a string of 100 cash (arch.); to lament; to condole with; variant of 吊

strokes 4
strokes after radical 1
吊古 弔古 diao4 gu3
to revisit the past; to commemorate

吊诡 弔詭 diao4 gui3
bizarre; paradoxical; a paradox (from Daoist classic Zhuangzi 莊子|庄子)

吊诡矜奇 弔詭矜奇 diao4 gui3 jin1 qi2
strange and paradoxical

吊祭 弔祭 diao4 ji4
a worship ceremony for the dead; to offer sacrifice (to ancestors); a libation

吊客 弔客 diao4 ke4
a visitor offering condolences

吊民伐罪 弔民伐罪 diao4 min2 fa2 zui4
to console the people and punish the tyrant

吊丧 弔喪 diao4 sang1
condolences; a condolence visit

吊死问疾 弔死問疾 diao4 si3 wen4 ji2
to grieve for the sick and the dying; to show great concern for people's suffering

吊慰 弔慰 diao4 wei4
to offer condolences; to console the bereaved

吊文 弔文 diao4 wen2
paper prayers for the dead burnt at funerals

吊孝 弔孝 diao4 xiao4
a condolence visit

吊唁 弔唁 diao4 yan4
variant of 吊唁

祭吊 祭弔 ji4 diao4
to mourn and offer prayers

开吊 開弔 kai1 diao4
to hold memorial service; to hold a funeral

凭吊 憑弔 ping2 diao4
to visit a place for the memories; to pay homage to (the deceased)

形影相吊 形影相弔 xing2 ying3 xiang1 diao4
with only body and shadow to comfort each other (idiom); extremely sad and lonely