to abandon; to relinquish; to discard; to throw away

strokes 7
strokes after radical 4
背弃 背棄 bei4 qi4
abandon; desert; renounce

背信弃义 背信棄義 bei4 xin4 qi4 yi4
breaking faith and abandoning right (idiom); to betray; treachery; perfidy

鄙弃 鄙棄 bi3 qi4
to disdain; to loathe

摈弃 擯棄 bin4 qi4
to abandon; to discard; to cast away

摒弃 摒棄 bing4 qi4
to abandon; to discard; to spurn; to forsake

不离不弃 不離不棄 bu4 li2 bu4 qi4
to never leave each other

丢弃 丟棄 diu1 qi4
to discard; to abandon

放弃 放棄 fang4 qi4
to renounce; to abandon; to give up

废弃 廢棄 fei4 qi4
to discard; to abandon (old ways); to invalidate

割弃 割棄 ge1 qi4
to discard; to abandon; to give (sth) up

故旧不弃 故舊不棄 gu4 jiu4 bu4 qi4
do not neglect old friends

荒弃 荒棄 huang1 qi4
to abandon; to let go to waste

黄钟毁弃瓦釜雷鸣 黃鐘譭棄瓦釜雷鳴 huang2 zhong1 hui3 qi4 wa3 fu3 lei2 ming2
lit. earthern pots make more noise than classical bells; good men are discarded in favor of bombastic ones (idiom)

捐弃 捐棄 juan1 qi4
to relinquish; to abandon

可选择丢弃 可選擇丟棄 ke3 xuan3 ze2 diu1 qi4
discard eligible (Frame Relay); DE

离弃 離棄 li2 qi4
to abandon

偶语弃市 偶語棄市 ou3 yu3 qi4 shi4
chance remarks can lead to public execution (idiom)

拚弃 拚棄 pan4 qi4
to abandon; to discard; to throw away

抛弃 拋棄 pao1 qi4
to abandon; to discard; to renounce; to dump (sb)

弃暗投明 棄暗投明 qi4 an4 tou2 ming2
to renounce the dark and seek the light; to give up one's wrong way of life and turn to a better one

弃保潜逃 棄保潛逃 qi4 bao3 qian2 tao2
to jump bail

弃船 棄船 qi4 chuan2
to abandon ship

弃恶从善 棄惡從善 qi4 e4 cong2 shan4
to renounce evil and turn to virtue (idiom)

弃核 棄核 qi4 he2
to renounce nuclear weapons

弃旧图新 棄舊圖新 qi4 jiu4 tu2 xin1
to turn over a new leaf

弃绝 棄絕 qi4 jue2
to abandon; to forsake

弃农经商 棄農經商 qi4 nong2 jing1 shang1
to abandon farming and become a businessman (idiom)

弃权 棄權 qi4 quan2
to abstain from voting; to forfeit; to waive one's right to vote; to abdicate

弃若敝屣 棄若敝屣 qi4 ruo4 bi4 xi3
to throw away like worn out shoes

弃世 棄世 qi4 shi4
to leave this world; to die

弃市 棄市 qi4 shi4
public execution (old)

弃守 棄守 qi4 shou3
to give up defending; to yield; to surrender

弃邪归正 棄邪歸正 qi4 xie2 gui1 zheng4
to give up evil and return to virtue

弃樱 棄櫻 qi4 ying1
abandoned baby

弃婴 棄嬰 qi4 ying1
to abandon an infant; abandoned baby

弃用 棄用 qi4 yong4
to stop using; to abandon; abandoned; deprecated

弃约背盟 棄約背盟 qi4 yue1 bei4 meng2
to abrogate an agreement; to break one's oath (idiom)

弃之如敝屣 棄之如敝屣 qi4 zhi1 ru2 bi4 xi3
to toss away like a pair of worn-out shoes (idiom)

弃置 棄置 qi4 zhi4
to throw away; to discard

前功尽弃 前功盡棄 qian2 gong1 jin4 qi4
to waste all one's previous efforts (idiom); all that has been achieved goes down the drain

扔弃 扔棄 reng1 qi4
to abandon; to discard; to throw away

舍弃 捨棄 she3 qi4
to give up; to abandon; to abort

食之无味,弃之不甘 食之無味,棄之不甘 shi2 zhi1 wu2 wei4 - qi4 zhi1 bu4 gan1
see 食之無味,棄之可惜|食之无味,弃之可惜

食之无味,弃之可惜 食之無味,棄之可惜 shi2 zhi1 wu2 wei4 - qi4 zhi1 ke3 xi1
lit. to be hardly worth eating, but it would still be a pity to discard it (idiom); fig. some things have little to no value, yet one is still reluctant to part with them

吐弃 吐棄 tu3 qi4
to spurn; to reject

唾弃 唾棄 tuo4 qi4
to spurn; to disdain

遐弃 遐棄 xia2 qi4
to cast away; to reject; to shun; to desert one's post

嫌弃 嫌棄 xian2 qi4
to avoid sb (out of dislike); to turn one's back on sb; to ignore

厌弃 厭棄 yan4 qi4
to spurn; to reject

遗妻弃子 遺妻棄子 yi2 qi1 qi4 zi3
to abandon wife and children

遗弃 遺棄 yi2 qi4
to leave; to abandon

逐渐废弃 逐漸廢棄 zhu2 jian4 fei4 qi4
to abandon gradually

自暴自弃 自暴自棄 zi4 bao4 zi4 qi4
to abandon oneself to despair; to give up and stop bothering