main hall; front courtyard; law court

strokes 9
strokes after radical 7
拜占庭 拜占庭 bai4 zhan4 ting2
Byzantium; Byzantine or Eastern Roman empire (395-1453)

边庭 邊庭 bian1 ting2
bodies governing a border area

朝庭 朝庭 chao2 ting2
variant of 朝廷

出庭 出庭 chu1 ting2
to appear in court

大庭广众 大庭廣眾 da4 ting2 guang3 zhong4
public place with numerous people

大相径庭 大相徑庭 da4 xiang1 jing4 ting2
as different as can be (idiom); poles apart

单亲家庭 單親家庭 dan1 qin1 jia1 ting2
single parent family

地主家庭 地主家庭 di4 zhu3 jia1 ting2
land-owning household

丁宠家庭 丁寵家庭 ding1 chong3 jia1 ting2
double income family who have pets rather than children (see also 丁克)

洞庭湖 洞庭湖 dong4 ting2 hu2
Dongting Lake in northeast Hunan province

法庭 法庭 fa3 ting2
court of law

分庭抗礼 分庭抗禮 fen1 ting2 kang4 li3
peer competition; to function as rivals; to make claims as an equal

改换门庭 改換門庭 gai3 huan4 men2 ting2
to improve one's family's social status by moving up in the world; to switch one's allegiance to a new patron

国际法庭 國際法庭 guo2 ji4 fa3 ting2
International Court of Justice in The Hague

国际战争罪法庭 國際戰爭罪法庭 guo2 ji4 zhan4 zheng1 zui4 fa3 ting2
International war crimes tribunal

过庭录 過庭錄 guo4 ting2 lu4
lit. Notes on passing the hall, historical jottings by 12th century Southern Song poet Fan Gongcheng 範公偁|范公偁, containing moral instructions derived from great men of Song dynasty

合议庭 合議庭 he2 yi4 ting2
(law) collegiate bench; panel of judges

后庭 後庭 hou4 ting2
backyard; imperial harem; (slang) anus

黄庭坚 黃庭堅 huang2 ting2 jian1
Huang Tingjian (1045-1105), Song poet and calligrapher

黄庭经 黃庭經 huang2 ting2 jing1
Huangting Jing, one of the primary scriptures of Daoism

家庭 家庭 jia1 ting2
family; household

家庭暴力 家庭暴力 jia1 ting2 bao4 li4
domestic violence

家庭成员 家庭成員 jia1 ting2 cheng2 yuan2
family member

家庭地址 家庭地址 jia1 ting2 di4 zhi3
home address

家庭教师 家庭教師 jia1 ting2 jiao4 shi1

家庭主夫 家庭主夫 jia1 ting2 zhu3 fu1

家庭煮夫 家庭煮夫 jia1 ting2 zhu3 fu1

家庭主妇 家庭主婦 jia1 ting2 zhu3 fu4

家庭作业 家庭作業 jia1 ting2 zuo4 ye4

迳庭 逕庭 jing4 ting2
very different

径庭 徑庭 jing4 ting2
completely different

军事法庭 軍事法庭 jun1 shi4 fa3 ting2
court-martial; military tribunal

开庭 開庭 kai1 ting2
to begin a (judicial) court session

门庭冷落,门堪罗雀 門庭冷落,門堪羅雀 men2 ting2 leng3 luo4 - men2 kan1 luo2 que4
The courtyard is deserted, you can net sparrows at the door (idiom); completely deserted

门庭如市 門庭如市 men2 ting2 ru2 shi4
see 門庭若市|门庭若市

门庭若市 門庭若市 men2 ting2 ruo4 shi4
front yard as busy as a marketplace (idiom); a place with many visitors

民庭 民庭 min2 ting2
civil court

农村家庭联产承包责任制 農村家庭聯產承包責任制 nong2 cun1 jia1 ting2 lian2 chan3 cheng2 bao1 ze2 ren4 zhi4
rural household contract responsibility system, PRC government policy linking rural income to productivity

农家庭院 農家庭院 nong2 jia1 ting2 yuan4

前庭 前庭 qian2 ting2
front courtyard; vestibule

前庭窗 前庭窗 qian2 ting2 chuang1
fenestra vestibuli (of inner ear)

审判庭 審判庭 shen3 pan4 ting2
court; tribunal; courtroom

失独家庭 失獨家庭 shi1 du2 jia1 ting2
a family bereaved of its only child

石庭 石庭 shi2 ting2
rock garden

天庭 天庭 tian1 ting2
middle of the forehead; imperial court; heaven

庭除 庭除 ting2 chu2
front court; courtyard

庭审 庭審 ting2 shen3
court hearing

庭堂 庭堂 ting2 tang2
courtyard in front of a palace

庭外 庭外 ting2 wai4
out-of-court (settlement)

庭训 庭訓 ting2 xun4
tuition within family; education from father

庭园 庭園 ting2 yuan2
flower garden

庭院 庭院 ting2 yuan4

庭长 庭長 ting2 zhang3
presiding judge

退庭 退庭 tui4 ting2
to retire from the courtroom; to adjourn

韦慕庭 韋慕庭 wei2 mu4 ting2
Clarence Martin Wilbur (1908-1997), US Sinologist and Professor of Columbia University

刑事法庭 刑事法庭 xing2 shi4 fa3 ting2
criminal court

刑事审判庭 刑事審判庭 xing2 shi4 shen3 pan4 ting2
criminal court

刑庭 刑庭 xing2 ting2
criminal court; abbr. for 刑事法庭

休庭 休庭 xiu1 ting2
to adjourn (law)

选举法庭 選舉法庭 xuan3 ju3 fa3 ting2
election court

巡回法庭 巡迴法庭 xun2 hui2 fa3 ting2
circuit court

叶礼庭 葉禮庭 ye4 li3 ting2
Michael Grant Ignatieff (1947-), leader of the Liberal Party of Canada

掖庭 掖庭 ye4 ting2
Lateral Courts in the imperial palace (housing concubines and administrative offices

中庭 中庭 zhong1 ting2

宗教法庭 宗教法庭 zong1 jiao4 fa3 ting2
Inquisition (religion)