old variant of 弄

lane; alley

variant of 弄

to do; to manage; to handle; to play with; to fool with; to mess with; to fix; to toy with

strokes 7
strokes after radical 4
把弄 把弄 ba3 nong4
to play with; to finger

摆弄 擺弄 bai3 nong4
to move back and forth; to fiddle with

班门弄斧 班門弄斧 ban1 men2 nong4 fu3
to display one's slight skill before an expert (idiom)

搬弄 搬弄 ban1 nong4
to fiddle with; to play and move sth about; to show off (what one can do); to parade (one's capabilities); to cause trouble

搬弄是非 搬弄是非 ban1 nong4 shi4 fei1
to incite a quarrel (idiom); to sow discord between people; to tell tales; to make mischief

拨弄 撥弄 bo1 nong4
to move to and fro (with hand, foot, stick etc); to fiddle with; to stir up

播弄 播弄 bo1 nong5
to order people about; to stir up; to sow discord

嘲弄 嘲弄 chao2 nong4
to tease; to poke fun at; to make fun of

捣弄 搗弄 dao3 nong4
to move back and forward; to trade

倒弄 倒弄 dao3 nong5
to move (things around); to buy and sell at a profit (derog.)

丢眉弄色 丟眉弄色 diu1 mei2 nong4 se4
to wink at sb

逗弄 逗弄 dou4 nong4
to tease; to provoke

故弄玄虚 故弄玄虛 gu4 nong4 xuan2 xu1
deliberately mystifying; to make sth unnecessarily complicated

呼弄 呼弄 hu1 nong4
to fool; to deceive

胡弄 胡弄 hu2 nong5
to fool; to deceive; to go through the motions

唬弄 唬弄 hu3 nong4
to fool; to deceive

糊弄 糊弄 hu4 nong5
to fool; to deceive; to go through the motions

挤眉弄眼 擠眉弄眼 ji3 mei2 nong4 yan3
to make eyes; to wink

里弄 里弄 li3 long4
lanes and alleys; neighborhood; lane neighborhoods in parts of Shanghai, with modified Chinese courtyard houses, occupied by single families in the 1930s, now crowded with multiple families

弄堂 弄堂 long4 tang2
(dialect) alley; lane

卖弄 賣弄 mai4 nong5
to show off; to make a display of

弄不懂 弄不懂 nong4 bu5 dong3
unable to make sense of (sth)

弄不清 弄不清 nong4 bu5 qing1
unable to figure out

弄臣 弄臣 nong4 chen2
emperor's favorite courtier

弄错 弄錯 nong4 cuo4
to err; to get sth wrong; to miscalculate; to misunderstand

弄到 弄到 nong4 dao4
to get hold of; to obtain; to secure; to come by

弄到手 弄到手 nong4 dao4 shou3
to get in hand; to get (one's) hands on; to get hold of (in the sense of to acquire)

弄丢 弄丟 nong4 diu1
to lose

弄懂 弄懂 nong4 dong3
to make sense of; to grasp the meaning of; to figure out

弄懂弄通 弄懂弄通 nong4 dong3 nong4 tong1
to get a thorough understanding of sth (idiom)

弄短 弄短 nong4 duan3
to shorten; shortening

弄岗穗鹛 弄崗穗鶥 nong4 gang3 sui4 mei2
(bird species of China) Nonggang babbler (Stachyris nonggangensis)

弄坏 弄壞 nong4 huai4
to ruin; to spoil; to break

弄混 弄混 nong4 hun2
to confuse (fail to differentiate)

弄假成真 弄假成真 nong4 jia3 cheng2 zhen1
pretense that turns into reality (idiom); to play at make-believe, but accidentally make it true

弄僵 弄僵 nong4 jiang1
to bring to deadlock; to result in a stalemate

弄乱 弄亂 nong4 luan4
to mess up; to put into disorder; to meddle with; to confuse

弄明白 弄明白 nong4 ming2 bai5
to figure out how to do something

弄平 弄平 nong4 ping2
to flatten

弄巧成拙 弄巧成拙 nong4 qiao3 cheng2 zhuo1
to overreach oneself; to try to be clever and end up with egg on one's face

弄巧反拙 弄巧反拙 nong4 qiao3 fan3 zhuo1
see 弄巧成拙

弄清 弄清 nong4 qing1
to clarify; to fully understand

弄伤 弄傷 nong4 shang1
to bruise; to hurt (something)

弄死 弄死 nong4 si3
to kill; to put to death

弄碎 弄碎 nong4 sui4
to crumble

弄通 弄通 nong4 tong1
to get a good grasp of

弄歪 弄歪 nong4 wai1
to distort

弄醒 弄醒 nong4 xing3
to wake sb up

弄虚作假 弄虛作假 nong4 xu1 zuo4 jia3
to practice fraud (idiom); by trickery

弄脏 弄髒 nong4 zang1
to make dirty; to defile; to smear

弄糟 弄糟 nong4 zao1
to spoil; to mess up

弄直 弄直 nong4 zhi2
to straighten

弄皱 弄皺 nong4 zhou4
to crumple

弄走 弄走 nong4 zou3
(coll.) to take (sth) away; to get rid of

弄嘴弄舌 弄嘴弄舌 nong4 zui3 nong4 she2
to cause a dispute through boastful gossip (idiom)

盘弄 盤弄 pan2 nong4
to play around with; to fidget; to fondle

搔首弄姿 搔首弄姿 sao1 shou3 nong4 zi1
to stroke one's hair coquettishly (idiom)

侍弄 侍弄 shi4 nong4
to look after; to tend (one's crops, garden, livestock, pets etc); to repair

梳弄 梳弄 shu1 nong4
(old) to deflorate a prostitute

耍弄 耍弄 shua3 nong4
to play with; to engage in; to resort to; to dally with

调弄 調弄 tiao2 nong4
to tease; to make fun of; to provoke; to stir up (trouble)

挑弄 挑弄 tiao3 nong4
to incite; to provoke; to tease

玩弄 玩弄 wan2 nong4
to play with; to toy with; to dally with; to engage in; to resort to

玩弄词藻 玩弄詞藻 wan2 nong4 ci2 zao3
to juggle with words (dishonestly); to be a hypocrite and hide behind florid rhetoric

舞弄 舞弄 wu3 nong4
to wave; to brandish

侮弄 侮弄 wu3 nong4
to mock; to bully and insult

戏弄 戲弄 xi4 nong4
to play tricks on; to make fun of; to tease

瞎弄 瞎弄 xia1 nong4
to fool around with; to mess with

显弄 顯弄 xian3 nong4
to flaunt; to show off

巷弄 巷弄 xiang4 long4
alley; lane

炫弄 炫弄 xuan4 nong4
to show off; to flaunt

吟风弄月 吟風弄月 yin2 feng1 nong4 yue4
lit. singing of the wind and the moon; fig. vacuous and sentimental (of poetry or art)

愚弄 愚弄 yu2 nong4
to make a fool out of; to fool; to dupe

装神弄鬼 裝神弄鬼 zhuang1 shen2 nong4 gui3
lit. dress up as God, play the devil (idiom); fig. to mystify; to deceive people; to scam

捉弄 捉弄 zhuo1 nong4
to tease

作弄 作弄 zuo4 nong4
to tease; to play tricks on