(equivalent to 的 as possessive particle)

background; bottom; base; end (of the month, year etc); remnants; (math.) radix; base

strokes 8
strokes after radical 5
案底 案底 an4 di3
criminal record

巴士底 巴士底 ba1 shi4 di3
the Bastille (Paris)

班底 班底 ban1 di3
ordinary members of theatrical troupe

包袱底儿 包袱底兒 bao1 fu5 di3 er5
family heirloom; most precious family possession; person's secrets; one's best performance

保底 保底 bao3 di3
to break even; to guarantee a minimum (salary etc)

本底 本底 ben3 di3

本底调查 本底調查 ben3 di3 diao4 cha2
background investigation

本底辐射 本底輻射 ben3 di3 fu2 she4
background radiation

本底计数 本底計數 ben3 di3 ji4 shu4
background count

笔底下 筆底下 bi3 di3 xia4
ability to write

标底 標底 biao1 di3
base number (of a tender); starting price (for auction)

澈底 澈底 che4 di3
variant of 徹底|彻底

彻底 徹底 che4 di3
thorough; thoroughly; complete

彻底失败 徹底失敗 che4 di3 shi1 bai4
utter failure

船底座 船底座 chuan2 di3 zuo4
Carina (constellation)

打底 打底 da3 di3
to lay a foundation (also fig.); to make a first sketch; to eat sth before drinking; to apply an undercoat

打底裤 打底褲 da3 di3 ku4

打破砂锅问到底 打破砂鍋問到底 da3 po4 sha1 guo1 wen4 dao4 di3
to go to the bottom of things (idiom)

大树底下好乘凉 大樹底下好乘涼 da4 shu4 di3 xia4 hao3 cheng2 liang2
lit. under a big tree the shade is plentiful (idiom); fig. to benefit by proximity to an influential person

到底 到底 dao4 di3
finally; in the end; when all is said and done; after all; to the end; to the last

底版 底版 di3 ban3
photographic plate

底比斯 底比斯 di3 bi3 si1
Thebes, place name in ancient Egypt; Thebes, ancient Greek city state

底边 底邊 di3 bian1
base (of a triangle); base line; hem line (of skirt)

底部 底部 di3 bu4

底层 底層 di3 ceng2
ground or first floor; bottom (of a pile); lowest rung (of society)

底朝天 底朝天 di3 chao2 tian1
upside down; upturned

底端 底端 di3 duan1
bottom; bottom side; end part

底阀 底閥 di3 fa2
bottom valve; foot valve

底肥 底肥 di3 fei2
base fertilizer

底格里斯 底格里斯 di3 ge2 li3 si1
Tigris River, Iraq

底格里斯河 底格里斯河 di3 ge2 li3 si1 he2
Tigris River, Iraq

底界 底界 di3 jie4
lower boundary

底夸克 底夸克 di3 kua1 ke4
bottom quark (particle physics)

底料 底料 di3 liao4
base ingredient; base (cooking); primer (paint)

底面 底面 di3 mian4
bottom; bottom side; bottom surface

底牌 底牌 di3 pai2
cards in one's hand; (fig.) undisclosed strength or information; hidden trump

底盘 底盤 di3 pan2

底片 底片 di3 pian4
negative; photographic plate

底漆 底漆 di3 qi1

底栖生物 底棲生物 di3 qi1 sheng1 wu4

底栖有孔虫 底棲有孔蟲 di3 qi1 you3 kong3 chong2
benthic foraminifera

底气 底氣 di3 qi4
lung capacity; lung power; stamina; confidence

底数 底數 di3 shu4
radix; base (math.)

