan3

干眼症 乾眼症 gan1 yan3 zheng4
dry eye; xerophthalmia (drying of the tear glands, often due to lack of vitamin A)

干叶 乾葉 gan1 ye4
dried leaf

干衣 乾衣 gan1 yi1
drysuit (diving)

干邑 干邑 gan1 yi4
Cognac; brandy 白蘭地|白兰地 from the Cognac region of southwest France

干预 干預 gan1 yu4
to meddle; to intervene; intervention

干与 干與 gan1 yu4
variant of 干預|干预

干哕 乾噦 gan1 yue3
to retch

干燥 乾燥 gan1 zao4
to dry (of weather, paint, cement etc); desiccation; dull; uninteresting; arid

干燥机 乾燥機 gan1 zao4 ji1
a drier

干燥剂 乾燥劑 gan1 zao4 ji4

干着急 乾著急 gan1 zhao2 ji2
to worry helplessly

干证 干證 gan1 zheng4
witness (in a law suit)

干支 干支 gan1 zhi1
the ten Heavenly Stems 十天干 and twelve earthly branches 十二枝; sexagenary cycle

干部 幹部 gan4 bu4
cadre; official; officer; manager

干材 幹材 gan4 cai2
ability; capable

干才 幹才 gan4 cai2
ability; capable

干道 幹道 gan4 dao4
arterial road; main road; main watercourse

干掉 幹掉 gan4 diao4
to get rid of

干活 幹活 gan4 huo2
to work; to be employed; manual labor

干活儿 幹活兒 gan4 huo2 er5
to work; manual labor

干架 幹架 gan4 jia4
(dialect) to come to blows; to have a row

干将 幹將 gan4 jiang4
capable person

干劲 幹勁 gan4 jin4
enthusiasm for doing sth

干警 幹警 gan4 jing3
police; police cadres

干练 幹練 gan4 lian4
capable and experienced

干粮袋 乾糧袋 gan4 liang2 dai4
knapsack (for provisions); haversack

干流 幹流 gan4 liu2
main stream (of a river)

干么 幹麼 gan4 ma2
see 幹嘛|干嘛

干吗 幹嗎 gan4 ma2
see 幹嘛|干嘛

干嘛 幹嘛 gan4 ma2
what are you doing?; whatever for?; why on earth?

干渠 幹渠 gan4 qu2
trunk canal

干群 幹群 gan4 qun2
cadres and masses; party officials and ordinary people

干啥 幹啥 gan4 sha2
do what?

干什么 幹甚麼 gan4 shen2 me5
what are you doing?; what's he up to?

干事 幹事 gan4 shi5
administrator; executive secretary

干事长 幹事長 gan4 shi5 zhang3

干细胞 幹細胞 gan4 xi4 bao1
stem cell

干线 幹線 gan4 xian4
main line; trunk line

干校 幹校 gan4 xiao4
school for cadres; May 7 Cadre School 五七幹校|五七干校

干仗 幹仗 gan4 zhang4
to quarrel (dialect)

高干 高幹 gao1 gan4
high cadre; top party member

公干 公幹 gong1 gan4
public business; official work

骨干 骨幹 gu3 gan4
diaphysis (long segment of a bone); fig. backbone

骨干网路 骨幹網路 gu3 gan4 wang3 lu4
backbone network

贵干 貴幹 gui4 gan4
(polite) your business; what brings you?

豪气干云 豪氣干雲 hao2 qi4 gan1 yun2
lit. heroism reaching to the clouds (idiom)

何干 何干 he2 gan1
what business?

烘干 烘乾 hong1 gan1
to dry over a stove

烘干机 烘乾機 hong1 gan1 ji1
clothes dryer

化干戈为玉帛 化干戈為玉帛 hua4 gan1 ge1 wei2 yu4 bo2
lit. to exchange weapons of war for gifts of jade and silk (idiom); fig. to turn hostility into friendship

夹心饼干 夾心餅乾 jia1 xin1 bing3 gan1
sandwich cookie; (jocularly) sb who is caught between two opposing parties; sb who is between the hammer and the anvil

间充质干细胞 間充質幹細胞 jian1 chong1 zhi4 gan4 xi4 bao1
mesenchymal stem cell MSC (in cell biology)

江干 江乾 jiang1 gan1
Jianggan district of Hangzhou city 杭州市, Zhejiang

江干区 江乾區 jiang1 gan1 qu1
Jianggan district of Hangzhou city 杭州市, Zhejiang

茎干 莖干 jing1 gan1
stem; stalk

精干 精幹 jing1 gan4
crack (troops); special (forces); highly capable

精干高效 精幹高效 jing1 gan4 gao1 xiao4
top-notch efficiency

精明能干 精明能幹 jing1 ming2 neng2 gan4
able and efficient

精明强干 精明強幹 jing1 ming2 qiang2 gan4
intelligent and capable (idiom)

