trusted; intimate; (of the emperor) to visit; variant of 幸

surname Xing

fortunate; lucky

strokes 8
strokes after radical 5
薄幸 薄幸 bo2 xing4
fickle; inconstant person

不幸 不幸 bu4 xing4
misfortune; adversity; unfortunate; sad; unfortunately

不幸受害 不幸受害 bu4 xing4 shou4 hai4
the unfortunate injured (party); a victim

不幸言中 不幸言中 bu4 xing4 yan2 zhong4
to turn out just as one predicted or feared

不幸之事 不幸之事 bu4 xing4 zhi1 shi4

不幸之幸 不幸之幸 bu4 xing4 zhi1 xing4
a fortune in misfortune; a positive in the negative

惨遭不幸 慘遭不幸 can3 zao1 bu4 xing4
to meet with disaster; to die tragically

徼幸 徼倖 jiao3 xing4
variant of 僥倖|侥幸

徼幸 徼幸 jiao3 xing4
variant of 僥倖|侥幸

侥幸 僥倖 jiao3 xing4
luckily; by a fluke

侥幸心理 僥倖心理 jiao3 xing4 xin1 li3
trusting to luck; wishful thinking

金钱不能买来幸福 金錢不能買來幸福 jin1 qian2 bu4 neng2 mai3 lai2 xing4 fu2
money can't buy happiness

快乐幸福 快樂幸福 kuai4 le4 xing4 fu2
cheerful; happy

临幸 臨幸 lin2 xing4
to go in person (of emperor); to copulate with a concubine (of emperor)

庆幸 慶幸 qing4 xing4
to rejoice; to be glad

荣幸 榮幸 rong2 xing4
honored (to have the privilege of ...)

三生有幸 三生有幸 san1 sheng1 you3 xing4
the blessing of three lifetimes (idiom); (courteous language) it's my good fortune...

所幸 所幸 suo3 xing4
fortunately (formal writing)

天幸 天幸 tian1 xing4
providential good luck; a narrow escape

小确幸 小確幸 xiao3 que4 xing4
sth small that one can find pleasure in (e.g. a cold beer after a hard day or a serendipitous find in a second-hand store)

欣幸 欣幸 xin1 xing4
delighted; overjoyed

幸存 倖存 xing4 cun2
to survive (a disaster)

幸存者 倖存者 xing4 cun2 zhe3

幸而 幸而 xing4 er2
by good fortune; luckily

幸福 幸福 xing4 fu2
happiness; happy; blessed

幸福学 幸福學 xing4 fu2 xue2
eudemonics; hedonomics

幸好 幸好 xing4 hao3

幸会 幸會 xing4 hui4
nice to meet you

幸进 幸進 xing4 jin4
to get through by luck; to be promoted by a fluke

幸亏 幸虧 xing4 kui1
fortunately; luckily

幸免 幸免 xing4 mian3
narrowly and luckily escape

幸甚 幸甚 xing4 shen4
very fortunate; sth to rejoice at

幸事 幸事 xing4 shi4
sth fortunate; a lucky chance

幸喜 幸喜 xing4 xi3

幸运 幸運 xing4 yun4
fortunate; lucky; fortune; luck

幸运抽奖 幸運抽獎 xing4 yun4 chou1 jiang3
lucky draw; lottery

幸运儿 幸運兒 xing4 yun4 er2
winner; lucky guy; person who always gets good breaks

幸灾乐祸 幸災樂禍 xing4 zai1 le4 huo4
lit. to take joy in calamity and delight in disaster (idiom); fig. to rejoice in other people's misfortune; Schadenfreude

有幸 有幸 you3 xing4

郑幸娟 鄭幸娟 zheng4 xing4 juan1
Zheng Xingjuan (1989-), Chinese athlete, lady high jumper