底特律 底特律 di3 te4 lv4
Detroit, Michigan

底细 底細 di3 xi4
inside information; the ins and outs of the matter; how things stand; what's up

底下 底下 di3 xia5
the location below sth; afterwards

底限 底限 di3 xian4
lowest limit; bottom line

底线 底線 di3 xian4
to underline; bottom line; base line (in sports); baseline; minimum; spy; plant

底薪 底薪 di3 xin1
basic salary; base pay; salary floor

底蕴 底蘊 di3 yun4
inside information; concrete details

底汁 底汁 di3 zhi1
stock (cooking); base (of sauce or gravy)

底止 底止 di3 zhi3
(literary) end; limit

底子 底子 di3 zi5
base; foundation; bottom

底座 底座 di3 zuo4
base; pedestal; foundation

地底 地底 di4 di3
subterranean; underground

垫底儿 墊底兒 dian4 di3 er5
foundation layer; underlay; fig. to lay foundations; to snack

垫底费 墊底費 dian4 di3 fei4
(finance) deductible; excess fee

跌至谷底 跌至谷底 die1 zhi4 gu3 di3
to hit rock bottom (idiom)

兜底 兜底 dou1 di3
to reveal; to expose

兜老底兜鍪 兜老底兜鍪 dou1 lao3 di3 dou1 mou2
helmet (archaic)

俄巴底亚书 俄巴底亞書 e2 ba1 di3 ya4 shu1
Book of Obadiah

俄底浦斯 俄底浦斯 e2 di3 pu3 si1
Oedipus, legendary king of Thebes who killed his father and married his mother

俄底浦斯情结 俄底浦斯情結 e2 di3 pu3 si1 qing2 jie2
Oedipus complex

粉底 粉底 fen3 di3
foundation (cosmetics)

封底 封底 feng1 di3
the back cover of a book

釜底抽薪 釜底抽薪 fu3 di3 chou1 xin1
to take drastic measures to deal with a situation; to pull the carpet from under sb

釜底游鱼 釜底游魚 fu3 di3 you2 yu2
a fish at the bottom of the pot (idiom); in a desperate situation

冈底斯山 岡底斯山 gang1 di3 si1 shan1
Mt Gangdisê (6656m) in southwest Tibet, revered by Tibetans as the center of the universe

冈底斯山脉 岡底斯山脈 gang1 di3 si1 shan1 mai4
Gangdisê mountain range in southwest Tibet

根底 根底 gen1 di3
foundation; grounding; background; what lies at the bottom of sth; root; cause

功底 功底 gong1 di3
training in the basic skills; knowledge of the fundamentals

谷底 谷底 gu3 di3
valley floor; (fig.) lowest ebb; all-time low

归根到底 歸根到底 gui1 gen1 dao4 di3
after all; in the final analysis; ultimately

归根结底 歸根結底 gui1 gen1 jie2 di3
in the final analysis; ultimately

海底 海底 hai3 di3
seabed; seafloor; bottom of the ocean

海底扩张 海底擴張 hai3 di3 kuo4 zhang1
seafloor spreading (geology)

海底扩张说 海底擴張說 hai3 di3 kuo4 zhang1 shuo1
theory of seafloor spreading (geology)

海底捞月 海底撈月 hai3 di3 lao1 yue4
to fetch the moon from the seabed (idiom); a hopeless illusion

海底捞针 海底撈針 hai3 di3 lao1 zhen1
see 大海撈針|大海捞针

海底轮 海底輪 hai3 di3 lun2
mūlādhāra or muladhara, the root or Saturn chakra 查克拉, residing in the coccyx

海底椰 海底椰 hai3 di3 ye1
coco de mer or "sea coconut" (Lodoicea maldivica)

好酒沉瓮底 好酒沉甕底 hao3 jiu3 chen2 weng4 di3
lit. the best wine is at the bottom of the jug (idiom); fig. the best is saved for last

厚底鞋 厚底鞋 hou4 di3 xie2
platform shoes

基底 基底 ji1 di3
plinth; base; substrate

基底动脉 基底動脈 ji1 di3 dong4 mai4
basilar artery (central artery of the brain)

基底神经节孙损伤 基底神經節孫損傷 ji1 di3 shen2 jing1 jie2 sun1 sun3 shang1
basal ganglia lesions

