variant of 廢|废; disabled

to abolish; to abandon; to abrogate; to discard; to depose; to oust; crippled; abandoned; waste

strokes 8
strokes after radical 5
百废待举 百廢待舉 bai3 fei4 dai4 ju3
many things waiting to be done (idiom); a thousand things to do

百废待兴 百廢待興 bai3 fei4 dai4 xing1
many things waiting to be done (idiom); a thousand things to do

百废具兴 百廢具興 bai3 fei4 ju4 xing1
variant of 百廢俱興|百废俱兴

百废俱兴 百廢俱興 bai3 fei4 ju4 xing1
all neglected tasks are being undertaken (idiom); work is now underway

百事俱废 百事俱廢 bai3 shi4 ju4 fei4
to go to pot (idiom)

半途而废 半途而廢 ban4 tu2 er2 fei4
to give up halfway (idiom); leave sth unfinished

报废 報廢 bao4 fei4
to scrap; to be written off

不以人废言 不以人廢言 bu4 yi3 ren2 fei4 yan2
not to reject a word because of the speaker (idiom, from Analects); to judge on the merits of the case rather than preference between advisers

残废 殘廢 can2 fei4
deformity; handicapped

低放射性废物 低放射性廢物 di1 fang4 she4 xing4 fei4 wu4
low level waste

放射性废物 放射性廢物 fang4 she4 xing4 fei4 wu4
radioactive waste

废柴 廢柴 fei4 chai2
(Cantonese) (coll.) good-for-nothing; loser

废弛 廢弛 fei4 chi2
to fall into disuse (of laws, customs etc); to neglect

废除 廢除 fei4 chu2
to abolish; to abrogate; to repeal

废除军备 廢除軍備 fei4 chu2 jun1 bei4
to disarm

废黜 廢黜 fei4 chu4
to depose (a king)

废掉 廢掉 fei4 diao4
to depose (a king)

废藩置县 廢藩置縣 fei4 fan1 zhi4 xian4
to abolish the feudal Han and introduce modern prefectures (refers to reorganization during Meiji Japan)

废钢 廢鋼 fei4 gang1
scrap metal; steel scrap

废话 廢話 fei4 hua4
nonsense; rubbish; superfluous words; You don't say!; No kidding! (gently sarcastic)

废话连篇 廢話連篇 fei4 hua4 lian2 pian1
a bunch of nonsense; verbose and rambling

废旧 廢舊 fei4 jiu4
worn out; old fashioned and dilapidated

废料 廢料 fei4 liao4
waste products; refuse; garbage; good-for-nothing (derog.)

废品 廢品 fei4 pin3
production rejects; seconds; scrap; discarded material

废弃 廢棄 fei4 qi4
to discard; to abandon (old ways); to invalidate

废气 廢氣 fei4 qi4
exhaust gas; industrial waste gas; steam

废寝食 廢寢食 fei4 qin3 shi2
to neglect sleep and food

废寝忘餐 廢寢忘餐 fei4 qin3 wang4 can1
to neglect sleep and food (idiom); to skip one's sleep and meals; to be completely wrapped up in one's work

废寝忘食 廢寢忘食 fei4 qin3 wang4 shi2
to neglect sleep and forget about food (idiom); to skip one's sleep and meals; to be completely wrapped up in one's work

废然 廢然 fei4 ran2
depressed; dejected

废人 廢人 fei4 ren2
handicapped person; useless person

废时 廢時 fei4 shi2
to waste time

废水 廢水 fei4 shui3
waste water; drain water; effluent

废铁 廢鐵 fei4 tie3
scrap iron

废铜烂铁 廢銅爛鐵 fei4 tong2 lan4 tie3
scrap metal; a pile of junk

废统 廢統 fei4 tong3
"abandonment of reunification", abolition of the cross-straits reunification committee

废物 廢物 fei4 wu4
rubbish; waste material; useless person

废物点心 廢物點心 fei4 wu4 dian3 xin5
(coll.) a good-for-nothing; loser

废物箱 廢物箱 fei4 wu4 xiang1
ash-bin; litter-bin

废墟 廢墟 fei4 xu1

废液 廢液 fei4 ye4
waste liquids

废渣 廢渣 fei4 zha1
industrial waste product; slag

废止 廢止 fei4 zhi3
to repeal (a law); to put an end to; abolition; annulled

废纸 廢紙 fei4 zhi3
waste paper

废置 廢置 fei4 zhi4
to discard; to shelve as useless

核废物 核廢物 he2 fei4 wu4
nuclear waste

荒废 荒廢 huang1 fei4
to abandon (cultivated fields); no longer cultivated; to lie waste; wasted; to neglect (one's work or study)

旷废 曠廢 kuang4 fei4
to neglect (work); to waste (one's talents)

礼废乐崩 禮廢樂崩 li3 fei4 yue4 beng1
see 禮崩樂壞|礼崩乐坏

偏废 偏廢 pian1 fei4
to give unequal emphasis to; doing some things at the expense of others

三废 三廢 san1 fei4
three types of waste product, namely: waste water 廢水|废水, exhaust gas 廢氣|废气, industrial slag 廢渣|废渣

收废站 收廢站 shou1 fei4 zhan4
garbage collection point; trash dump

耍废 耍廢 shua3 fei4
(Tw) (slang) to pass time idly; to chill; to hang out

说废话 說廢話 shuo1 fei4 hua4
to talk nonsense; to bullshit

逃废 逃廢 tao2 fei4
to evade (repayment of debts)

颓废 頹廢 tui2 fei4
decadent; dispirited; depressed; dejected

颓废派 頹廢派 tui2 fei4 pai4
decadents (of the Decadent movement of late 19th century Europe)

忘餐废寝 忘餐廢寢 wang4 can1 fei4 qin3
see 廢寢忘餐|废寝忘餐

温室废气储存 溫室廢氣儲存 wen1 shi4 fei4 qi4 chu3 cun2
greenhouse gas sequestration

窝囊废 窩囊廢 wo1 nang5 fei4
(coll.) spineless coward; wimp; a good-for-nothing

以人废言 以人廢言 yi3 ren2 fei4 yan2
to reject a word because of the speaker (idiom, from Analects); to judge on preference between advisers rather than the merits of the case

因噎废食 因噎廢食 yin1 ye1 fei4 shi2
lit. not eating for fear of choking (idiom); fig. to cut off one's nose to spite one's face; to avoid sth essential because of a slight risk

逐渐废弃 逐漸廢棄 zhu2 jian4 fei4 qi4
to abandon gradually

作废 作廢 zuo4 fei4
to become invalid; to cancel; to delete; to nullify