口干舌燥 口乾舌燥 kou3 gan1 she2 zao4
lit. dry mouth and tongue (idiom); to talk too much

枯干 枯乾 ku1 gan1

苦干 苦幹 ku3 gan4
to work hard

阑干 闌干 lan2 gan1
(literary) crisscross; uneven; disorderly; rim of the eye; variant of 欄杆|栏杆

愣干 愣干 leng4 gan4
to do things recklessly; to persist in doing sth in one's own way

晾干 晾乾 liang4 gan1
to dry by the sun

烈火干柴 烈火乾柴 lie4 huo3 gan1 chai2
lit. intense fire to dry wood (idiom); inferno in a woodpile; fig. consuming passion between lovers

流干 流乾 liu2 gan1
to drain; to run dry

埋头苦干 埋頭苦幹 mai2 tou2 ku3 gan4
to bury oneself in work (idiom); to be engrossed in work; to make an all-out effort; up to the neck in work

蛮干 蠻幹 man2 gan4
to act rashly; to act precipitously regardless of the consequences; reckless; foolhardy; daredevil

猛干 猛幹 meng3 gan4
to tie in to

脑干 腦幹 nao3 gan4
brain stem

能干 能幹 neng2 gan4
capable; competent

牛肉干 牛肉乾 niu2 rou4 gan1
dried beef; jerky; charqui

奴儿干 奴兒干 nu2 er2 gan1
part of Heilongjiang and the Vladivostok area ruled by the Ming dynasty

奴儿干都司 奴兒干都司 nu2 er2 gan1 du1 si1
the Ming dynasty provincial headquarters in the Heilongjiang and Vladivostok area

葡萄干 葡萄乾 pu2 tao5 gan1
raisin; dried grape

葡萄干儿 葡萄乾兒 pu2 tao5 gan1 er5

强干 強幹 qiang2 gan4
competent; capable

巧干 巧幹 qiao3 gan4
to work resourcefully; to apply intelligence

躯干 軀幹 qu1 gan4
trunk; torso

热干面 熱乾麵 re4 gan1 mian4
hot dry noodles

乳臭未干 乳臭未乾 ru3 xiu4 wei4 gan1
smell of mother's milk not yet dried (idiom); immature and inexperienced; still wet behind the ears

若干 若干 ruo4 gan1
a certain number or amount; how many?; how much?

撒马尔干 撒馬爾幹 sa3 ma3 er3 gan4
Samarkand, city in Uzbekistan; also written 撒馬爾罕|撒马尔罕

晒干 曬乾 shai4 gan1
to dry in the sun

射干 射干 she4 gan1
blackberry lily (Belamcanda chinensis); leopard lily

射频干扰 射頻干擾 she4 pin2 gan1 rao3
radio interference; RF interference

审干 審幹 shen3 gan4
to examine the cadres; same as 審查幹部|审查干部

十干 十干 shi2 gan1
same as 天干; the 10 heavenly stems 甲, 乙, 丙, 丁, 戊, 己, 庚, 辛, 壬, 癸 (used cyclically in the calendar and as ordinal number like Roman I, II, III)

实干 實幹 shi2 gan4
to work industriously; to get things done

实干家 實幹家 shi2 gan4 jia1
sb who gets things done; doer

十天干 十天干 shi2 tian1 gan1
the ten Heavenly Stems 甲, 乙, 丙, 丁, 戊, 己, 庚, 辛, 壬, 癸 (used cyclically in the calendar and as ordinal number like Roman I, II, III)

嗜酸乳干菌 嗜酸乳干菌 shi4 suan1 ru3 gan1 jun1
Lactobacillus acidophilus

手脚不干净 手腳不乾淨 shou3 jiao3 bu4 gan1 jing4
thieving; light-fingered; prone to stealing

树干 樹幹 shu4 gan4
tree trunk

松赞干布 松贊干布 song1 zan4 gan4 bu4
Songtsen Gampo or Songzain Gambo (604-650) Tibetan emperor, founder of the Tubo 吐蕃 dynasty

松赞干布陵 松贊干布陵 song1 zan4 gan4 bu4 ling2
the tomb of Tibetan king Songtsen Gampo or Songzain Gambo in Lhoka prefecture

宋干节 宋干節 song4 gan1 jie2
Songkran (Thai New Year festival)

苏打饼干 蘇打餅乾 su1 da2 bing3 gan1
soda biscuit; cracker

塔克拉马干 塔克拉馬干 ta3 ke4 la1 ma3 gan1
Taklamakan (desert)