基底细胞癌 基底細胞癌 ji1 di3 xi4 bao1 ai2
basal cell carcinoma

家底 家底 jia1 di3
family property; patrimony

交底 交底 jiao1 di3
to fill sb in (on the details of sth); to put all one's cards on the table

脚底 腳底 jiao3 di3
soles of the feet

揭底 揭底 jie1 di3
to reveal the inside story; to expose sb's secrets

尽收眼底 盡收眼底 jin4 shou1 yan3 di3
to take in the whole scene at once; to have a panoramic view

井底之蛙 井底之蛙 jing3 di3 zhi1 wa1
the frog at the bottom of the well (idiom); fig. a person of limited outlook and experience

亮底牌 亮底牌 liang4 di3 pai2
to show one's hand; to lay one's cards on the table

留底 留底 liu2 di3
to keep a copy; copy kept for archiving; to put aside a portion (of a money sum)

娄底 婁底 lou2 di3
Loudi prefecture level city in Hunan

娄底地区 婁底地區 lou2 di3 di4 qu1
Loudi prefecture in Hunan

娄底市 婁底市 lou2 di3 shi4
Loudi prefecture level city in Hunan

露底 露底 lou4 di3
to let out a secret

颅底 顱底 lu2 di3
base of the skull

没底 沒底 mei2 di3
unsure; uncertain; unending

谜底 謎底 mi2 di3
answer to a riddle

米底亚 米底亞 mi3 di3 ya4
Media (ancient Middle east region)

摸底 摸底 mo1 di3
to have a clear view (of a situation); to fish for information; fact-finding

末底改 末底改 mo4 di3 gai3
Mordechai (name)

尼哥底母 尼哥底母 ni2 ge1 di3 mu3
Nicodemus, prominent Jew of the time of Christ, mentioned in the Gospel of John

年底 年底 nian2 di3
the end of the year; year-end

诺曼底 諾曼底 nuo4 man4 di3
Normandy, France

诺曼底半岛 諾曼底半島 nuo4 man4 di3 ban4 dao3
Normandy peninsula

诺曼底人 諾曼底人 nuo4 man4 di3 ren2
Norman (people)

盘底 盤底 pan2 di3
to interrogate and get to the bottom of sth

盘根究底 盤根究底 pan2 gen1 jiu1 di3
lit. to examine roots and inquire at the base (idiom); to get to the bottom of sth

盘根问底 盤根問底 pan2 gen1 wen4 di3
lit. to examine roots and inquire at the base (idiom); to get to the bottom of sth

刨根问底 刨根問底 pao2 gen1 wen4 di3
to dig up roots and inquire at the base (idiom); to get to the bottom of sth

拼到底 拼到底 pin1 dao4 di3
to brave it out; to the bitter end

平底 平底 ping2 di3
flat bottomed; low heeled

平底锅 平底鍋 ping2 di3 guo1
frying pan

铺底 鋪底 pu4 di3
shop fittings

强辩到底 強辯到底 qiang3 bian4 dao4 di3
to argue endlessly; to try to have the last word

清澈见底 清澈見底 qing1 che4 jian4 di3
water so clear you can see the bottom

去年底 去年底 qu4 nian2 di3
late last year; the end of last year

水底 水底 shui3 di3

水底相机 水底相機 shui3 di3 xiang4 ji1
underwater camera

水底写字板 水底寫字板 shui3 di3 xie3 zi4 ban3
underwater writing tablet

私底下 私底下 si1 di3 xia5
privately; secretly; confidentially

苏格拉底 蘇格拉底 su1 ge2 la1 di3
Socrates (469-399 BC), Greek philosopher; José Sócrates (1957-), prime minister of Portugal (2005-2011)

潭底 潭底 tan2 di3
bottom of a (deep) pond

讨底 討底 tao3 di3
to enquire; to demand details

讨底儿 討底兒 tao3 di3 er5
erhua variant of 討底|讨底

天底 天底 tian1 di3
(astronomy) nadir

天底下 天底下 tian1 di3 xia5
in this world; under the sun

跳出釜底进火坑 跳出釜底進火坑 tiao4 chu1 fu3 di3 jin4 huo3 keng1
out of the frying pan into the fire (idiom)

