variant of 床

bed; couch; classifier for beds

strokes 7
strokes after radical 4
八角床 八角床 ba1 jiao3 chuang2
traditional-style canopy bed

刨床 刨床 bao4 chuang2
planer; planing machine

绷床 繃床 beng1 chuang2

蹦床 蹦床 beng4 chuang2

病床 病床 bing4 chuang2
hospital bed; sickbed

礤床 礤床 ca3 chuang2
vegetable shredder; grater

礤床儿 礤床兒 ca3 chuang2 er5
shredder; grater (kitchen implement for grating vegetables)

车床 車床 che1 chuang2

床边 床邊 chuang2 bian1

床侧 床側 chuang2 ce4

床单 床單 chuang2 dan1
bed sheet

床垫 床墊 chuang2 dian4

床技 床技 chuang2 ji4
skills in bed; sexual prowess

床笠 床笠 chuang2 li4
fitted bed sheet

床铃 床鈴 chuang2 ling2
baby mobile; crib mobile

床铺 床鋪 chuang2 pu4

床上戏 床上戲 chuang2 shang4 xi4
sex scene (in a movie etc)

床头 床頭 chuang2 tou2
bedhead; bedside; headboard

床头柜 床頭櫃 chuang2 tou2 gui4
bedside cabinet

床位 床位 chuang2 wei4
bed (in hospital, hotel, train etc); berth; bunk

床戏 床戲 chuang2 xi4
sex scene (in a movie etc)

床沿 床沿 chuang2 yan2

床友 床友 chuang2 you3
(slang) friend with benefits; casual sex partner

床帐 床帳 chuang2 zhang4
bed curtain; mosquito net

床罩 床罩 chuang2 zhao4

床笫 床笫 chuang2 zi3
bed and bamboo sleeping mat; (fig.) bed as a place for intimacy

床笫之事 床笫之事 chuang2 zi3 zhi1 shi4
bedroom matters; sexual intercourse

床笫之私 床笫之私 chuang2 zi3 zhi1 si1
intimate matters

担架床 擔架床 dan1 jia4 chuang2

单人床 單人床 dan1 ren2 chuang2
single bed

吊床 吊床 diao4 chuang2

堵床上 堵床上 du3 chuang2 shang4
(coll.) to catch an adulterous couple in the act

鬼压床 鬼壓床 gui3 ya1 chuang2
(coll.) sleep paralysis

贵妃床 貴妃床 gui4 fei1 chuang2
chaise longue

滚床单 滾床單 gun3 chuang2 dan1
(coll.) to have sex

海床 海床 hai3 chuang2
seabed; seafloor; bottom of the ocean

河床 河床 he2 chuang2

花床 花床 hua1 chuang2
flower bed

基床 基床 ji1 chuang2
foundation (of building); bed (e.g. bedrock); substrate

机床 機床 ji1 chuang2
machine tool; a lathe

叫床 叫床 jiao4 chuang2
to cry out in ecstasy (during lovemaking)

炕床 炕床 kang4 chuang2
heatable brick bed

矿床 礦床 kuang4 chuang2
(mineral) deposit

赖床 賴床 lai4 chuang2
to have a lie-in; to dawdle in bed

临床 臨床 lin2 chuang2

临床特征 臨床特徵 lin2 chuang2 te4 zheng1
clinical characteristic; diagnostic trait

棂床 欞床 ling2 chuang2
variant of 靈床|灵床

灵床 靈床 ling2 chuang2
bier; bed kept as it was when the deceased was alive

龙床 龍床 long2 chuang2
the Emperor's bed

炉床 爐床 lu2 chuang2

苗床 苗床 miao2 chuang2

磨床 磨床 mo2 chuang2
grinding machine; grinder

尿床 尿床 niao4 chuang2

陪床 陪床 pei2 chuang2
to look after a hospitalized loved one

铺床 鋪床 pu1 chuang2
to make a bed; to lay bedding

起床 起床 qi3 chuang2
to get out of bed; to get up

起床号 起床號 qi3 chuang2 hao2

认床 認床 ren4 chuang2
to have difficulties sleeping in a bed other than one's own

日光浴浴床 日光浴浴床 ri4 guang1 yu4 yu4 chuang2

沙发床 沙發床 sha1 fa1 chuang2
sofa bed; sleeper sofa

砂积矿床 砂積礦床 sha1 ji1 kuang4 chuang2
placer (alluvial deposit containing valuable metals)

上床 上床 shang4 chuang2
to go to bed; (coll.) to have sex

上下床 上下床 shang4 xia4 chuang2
bunk bed

双人床 雙人床 shuang1 ren2 chuang2
double bed

榻床 榻床 ta4 chuang2
divan; couch

童床 童床 tong2 chuang2
crib; children's bed

同床共枕 同床共枕 tong2 chuang2 gong4 zhen3
to share the bed; (fig.) to be married

同床异梦 同床異夢 tong2 chuang2 yi4 meng4
lit. to share the same bed with different dreams (idiom); ostensible partners with different agendas; strange bedfellows; marital dissension

温床 溫床 wen1 chuang2
hotbed; breeding ground; fig. breeding ground for crimes or sedition

卧床 臥床 wo4 chuang2
to lie in bed; bedridden; bed

铣床 銑床 xi3 chuang2
milling machine

行军床 行軍床 xing2 jun1 chuang2
camp bed; bivouac

旋床 鏇床 xuan4 chuang2

牙床 牙床 ya2 chuang2
gum; ivory bedframe

岩床 巖床 yan2 chuang2

着床 著床 zhuo2 chuang2
implantation (e.g. of ovum in uterus)