塔克拉玛干沙漠 塔克拉瑪干沙漠 ta3 ke4 la1 ma3 gan1 sha1 mo4
Taklamakan Desert, Xinjiang

塔什干 塔什干 ta3 shi2 gan1
Tashkent, capital of Uzbekistan

塔什库尔干塔吉克自治县 塔什庫爾干塔吉克自治縣 ta3 shi2 ku4 er3 gan1 ta3 ji2 ke4 zi4 zhi4 xian4
Taxkorgan Tajik autonomous county (Tashqurqan Tajik aptonom nahiyisi) in Kashgar prefecture 喀什地區|喀什地区, west Xinjiang

塔什库尔干乡 塔什庫爾干鄉 ta3 shi2 ku4 er3 gan1 xiang1
Taxkorgan township in Kashgar prefecture 喀什地區|喀什地区, west Xinjiang

塔什库尔干自治县 塔什庫爾干自治縣 ta3 shi2 ku4 er3 gan1 zi4 zhi4 xian4
Taxkorgan Tajik autonomous county (Tashqurqan Tajik aptonom nahiyisi) in Kashgar prefecture 喀什地區|喀什地区, west Xinjiang

太阳照在桑干河上 太陽照在桑乾河上 tai4 yang2 zhao4 zai4 sang1 gan1 he2 shang4
The Sun Shines over the Sanggan River, proletarian novel by Ding Ling, winner of 1951 Stalin prize

提干 提幹 ti2 gan4
to rise through the ranks (as a party cadre)

天干 天干 tian1 gan1
the 10 heavenly stems 甲, 乙, 丙, 丁, 戊, 己, 庚, 辛, 壬, 癸, used cyclically in the calendar and as ordinal numbers I, II etc

涂尔干 涂爾干 tu2 er3 gan1

唾面自干 唾面自乾 tuo4 mian4 zi4 gan1
to be spat on in the face and let it dry by itself, not wiping it off (idiom); to turn the other cheek; to drain the cup of humiliation

外强中干 外強中乾 wai4 qiang2 zhong1 gan1
strong in appearance but weak in reality (idiom)

威化饼干 威化餅乾 wei1 hua4 bing3 gan1
wafer; wafer cookie

乌干达 烏干達 wu1 gan1 da2

无干 無干 wu2 gan1
to have nothing to do with

五七干部学校 五七幹部學校 wu3 qi1 gan4 bu4 xue2 xiao4
May 7 Cadre School (forcing educated people into re-education and peasant labor during Cultural Revolution); abbr. to 五七幹校|五七干校

五七干校 五七幹校 wu3 qi1 gan4 xiao4
May 7 Cadre School (forcing educated people into re-education and peasant labor during Cultural Revolution); abbr. for 五七幹部學校|五七干部学校

洗手不干 洗手不幹 xi3 shou3 bu4 gan4
to totally stop doing something; to reform one's ways

虾干 蝦乾 xia1 gan1
dried shrimps

相干 相干 xiang1 gan1
relevant; to have to do with; coherent (Physics: light etc)

香干 香乾 xiang1 gan1
smoked bean curd

新干 新干 xin1 gan1
Xingan county in Ji'an 吉安, Jiangxi

新干县 新干縣 xin1 gan1 xian4
Xingan county in Ji'an 吉安, Jiangxi

新干线 新幹線 xin1 gan4 xian4
Shinkansen (Japanese high-speed train)

眼干症 眼乾症 yan3 gan1 zheng4
xeropthalmia (medicine); dry eye syndrome

一干二净 一乾二淨 yi1 gan1 er4 jing4
thoroughly (idiom); completely; one and all; very clean

阴干 陰乾 yin1 gan1
to dry in the shade

硬干 硬幹 ying4 gan4
by brute strength; rashly and forcefully; bull-headed; to work tenaciously with no fear of hardship

有才干 有才幹 you3 cai2 gan4

有何贵干 有何貴幹 you3 he2 gui4 gan4
What (noble errand) brings you here?; May I help you?; What can I do for you?

余干 餘干 yu2 gan1
Yugan county in Shangrao 上饒|上饶, Jiangxi

余干县 餘干縣 yu2 gan1 xian4
Yugan county in Shangrao 上饒|上饶, Jiangxi

造血干细胞 造血幹細胞 zao4 xue4 gan4 xi4 bao1
blood generating stem cells (in bone marrow)

支努干 支努干 zhi1 nu3 gan1
Chinook (helicopter)

主干 主幹 zhu3 gan4
trunk; main; core

主干网路 主幹網路 zhu3 gan4 wang3 lu4
core network; backbone network

主干网络 主幹網絡 zhu3 gan4 wang3 luo4
core network

主干线 主幹線 zhu3 gan4 xian4
trunk line (of road, network etc); backbone (cable)

转干 轉幹 zhuan3 gan4
to become a cadre (e.g. a promotion from shopfloor)

总干事 總幹事 zong3 gan4 shi5