ordinary; to use

strokes 11
strokes after radical 8
大庸 大庸 da4 yong1
Dayong, former name of Zhangjiajie 張家界|张家界, Hunan

登庸人才 登庸人才 deng1 yong1 ren2 cai2
to employ talent (idiom)

凡庸 凡庸 fan2 yong1
ordinary; mediocre

附庸 附庸 fu4 yong1
vassal; dependent; subordinate; subservient; appendage

附庸风雅 附庸風雅 fu4 yong1 feng1 ya3
(of an uneducated person) to mingle with the cognoscenti; to pose as a culture lover; to be a culture snob; having pretensions to culture

昏庸 昏庸 hun1 yong1

金庸 金庸 jin1 yong1
Jin Yong or Louis Cha (1924-), famous Wuxia writer, author of 1957-1961 Condor Hero trilogy

居庸关 居庸關 ju1 yong1 guan1
Juyongguan, frontier fortress on Great Wall north of Beijing, in Changping district 昌平區|昌平区

平庸 平庸 ping2 yong1
mediocre; indifferent; commonplace

平庸之辈 平庸之輩 ping2 yong1 zhi1 bei4
a nobody; a nonentity

毋庸 毋庸 wu2 yong1
no need for

无庸 無庸 wu2 yong1
variant of 毋庸

庸才 庸才 yong1 cai2

庸碌 庸碌 yong1 lu4
mediocre; mediocre person

庸碌无能 庸碌無能 yong1 lu4 wu2 neng2
mediocre and incompetent

庸人 庸人 yong1 ren2
mediocre person

庸人庸福 庸人庸福 yong1 ren2 yong1 fu2
fools have good fortune (idiom)

庸人自扰 庸人自擾 yong1 ren2 zi4 rao3
lit. silly people get their panties in a bunch (idiom); fig. to get upset over nothing; to make problems for oneself

庸俗 庸俗 yong1 su2
filthy; vulgar; debased

庸俗化 庸俗化 yong1 su2 hua4
debasement; vulgarization

庸俗作品 庸俗作品 yong1 su2 zuo4 pin3
vulgar art; art in bad taste; kitsch

庸医 庸醫 yong1 yi1
quack; charlatan

庸庸碌碌 庸庸碌碌 yong1 yong1 lu4 lu4
ordinary; mediocre

中庸 中庸 zhong1 yong1
the Doctrine of the Mean, one of the Four Books 四書|四书

中庸 中庸 zhong1 yong1
golden mean (Confucianism); (literary) (of person) mediocre; ordinary