卧底 臥底 wo4 di3
to hide (as an undercover agent); an insider (in a gang of thieves); a mole

无底 無底 wu2 di3

无底洞 無底洞 wu2 di3 dong4
bottomless pit

无底坑 無底坑 wu2 di3 keng1
the bottomless pit (Hell in the Bible); pitless (elevator)

希波克拉底 希波克拉底 xi1 bo1 ke4 la1 di3
Hippocrates (c. 460 BC - c. 370 BC), Greek physician, father of Western medicine

希罗底 希羅底 xi1 luo2 di3
Herodium (town in biblical Judea)

歇斯底里 歇斯底里 xie1 si1 di3 li3
hysteria (loanword); hysterical

鞋底 鞋底 xie2 di3
sole (of a shoe)

泄底 洩底 xie4 di3
to divulge the inside story

心底 心底 xin1 di3
bottom of one's heart

询根问底 詢根問底 xun2 gen1 wen4 di3
lit. to examine roots and inquire at the base (idiom); to get to the bottom of sth

寻根问底 尋根問底 xun2 gen1 wen4 di3
lit. to examine roots and inquire at the base (idiom); to get to the bottom of sth

眼底 眼底 yan3 di3
fundus of the eye (containing the choroid, retina, optic nerve etc); inside the eye; right in front of one's eyes; in full view as a panorama

眼底下 眼底下 yan3 di3 xia5
in front of one's eyes; in full view as a panorama; right now

眼皮底下 眼皮底下 yan3 pi2 di3 xia5
in front of one's eyes

洋底 洋底 yang2 di3
ocean floor; bottom of the ocean

洋底地壳 洋底地殼 yang2 di3 di4 qiao4
oceanic crust (geology)

页底 頁底 ye4 di3
the bottom of the page

伊洛瓦底 伊洛瓦底 yi1 luo4 wa3 di3
Irrawaddy or Ayeyarwaddy River, the main river of Myanmar (Burma)

依洛瓦底 依洛瓦底 yi1 luo4 wa3 di3
Irrawaddy or Ayeyarwaddy River, the main river of Myanmar (Burma); also written 伊洛瓦底

伊洛瓦底江 伊洛瓦底江 yi1 luo4 wa3 di3 jiang1
Irrawaddy or Ayeyarwaddy River, the main river of Myanmar (Burma)

伊洛瓦底三角洲 伊洛瓦底三角洲 yi1 luo4 wa3 di3 san1 jiao3 zhou1
Irrawaddy delta in south Myanmar (Burma)

伊于胡底 伊於胡底 yi1 yu2 hu2 di3
where will it stop?

油底壳 油底殼 you2 di3 ke2
oil sump

幼发拉底 幼發拉底 you4 fa1 la1 di3
Euphrates (river in Iraq)

幼发拉底河 幼發拉底河 you4 fa1 la1 di3 he2
Euphrates River

幼发拉底河谷 幼發拉底河谷 you4 fa1 la1 di3 he2 gu3
Euphrates river valley

月底 月底 yue4 di3
end of the month

照片底版 照片底版 zhao4 pian4 di3 ban3
a photographic plate

追根究底 追根究底 zhui1 gen1 jiu1 di3
to get to the heart of the matter

追根究底儿 追根究底兒 zhui1 gen1 jiu1 di3 er5
erhua variant of 追根究底

追根问底 追根問底 zhui1 gen1 wen4 di3
lit. to examine roots and inquire at the base (idiom); to get to the bottom of sth

追根寻底 追根尋底 zhui1 gen1 xun2 di3
see 追根究底

自底向上 自底向上 zi4 di3 xiang4 shang4

足底筋膜炎 足底筋膜炎 zu2 di3 jin1 mo2 yan2
plantar fasciitis (medicine)